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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to TexasDice in Genetical ingineering could create anything,even Anime-like persons.   

    Uhm, I wish much success with your meat waifus anyways. 
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Mr Poltroon in What manga are you currently reading?   
    Just bombed through HajiOtsu. It was lovely.
    Would read again and in all honesty will likely buy, if not in physical form then as an eBook. 9.5/10, would emotionally scrub myself with again.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Kenshin_sama in First 2D Crush   
    Probably would've been Rena Ryuugu of Higurashi fame.
    Golly, did that turn out to be a fun ride.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Ariurotl in First 2D Crush   
    I'm old.

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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Dergonu in キツネと私 vol.2 - Kitsune and me Vol.2 - Yuri light novel -   
    Chapter 3 is all nice and proof-read/edited
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from mitchhamilton in Need help picking what to read next   
    Floral Flowlove looks cute as ever-living shit and you've already read the wulf-chan route of Amairo so it's all downhill from there anyway 
    This is the only right move.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Mugi in Chris Cornell appreciation thread   
    So this might be weird, but i'm bored and still grieving over this so i'm going to make it anyways. For those who don't know, two days ago we lost who I believe to be one of the greatest rock singers of all all time, Chris Cornell. He was the lead vocalist for both Soundgarden and Audioslave, though he did numerous other solo works. I've been listening to his music for about as long as I can remember, and the knowledge that i'll never hear that voice sing something new again hurts like a knife in my chest. And to think I skipped seeing them live a little over a week ago, it feels like I didn't get to say goodbye to someone dear to me before they died. Maybe i'm just too sappy
    Anyways, what are you're experiences with his work? Do you like the music? Do you dislike it? Ever seen them in concert? 
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to mitchhamilton in Fuwa VN Reading Club: April - Deardrops   
    why of course, its like science and stuff. you see, there are virgins and there are non-virgins, you following me so far? virgins are of course what would categorized as the "normal virgins" these are people who have yet to experience the opposite on a more physically intimate level. non-virgins are ones whove experienced sex. very basic so far. now we have levels for each side of the status. whenever one status gains a new level, the opposite must have the same, otherwise this would cause an imbalance.
    so weve covered the basics, now we go deeper. each level is based on looks and attitude and each level determines the chances of one either losing their virginity or the chances of one engaging in sexual activities solely for the pleasure. these people do not care who they sleep with to either A) lose their virginity or 2) continue to engage in sex for pleasure.
    i wont go into levels as these are being added all the time but what isnt debatable are the ends. each side has a limit that someone can reach before either being seen as a virgin forever or someone thats a hopeless slut. both of these type of people fool themselves on the level of intimacy theyre having or will have in order to justify their status. mayumayu can explain more.

    the supers. they can also be known as the hopeless.
    so anywways, i hope this clears up any confusions anyone may have on the matter. if you have any further questions ask a sex ed teacher because im out.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from mitchhamilton in some comedy   
     My suggestions are always credible!
    But yeah, it is seriously a good laugh reading it, which I guess is all one could want from a comedy.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from mitchhamilton in some comedy   
    https://vndb.org/v18199 :^)
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from akaritan in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    So I was cooking pasta earlier and, cos I was feeling lazy, I used a jar of sauce instead of making one. As I stirred it into the pasta, it made these schlick noises - my first thought was not 'perhaps I should add some pepper', or even 'this looks tasty.' Instead, I thought 'man, this sounds lewd as shit.'
    I kinda miss those days of, you know, not being a pervert.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Yuuko in What is the appeal of visual novels?   
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Yuuko in Why is Kud so adored?   
    lol at people thinking good character = good route
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Narcosis in Otaku Denial Phase   
    Force him to draw catgirls all day long.
    That, or introduce him to vn's
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Jean Otus in Greetings Fuwanovel   
    Hey Fuwanovel,
    New here, although I've been playing visual novels for a while. I, like I imagine most of the community here, am interested in anime, manga and games, particularly visual novels. I occasionally help translate things, but I am by no means as skilled as I would like, I need to improve my skill in Japanese for that.
    I have known about Fuwanovel for a while, and occasionally read a review or found a useful thread on these forums, but have never interacted with them before. I hope I can get along with the other users here!
    - Jean
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Kawasumi in Birthday thread   
    well NOW i have birthday, its funny that fuwa says 25 even though im 26 now, gg fuwa
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Last Lotus Visual Novels in The Grand Ball [Victorian/Romance][BxG]   

