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  1. Take care in your ded state! And yeah - not quite finished with it yet but can third that Hyouka is pretty splendid. 'Watashi kininarimasu' is just the greatest thing
  2. You are so beautifully French If you seriously do want some help on the English side of things I could PM you my proofreadings. Either way content wise, this was excellent. I was laughing from start to finish pretty much.
  3. Finally got around to starting on Hyouka, and I really like the mystery elements that are thrown into the mix. It's a nice twist on SoL, or at least it is so far. Plus, the art in it is lovely lovely lovely (particularly good at doing eyes), and Chitanda is straight-up adorable Also finally caught another two episodes of Amaama to Inazuma a couple of days back. I've not really watched any other new anime this season yet, but I'm really glad I decided to check AtI out because it's simply beautiful.
  4. Looks like an interesting title. They seem to be being a little coy about when they're planning on releasing it (which is both a good thing and a bad thing), but I can only assume it'll hopefully be within the next 12-18 months?
  5. [2] It's either Kyu, or HuniePot's natural path of evolution is finally heading towards its endgame of a merger with Teekyuu. God I hope it's the latter.
  6. This glorious mofo of a soundtrack. What's weird is, it was composed by Stewart Copeland, drummer of world-famous group The Police... and this is easily the best thing he's done
  7. I recommend this so much to anyone with a passing interest in post-metal/post-punk/shoegaze... unbelievably good.
  8. True. I think they're naff, innit. Next person has a song stuck in their head that they can't seem to shift, but they're okay with being there.
  9. True, though I'm prone to mild irritance. Next person has a sturdy knowledge of classical music.
  10. Agreeing hard with the Sayonara o Oshiete suggestions. Also, I'd bring over Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~. Looks just on the right side of twisted and the slightly pastel-y art style is pretty different to most other titles.
  11. The last game I played was Football Manager... so Io would do surprisingly well with an underdog club, and Tsumiki (best assistant manager) would whip the arse of any player who dared suggest her relationship with Io is anything but professional.
  12. On the flipside of this (I love a good soundtrack too), I can listen to the Grisaia soundtrack all day long - and for that matter I have. I personally really enjoyed Grisaia, though I'll agree that the plotline is... completely batshit in its conception. Like, it's not 'ZOMGGG I'M SO RANDOMMM RAWR' but there's just themes, occurrences and dialogues that would just never happen. But then, it's a visual novel, so as far as I'm concerned it doesn't have to stay within the planes of reality (like, this is a thing [NSFW depending on vndb settings]) Personally, I really like the protagonist too, which was a major +1. Haven't played Princess Evangile, but the plot premise sounds fucking revolting
  13. Bleaker than a night on the moors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kRJJvU-OYs
  14. If that means what I think it means, then true, unfortunately Next person likes the smell of lavender.
  15. Is this Love Live cycle linked to the previous series' made (i.e. will it require prior watching of said series)? Cos if so I have soooo much idol stuff to watch Hyouka tho, dead chuffed that won. I'll (try) and make a start tomorrow, seeing as I have sweet fuck all else! \ /
  16. Picked up Buck-Tick's 13kai wa Gekkou on CD last week which was pretty exciting for me, it being one of my favourite albums ever. I've also just bought Memento Mori by the same group, which I'm hoping should be here in a few days cos I'm buying it off a friend of mine (also a Brit).
  17. False, although anything I pirate I do eventually buy.
  18. I only just about know what emulation is Next person thinks purple is the best anime girl hair colour
  19. I'm basically in a position of moral obligation to nominate Acchi Kocchi And also Non Non Biyori
  20. Hell yeah, you get lasers 'n shiet I pick tomatoes in a greenhouse, which basically involves me scooting along on a trolley and swearing a lot (at the crap rubber gloves, at rotten tomatoes, at tomatoes on the floor, at the air etc. etc. etc.).
  21. I suppose that this is one of the first concerted efforts to try and be the early bird, so to speak, to what could possibly be the leading aggregator of VNs, spurred on by a potential growth of interest in the genre from people finding games on Steam. If they can branch out beyond effectively H-versions of Steam games (OELVN and localised), either through Mangagamer links or possibly, further down the line, being able to strike their own deals with companies, then it'd be really awesome for this to succeed... but I'm not sure it will. I'm not entirely sure how bothered people will be by getting basically the same games as they can on Steam just with boobs, when most (if not all) can be patched to get the same result. That said, boobs ARE pretty persuasive...
  22. SAVAGE I thought my work was bad for timings, what is it you do?
  23. Christ, this is like reading one of my translation 'projects'. Gerogerigegege (that's a thing I swear)
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