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  1. I really don't want to hype everyone up so I don't post here much. Remember how long it took for the previous translator to get the stage we are at right now, and i suspect his Japanese skills are really advance. AnthranDawn has been busy lately getting used to his new job so he hasn't had much time doing the translation. I've been going at my own pace as well but I too have things to do in life.
  2. Not sure how long it will take. Both of us are doing this while we have any free time so don't expect it to be finished that quickly.
  3. Yeah, we'll be happy to accept any help but we'll keep a close eye on the translated content to make sure if it's actually okay or not.
  4. I'm also interested in translating this as well. @CryingWestern: I'll send you the file once i'm free.
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