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    Interface & Web Designs, reading, writing, roleplaying, and video games.
  1. It does look really dull with so much blue dominating the screen, which can cause a sense of discomfort. They could get a better theme or switch out some areas with less bold colors.
  2. Camy


    Thank you for the welcome, hsmsful~ I actually have one still in outline stages, struggling with the interests a little xD
  3. Finally I can show you all what I can do and hoping to be hired. What I'm Looking For... - Medium to small project. Yes to... o Minimal/Simple (my favorite!) o Romantic o Slice of Life o Fanmade o Tech o +18 Mature content. o Dark (not horror) GUI Portfolio Additional Artwork Portfolio Prices o GUI: $35 per screen o Other: $5-$35 depending on size and complexity. Feel free to get in touch either in reply or PMs. If you prefer email, I will give mine to you.
  4. Camy


    @astro: I haven't Lol it's yaoi with butlers, oh dear... @Deep Blue: Do you have PSP, PS3, NDS, or PS4? @GLM4475: Thank you, and yes, I am a female, yes. There are a good amount of males who are into it as well. @Flutterz Thank you for the welcome~ No, Texas has no undo button Thank you for the cute image xD
  5. Camy


    Thank you, Deep Blue~ Ahahaha, that's a really tough one to decide, but it's a tie between Hakuoki and The Second Production.
  6. Camy


    Thanks for the welcome everyone! @KosakiFag: I sadly didn't play her much in Street Fighter xD @sub-zero: Oh I sometimes do that too without following one on my first run through. I did that actually with Cinders and it was fun to see which ending I got.
  7. Camy


    Thank you for the welcome
  8. Camy


    After lurking here for around two years, I finally signed up here I'm Camille, Camy for short, a freelancing certified (graduated this month on the 16th!) Web & Interactive designer in Photoshop Texas and I've been into visual novels since late 2004, my first one being Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask. While it is largely advertised as an RPG, it does have a visual novel aspect to it. My second one that was pure on visual novel was a BL game called Absolute Obedience. I've also played Hakuoki, having it on my PS3, along with The Second Reproduction, Cinders, Togainu no C
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