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  1. Welcome luziano Any favourite VNs? If you've got a vndb account you can slap it on your profile and people can judge you give you suggestions!
  2. Unless there's no alternative, I'll play windowed - and normally no larger than 1024 x 768 if I can help it. I don't enjoy playing anything on fullscreen really, mainly because I'll do one thing for a few minutes, then another for another few minutes, and so on. The attention span of these millenials eh? Tsk tsk.
  3. Watched both seasons of "I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying" today.
  4. Spammed through the first four episodes of Nyanko Tales today. Not even insulin can save me now. Seems to be pretty standard yonkoma stuff, so the story's not gonna challenge any brain cells (at least, not yet), but it's a really sweet 2 minute hit. With tiny catgirls.
  5. Just finished Secret of the Princess. It was really, really sweet yuri, even though the protagonists pussyfooted around each other's feelings FOR AGES. All about that final confession Currently working through Prunus Girl. Not sure how it's gonna pan out over 6 volumes, but it's nice and mischievous at the moment so I'm enjoying it.
  6. Christ. Even twitch knows they're shit. Signed, anyway - even if he doesn't get anything done about the ban, he at least should have something of an explanation, and as slightly overwrought as the video was he got his point across
  7. Innovation has constantly allowed people to discover new ways of harming and antagonising people, and the Internet's not any different really. The fact that the Internet removes the physical meeting of the two people (or however many there are) is, or at least should be, irrelevant - you've gone out of your way to cause harm, and therefore should be penalised as such. And sadly, as much as it might impinge on certain freedoms, laws should have to move with these innovations, otherwise they become an increasingly dangerous weapon to use against others.
  8. I read Irvine Welsh's "Filth" again a couple of months ago - bloody brilliant. Writing in Scots English really helps me get their voices right in my head. Currently reading "The Watchmaker of Filigree Street" by Natasha Pulley, and so far, it's shaping up to be a really good piece of magical realism. I'm hoping it stays that way - I really love how each character feels so nice and filled out.
  9. Wow. You truly are the master of reaching shitposting milestones repeatedly (Congrats!!!) What would you say the best part about being a global mod on here is?
  10. I wouldn't know who Oprah was if she punched me in the face, possibly even shouting 'I'm Oprah, bitch!' Next person is thoroughly nonplussed about it being 2017.
  11. Best was easily Lucid9. Sadly, it was also my worst. Sucks to be able to say that. It was absolutely fantastic, though, and left me with that uncontrollable feeling of misery for some time after finishing it. So yeah, 9/10.
  12. False. I like things too much. Next person has voted in an election.
  13. False. I tried accountancy and didn't get on with it. Next person has played Dungeons & Dragons.
  14. I can't give up on it if I don't know what it is Next person knows what 3DPD is
  15. It's okay Darky, I recognised that pic as being one you posted beforehand so it's all good
  16. Firstly, I do wanna stress that I did like them both I like the second one more than the first - the wider range of sounds in that helped - though I'd restrict both of these vignettes to usage in short, comedic skits as opposed to lengthier sections (my apologies if this is what you intended). I reckon they'd work well there, plus for longer pieces it may get grating with time. I'd be intrigued to hear a more laid back track
  17. Aww, thanks Basically, I posted some drivel about having no sense of direction in life on a Q+A you did around this time last year, and you basically told me to quit whinging and get on with it. After a day or so of complaining to myself I realised you were totally right ^ ^ And same anoyoruniyakusokushita (phew), hope to see you about!
  18. I knew I'd forget people! Thank you for never failing to crack me up on Discord. Some day Mirai will love us...
  19. It's been my mission for so long. I feel like I've truly earned it
  20. Given I'm pretty sure I've contributed next to nowt of worth in my 18 months here, I'm frankly amazed I've gotten to 500 posts in the first place. Since joining the forums, I've read the grand total of 13 VNs (which is way more than I thought, sadly), learnt the basics of the Japanese language and apparently, not much else. Here's to the next worthless 500! / Just wanna ping a few people who have enriched my life since joining this place: @mitchhamilton - for being a beautiful human being And for pictures. Aw yee. @DarkZedge - for your tireless work in enriching lives with neko goodness. @Forgetful Frank - for making me think you were a new source of intelligent conversation to the world, and then comprehensively obliterating that misconception Also because you make me laugh on a daily basis. @Kaguya - for making the 'list of 50 translated VNs' list that I found on Google that drew me here initially, and for being a well-informed grounder of chats when things get a bit too bizarre. Also, a sincere thanks for snapping me out of my self-pitying hole around a year ago. @VirginSmasher - for discussions about technical death metal and deathcore, which is always a +1 in my book. @Kawasumi - for being one of the first people I recall having a chat with on here, and for having an incredible taste in music. @Arcadeotic - For your deadpan Finnish wit, immeasurable patience and appreciation that Tsumiki is indeed best girl, I stoop to you. @Fred the Barber - You either post something interesting or you post something that's funny, and that's good enough for me. Sorry for my constant avatar changing. @Dergonu - I had you pegged as a beautiful, pure yuri lover, and then look what happened You're glorious all the same though, and if you ever continue with your story, gimme a shout and I'll be happy to read through it! @KosakiFag - I suspect you may have actually been the very first person I properly conversed with on here, though to be honest my memory is shit. You've been a constant though, and a wonderful one at that. Also thank you for bringing Subway pr0n into my life, which will never cease to be hilarious. @HMN - for just being generally lovely. @Asonn - for just being generally salty. And lovely. @Flutterz - for being salty. And lovely. And for bringing moe into our lives. @Kiriririri - for being the moe in our lives. @madvanced - your linguistic prowess will likely never cease to amaze me. Also thank you for Nyoron, which is simply incredible. Shit, this was longer than I anticipated. If I've forgotten anybody that feels like they've been forgotten, shout at me and I'll write a nice sentence about you (Also, if anyone has any questions I'll answer them. Probably.)
  21. I'm half expecting to never see Flutterz again, so he can maintain his 4999 post count and piss everyone off forever
  22. I have: Facebook, which part of me wishes I didn't have but another part of me is too lazy to care. Plus I can annoy people with shit puns. Twitter. I have no idea how to use it, but stalking seeing what others have to say is fun Tumblr, which is almost exclusively made up of grindcore and powerviolence fans.
  23. Doing something I should've done long ago (given its joint first position in my 'favourite anime' rankings) and reading Acchi Kocchi. The more angular art style took me off guard to begin with, but I'm definitely warming to it. It's still absolutely hilarious and fuzzymaking (real word), so I'm happy.
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