    The year is 1882 and Queen Victoria has sat on the British throne for 45 years. The British Empire is at the height of its power and over a quarter of the world’s population lives under her reign. Sadly House Blakely, one of Britain’s oldest noble families, does not share in the Empire’s good fortunes and has seen a strong decline in its riches over the past few years.
    Edgar Blakely, the eldest son and heir apparent to the Viscount Blakely, has just received an invitation to one of the most lavish and opulent events in all of England; Lady Amelia Camberwell’s Grand Ball. Edgar’s father, the Viscount Blakely, has informed Edgar that their estate is nearly bankrupt and that Edgar is to see this gala as an opportunity to secure himself a wealthy bride to save House Blakely.
    Can Edgar restore his family’s position in Britain?
    Will he find true love?
    The only way to find out is to attend “The Grand Ball”…
    “The Grand Ball” is a Visual Novel like none other that will whisk you away on your most indulgent Victorian dreams. Choose your own adventure and see which of the eight endings you end up with!
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Fred the Barber in Frontwing will localize Subahibi this year   
    To be honest, I might be looking forward to Island more than SubaHibi.
    SubaHibi is one of those VNs that's been hyped too much. I've taken enough philosophy classes to know that "philosophical" means different things to most people than it does to me, and I mostly find the thing other people usually mean when they call something "philosophical" to be annoying, so given how often that label is affixed to SubaHibi, I'm leery of it. I'll play it, and I honestly expect I'll enjoy it, but I'm trying to intentionally tank my hopes for it so I can be pleasantly surprised.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Nandemonai in Rating Things a 10/10   
    The troll is strong with this one, yes.  Post strong trolls, you will.  But for maximum effect, you can't just give a bad review to a good - I mean, popular game.  You want to make sure to insult people who like popular things.  Never mind that something is popular because lots of people like it, liking a popular game automatically means that you have no taste.  If you really wanna troll, you can't just rate Steins;Gate a 6.  You also have to post a condescending review like this:
    [sarcasm]Steins;Gate huh more like Steins;Grate amirite folks? Haha, all you folks out there with good taste know what I'm talking about.  I'm just shocked at how many sheeple there are out there that like this lowest-common-denominator crap [/sarcasm]
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from mitchhamilton in Rating Things a 10/10   
    ^ Basically what Mitch said.
    In addition, remember this -- the lower you rate popular VNs the more elite you appear, boosting that dank weeb street cred. Easy on those 10's boy
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to TexasDice in Rating Things a 10/10   
    Numeric scores are an obvious indicator of reviewers either being lazy frauds which can't be bothered to think outside of their own, comfortable shoe box or opportunists which know that review scores clickbait the average internet browsing doofus into creating traffic for their badly written and barely researched articles. (here you can find plenty examples of both).
    In order to reach enlightenment, scrap all your scores and tell everyone who uses them (especially for business purposes) to fuck off. There are better ways of getting your thoughts of joy or discomfort across than with an arbitrary number.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from mitchhamilton in Rating Things a 10/10   
    ^ Basically what Mitch said.
    In addition, remember this -- the lower you rate popular VNs the more elite you appear, boosting that dank weeb street cred. Easy on those 10's boy
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to mitchhamilton in Rating Things a 10/10   
    i think the reason they want you to rate a few vns 10/10 is because the rating system isnt there just for you but for other users. of course taste is subjective but people do look at those scores before and sometimes thats the factor that decides if they want to play that vn.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from mitchhamilton in What anime is this?   
    Bugger. Kaguya beat me to it by seconds.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from mitchhamilton in What anime is this?   
    Bugger. Kaguya beat me to it by seconds.