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  1. I don't think you're sappy mate [2] I never really knew his work all that thoroughly, but I owned the Audioslave s/t as an accident (my uncle got sent it by mistake by Amazon one day, and he sent it to me cos he knows I like that sort of thing). Far from my favourite album, but man did he have a good set of lungs on him - the tagged song is one that in particular sticks. RIP Chris.
  2. Just bombed through HajiOtsu. It was lovely. HEFTY SPOILERS: Would read again and in all honesty will likely buy, if not in physical form then as an eBook. 9.5/10, would emotionally scrub myself with again.
  3. That was what made it so interesting for me, to be honest. I think if you could get through it in 15 minutes it wouldn't have had nearly the same crushing effect of time on me, and the repeated music actually added to it. Nearly any other scenario wouldn't have worked like that, however.
  4. Shit. To be honest, I don't do this much. I used to do it in the early days But most of the time nowadays I do listen to the music. I doubt my appreciation of the Amane route in Grisaia would have been the same without it.
  5. Just spent an hour reading through Koneko Hiroimashita.
  6. My suggestions are always credible! But yeah, it is seriously a good laugh reading it, which I guess is all one could want from a comedy.
  7. So I was cooking pasta earlier and, cos I was feeling lazy, I used a jar of sauce instead of making one. As I stirred it into the pasta, it made these schlick noises - my first thought was not 'perhaps I should add some pepper', or even 'this looks tasty.' Instead, I thought 'man, this sounds lewd as shit.' I kinda miss those days of, you know, not being a pervert.
  8. Had they done it in a single release, there's no way they'd have sold it for $75, cos they know that nobody (or at least, very few) would be daft enough to buy it straight out - likelihood is, it's probably closer to $50-60 or something and they can get more if they do it in three parts. Also I'm looking at this on vndb and holy fucking God there is no way in a million years I am ever reading that.
  9. If you could pick 5 albums to take with you on a super long journey (that mysteriously has no internet connection), which would they be?
  10. Welcome aboard HMS Fuwa, Lt. Otus! Hope to see you about Got any particular favourites?
  11. Understandable - I expect that to be the case for a few people! As it happens, I made the name up when I was about 12, and had never heard of Crunchyroll so... just the power of association I guess
  12. I must admit, the usage of Deutschlandlied in the background was peculiar, although it hadn't really gained much in the way officiality by 1882 so I can totally let you off. Looks very nice, you've got some skilled artists. I'll be keeping an eye on this one, hope things go ahead!
  13. Sup Being, hope you enjoy your time here! I'm gonna be seeing that avatar in my nightmares.
  14. ^ Basically what Mitch said. In addition, remember this -- the lower you rate popular VNs the more elite you appear, boosting that dank weeb street cred. Easy on those 10's boy
  15. Bugger. Kaguya beat me to it by seconds.
  16. Just try and make the most of whatever it is you're doing. It sounds a little corny, but there's likely to be things you'll come across that you'd never even considered as potential directions for you. As long as you engage with it, the ideas will come to you eventually. Enjoy it!
  17. It sounds obvious, but my biggest lump of advice would be don't ask her around people - you're asking for trouble, it puts both of you on the spot and it's just a fucking awful idea. If you've got the luxury of being reasonably good friends with her, then that'll make it easier - you don't have to drop the l-word (and I wouldn't tbh), just ask if she'd like to go somewhere with you (even if it's just grab a tea or coffee or whatever your poison is). If not, I wouldn't just drop the bomb on her. Unfortunately my experience with the latter stops there. If you're friendly with the same people, then that can help too - just test the water, ask them if you reckon she'd be interested at all. They might be fucking useless, they might outright say no, but they might also say it's worth a shot, and that helps a lot with the old confidence. It ain't easy fella - took me 4 months to get the balls up to ask my better half, and even then I was nervous - but if you don't, you'll kick yourself more. Best of luck for when/if you do it
  18. You wouldn't have it any other way and you know it
  19. I'm actually reading something new for the first time in, like, 8 months, or whenever I last read Tokyo Babel which I've still not finished. TENKIAME! 天気雨!It's a little bit of a milestone for me, as it's my first untranslated VN. As such, it's proving to be a slow read, although I'm definitely faster now than I was a month ago or whenever it was when I started it. (As an aside to those who have not mastered the moonrunes, I'd honestly recommend anyone who has a grasp of the grammar essentials and something of a grounding lexicon of Japanese to read stuff in it. It helps SO MUCH with progression. Just take things at your own pace and what you get out of it is amazing.) Anyway, I just finished the common route and I have some thoughts (spoilers abound I guess).
  20. Miserable pop-punk is best pop-punk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF7zd5-xoj4 EDIT: Embed you bellend. It's Captain We're Sinking as it happens.
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