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  1. Finished D.C. 2 Dearest Marriage. Pretttttyyy goood
  2. Finished 11eyes and Himawari. Both were aiight I guess. Nothing really stood out to me.
  3. Not like Michael Jackson chose to become whiter, he had vitiligo. ofc there were rumors that he bleached his skin but an autopsy proved that he at least had vitiligo. To answer your original question tho, idk how exactly to define a weeaboo, but if there were an American culture version of it, this would be it.
  4. Finished Koiken Otome. Average moege, a little too short. Probably gonna reread rewrite for fun now that the animu is going on.
  5. Haven't touched a console since 2009 so uh... I guess more adult games. Good survey tho.
  6. I mean, I've tried watching multiple videos by various people, but there's nobody on the level of a Northernlion in terms of being entertaining. So no, not really.
  7. A lot of people are at work or school right now in the US, which is where I assume the majority of backers will come from. Could be wrong though.
  8. Well that was disappointing. Onto Anime Expo. Maybe I'll actually go this year.
  9. Haven't read Fata Morgana yet, but hopefully it's good. Otherwise nothing of note has happened.
  10. I'm assuming your website is getting ddosed again? Kind of low for whoever is doing that...
  11. Schools for sure. Tokyo Babel really did not need a school. It's ridiculous. At least change it up with a university or community college or anything but a high school.
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