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  1. I should probably point out that whilst Astro left the original project, and there have been no public announcements of any progress, the project is still very much alive. I can't stop you from starting your own project from scratch, but I'd recommend against it.
  2. Playing Akatsuki no Goei. Can't complain as it's been fun so far.
  3. Don't forget many are attracted to VNs because of 18+ material, and people in their heads justify reading/watching 18+ material more if they don't pay for it.
  4. There's also a Mahokoi which I've played but that was terrible, so it's probably better it remains forgotten.
  5. Everyone with the conspiracy theories lol. Don't forget Hanlon's razor. Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. Bad data management is just that.
  6. That's long these days, isn't it? Most are one season only at 12...
  7. Sounan desu ka: Mildly amusing and enough to keep me watching Arifureta: Really bad animation and what looks like a terrible adaptation. Just barely hanging in, will likely drop it in next week if it doesn't turn around Astra lost in space: Intriguing enough with interesting characters. First episode was grand, but starting to feel slightly forced now A certain scientific accelerator: One episode so far solid but not exactly gripping. At least the story isn't a complete clusterfuck the way index3 was. Machikado Mazoku: Slightly amusing, enough to be a filler Demon lord retry: Very amusing throughout. Animation took a real hit last episode but still very funny. I absolutely adore the new VA doing Aku too. She's adorable. Do you love your Mom etc: Mildly amusing and harmless. Dr Stone: Absurd premise but quite amusing and original. Fire force: Gripping and interesting. A real keeper which is good since it's going to be a long one. Hensuki: Reasonably amusing and ecchi. Can't complain. Uchimusume: Sweet and cute, but hardly riveting. Good chicken soup anime. Dungeon2: I love this series so much. 00 reminded me just how much. 1st episode was amusing and world setting again. I'm sure it will be riveting. Magical senpai: Mildly amusing and ecchi. Also can't complain. Araburu kisetsu no otome: Very amusing and well executed story about sex. A real winner To the abandoned sacred beasts: Very interesting, good characters and premise. Very good season with lots of fun stuff to watch. I watched all the other stuff and dropped it after <= 1 episode. The real stinker without a doubt is isekai cheat magician.
  8. Finally worked my way through Koi Kaze - an incestuous love story which had some rave reviews many years ago. It's dated badly, and I don't even know why the siblings fell in love - the MC is a prick to his sister. I guess tackling an incest story head on is why it got rave reviews. VNs have dulled my senses to incest stories though so it just looks old and uninspiring now.
  9. Graduated from high school over 30 years ago. If anything it's made me look back at high school more fondly, most likely making it seem better than it was, but I don't feel lonely nor miss it.
  10. It was fun and the amazing thing was the second season was substantially better than the first, making for an extremely satisfying conclusion to the series.
  11. Payment processors don't look at titles the way steam does. It's simply a yes/no for adult content, and the vast majority say no.
  12. https://jastusa.com/bazooka-cafe It's an oldie and pretty average but it definitely has lots of big tits (but wagahigh is better, albeit fucking mosaic censored.)
  13. You sir, are in desperate need of To Heart 2 Trope king, very light on drama, more like anime than a visual novel, romance galore, 11 heroines, 9 routes, hours and hours of enjoyment, and translated by yours truly.
  14. Unfortunately it doesn't really mean much to me, it's one side of a paulownia (tree) or something like that. The only thing I can say about this name is that it just happens to be the name of a heroine in Nukitashi as well.
  15. It helps if you show us how it's written. The meaning is often altered according to the kanji chosen, and even then it doesn't always have a clear meaning.
  16. I watched this (Senryuu Shoujo) and it ended up being quite sweet and enjoyable. Glad I went back to pick it up, especially in a season of so much shit.
  17. Whilst not download and play on your windows, Jast allows you to play its classic games in a browser for free https://jastusa.com/classic-game-archive/ Asenheim has heaps more also web based. https://tss.asenheim.org/
  18. After watching the first episode when it was airing I wasn't really interested, but now that the season is over and everyone lists the couple in it as the best ship this season, I'm going to watch it all. It's only half length episodes anyway.
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