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  1. Reccomend something for me please.

    Thanks for all the reccomendations, i will probably end up reading all of the novels. But i have a question, i heard that grisaia no kajitsu has 2 sequels, but how are they since kajitsu had routes? Also, is there any plan to translate those?
  2. I've been reading a lot of VN's lately, and now i ran out..... I don't really know what to read so i'd like some reccomendations VN's i've read: Katawa shoujo Hoshizora no memoria Killer queen Grisaia no kajitsu Sharin no kuni, himawari no shuojo Planetarian Muv luv (can't finish this one because of crashes) Princess Evangile Free friends
  3. Counter-Strike Thread

    If you want add me, i'm a gold nova 1 ^^ http://steamcommunity.com/id/a231/
  4. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    And hotline miami 2's level editor still isn't released......
  5. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Playing fallout 3, fallout new vegas and call of duty mw2(to test my camos)
  6. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    RIP Metroid saga 1986-2015
  7. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I finished dead ahead on hard in 15 minutes. On normal it took 1 hour........ And casualties is difficult only on normal mode, on hardmode since you have the flamethrower is very easy Also, what do you think of this? http://imgur.com/3L0032Z.jpg
  8. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I finished hotline miami 2 on both normal and hard mode. The only thing i can't do is getting an a+ on Deathwish, on normal. The funny thing is that i got S on deathwish hardmode on the first try...... Also,
  9. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Just finished to download Hatred.... will see how it is
  10. Rate the avatar above you

    8/10 Don't know the character but looks cute :3