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  1. Added Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte
  2. The H/H route is the weakest and adds little to the story, which is why it goes first. Izumi and Anzu score the most plot in their routes, arguably Anzu's the most, but I just prefer Izumi as a heroine which is why I leave it for last.
  3. Almost none work natively on linux. Many will work with WINE under linux, but they almost always need some kind of massaging to work properly. Unless you have a bit of familiarity with doing this, it's going to be a massive learning curve to get them working. (I do all my VNs with wine under linux, but some take a lot more effort than others to get working, and I'm an experienced software engineer.)
  4. Shinsou Noise AKA "Mysteries of the Heart" is most definitely not a moege, if you're looking for something else.
  5. Glad you're enjoying it; it's my favourite VN ever with just the right balance of moe, comedy, and a hint of naki. I would suggest two alternatives: Hekiru/Hikaru->Tsubame->Izumi->Anri->Anzu, or Hekiru/Hikaru->Anri->Anzu->Tsubame->Izumi (my preferred) for plot reasons, depending on which is your favourite pair of girls (as they are paired routes) and whether you want to do them last. As for the sex, the game has a great deal of sexual innuendo outside the H scenes so if anything the AA version is very heavily cut; not the other way around. The game was written as an adult game to begin with and then modified for an AA version. Disclaimer: I'm the translator for the official localisation with NekoNyan.
  6. I have absolutely no objection to someone taking what's done and completing it; that was always the plan to begin with but the number of fan translators is thin on the ground, and none have followed through in the past. Why would that be any different now?
  7. The attitude is coming from the sense of entitlement in your post considering this is a fan translation. On my paid projects (only official localisations) people do have a right to get the whole thing translated and you can be damn well sure I've translated every last thing on them.
  8. I'm not. I'm the only person who could be bothered translating this game so I get the right to choose to translate whatever I want, and express what I like about it or not since that's my opinion. I am not obliged to do any fucking thing at all as a fan translator. You can take it or leave it.
  9. It seems people have misunderstood my reasons for leaving 2 routes out of the translation. It wasn't just because I couldn't find another translator, it's because those routes are really average compared to the wonderful routes that I was happy to translate. If they were good, I would have just translated them myself. In my opinion, the game is better without them.
  10. Miyabi's is a great route, but Lida also shines in it, alas suffering from the lack of her own route. I cried the most in Shino's route though.
  11. The 2 routes are not that good. It's explained in the announcement post.
  12. Recommended order: Any, but suggest doing Yuuna last. Left - branch school (Yuuna) Right - main school (Miyabi, Tonoko, & Shino) Miyabi: Right I'm worried about Kazamatsuri Miyabi ...wanting to help her Tonoko Right I sigh at the ongoing meeting. ... wanted to ask her something. laughing incredulously that I might oppose them. Shino Right I sigh at the ongoing meeting. ... smile and walk down the hill. laughing incredulously at how powerless I am. Yuuna: Left I'll ignore them for now. Lay here a bit longer. Resign myself to my cheap instant noodles. Go it alone. Love between parent and child never changes. Ask Aizawa herself. Obviously she's speaking from experience. Wait for Aizawa to show. Ask her about Miss Infomercial. Ask about Aizawa and Nire's acrimony. Stay here a while longer. Don't interrupt their harmonious gathering. Leave her alone. What's that woman's relationship to Hashiba? Use roundabout tactics! Casually interrupt them. Follow Nire. Ask Hashiba if she'll participate. - Next choice doesn't change route outcome.
  13. Patch created and tested locally and passes all my tests, getting our programmer to check it.
  14. The proofread is now complete. The final changes are all in. I'm now preparing the patch and testing it, so release is imminent.
  15. Yuuna and Miyabi routes playthrough proofreads complete. No more outstanding bugs are obvious. I've committed quite a few proofread typo fixes, and alas there will probably be quite a few that still make it to the final, but overall it's pretty solid now. Tonoko's route was proofread in the lead up to this so it doesn't need proofreading. A quick play-test shows it works fine to the end. That leaves only doing a playthrough proofread of Shino's route, and I can then finalise the patch for release. That should hopefully be done within a week, barring finding any new bugs.
  16. Yuuna's route passed the playthrough with a few edits. I zipped through Tonoko's route since I recently proofread it but that seems fine too. Still have Miyabi and Shino's route to play through.
  17. Programming bugs now all attended to, just doing a playthrough now to see if there are any more outstanding issues.
  18. All the data is in but dealing with display and behavioural bugs showing up now that everything's reinserted.
  19. All the reinsertion of text and graphics has gone well after sorting out any issues we discovered thanks to Blake's graphic editing and Porygon2's programming. Just dealing with a remaining niggling issue to do with the H memorial scenes not all working. Hopefully that won't take too long to fix.
  20. All prooreading and graphic edits are in. Working on creating patch now, release soon.
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