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    Shiki got a reaction from TyR in Choose One to Save   
    That is so messed up.    
    From what I have personally seen, this is inaccurate. Of course, I have seen terrible relationships like that but that picture doesn't apply to everyone. People are unique and carry many possibilities with them.
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    Shiki reacted to Satsuki in Screw good VNs, I'm looking for bad Visual Novels!   
    Want some butter? 
    Oh, F/SN too.
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    Shiki reacted to starlessn1ght in Screw good VNs, I'm looking for bad Visual Novels!   
    Sorry, wrong thread.
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    Shiki reacted to astro in Monthly Donation Badge Decision Thread   
    I was kinda thinking something more simple.
    Along these lines:

    We should make everyone rock this badge IMO
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    Shiki reacted to Deep Blue in Book reading club -   
    So... there is a vn reading club so why not one for books? I'm really bad at creating topics and doing this kind of stuff but I'll try to do my best, anyone can replace me if they want to because I'm sure they will do a better job.
    This month or maybe for this week I propose a really short book that left me speechless the whole way through that I was reading it and it's really short (only a couple of hours of reading) 

    I think it is free (I saw it on many webs to download it for free)
    1 Litre no Namida  is a dramatic tragedy diary written by Aya Kitō published shortly before her death.
    The diary, a true story based on her own life, was originally written in first person. It is about a girl coping with her teenage life along with a degenerative disease. She keeps a diary of not only what she does but how she feels and the hardships she must endure. Initially, the diary's purpose was for Kitō to chronicle impressions she had about how the disease was affecting her daily life. As the disease progressed, however, the diary became Kitō's outlet for describing the intense personal struggles she underwent in coping, adapting, and ultimately trying to survive her disease. As she notes in one entry, "I write because writing is evidence that I am still alive."
    Anyone can submit books and we can make a pool for the next one, I think short books would be better but anything goes as long as you can download  buy them on the internet...
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    Shiki got a reaction from Cythnar in Choose One to Save   
    That is so messed up.    
    From what I have personally seen, this is inaccurate. Of course, I have seen terrible relationships like that but that picture doesn't apply to everyone. People are unique and carry many possibilities with them.
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    Shiki got a reaction from 12kami in Hello~   
    Welcome~ Nice Honoka avatar. 
    I hope you enjoy your stay. 
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    Shiki reacted to blahblahblahxxx in Show yourself off (RL picture thread)   
    Oh shit really? Okay then I guess I'll have to re-post it.

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    Shiki reacted to Decay in List of All VNs with English Partial Patches and Their Progress   
    Some people like to read VNs as soon as humanly possible. Some like to just preview the translations to come. Sometimes a translation is abandoned part way through, never to finish. Whatever reason they may have, many like to read partial translations. Plenty of VNs make this easy due to their route-based structure. You can often get a complete story even if there are only one or two routes available. However, despite there being a resource to list all VNs completely translated, there is none to list those that are only partially translated. This list will encompass both translations currently in progress and those that are not. It will NOT, however, cover the current progress of in-translation projects, it will only tell you how much is available in its released partial patch. If you want to keep up to date of all translations currently in progress, please follow the VNTS updates arranged by Tay and I, and follow the VNTL-Moon update aggregator.
    Note: This post will not cover interface or machine translations. There needs to be at least some manual translation of the story text. When possible, I will try to link to the project pages, but sometimes those are no longer available.
    In-progress translations
    (These are patches for VNs with currently active projects that wish to release a complete translation eventually)

    Amagami (patch links, copy and paste them from the page) - Translates the first day (project page)
    Bishoujo Mangekyou -Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo- (patch link) - Translates the prologue.
    Clover Day's (patch link) - Translates the common route only.
    Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai (patch link) - Translates the Kana, Ureshino, and Shirasaki normal routes. (project page) Dracu-riot! (patch link) - Translates Elina, Azusa, Rio, Nicola, and half of Miu's route, 90% total translation. (Old project dead, new project here)
    Hara Kano!! (patch link) - Translates everything except the Hiyo h-scenes, which is being translated by another person.
    Hinomaru (patch link) - Translates most of Hina's route.
    Irotoridori no Sekai (patch link) - Translates the prologue only. (There is another older partial patch covering the same content from a different long-dead translation project here)
    Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki (licensed) - Translates the Mio and Konami routes.
    Little Busters ME/EX (licensed) - Takes the completed regular Little Busters translation and makes it compatible with ME/EX, does not translate any of the new stuff.
    Mahoutsukai no Yoru (patch link/torrent mirror) - Demo translation (old project dead, new project here)
    Majo Koi Nikki (patch link) - Translates the free trial.
    Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG (patch link) - Translates the demo content.
    Musumaker (patch link) - 15%/common route patch.
    Muv-Luv Altered Fable (patch link) - Translates Sumika, Meiya and Kashiwagi routes.
    Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Vol.2 (patch link) - Translates The Day After 01 only.
    Sharin no Kuni, Yuukyuu no Shounenshoujo (licensed) - Translates the Houzuki route only, nothing else. (it's also the only part that matters) Licensed by Frontwing, patch removed.
    Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi (patch link) - Translates the common route.
    Sumaga (licensed) Translated the Spica route and half of the Garnet route. Patch is unavailable due to the game being licensed. JAST claims to be releasing it this year.
    Sweet Pool (patch link) - "Chaotically" translates the whole game, only half of it is edited, none of it is TLCed/QCed. (final, fixed patch is almost done)
    Tenshin Ranman (licensed) - Translates the prologue. Project homepage is down, patch was lost. SP license makes this moot.
    To Heart 2 XRated (patch link) - 100% translation, but still in an unfinished beta due to having unedited routes.
    Witch's Garden (patch link) - Translate the prologue.
    Wonderful Everyday - Discontinuous Existence(SubaHibi) (licensed) - A "leaked" patch translated around 80% of the game but it has since been licensed and the patch removed.
    Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na (patch link) - Translates every route, but most lack editing or QC, some text in CGs are untranslated. Note: requires the original partial patch to work.
    Yosuga no Sora (patch link) - Translates the Sora and Kazuha routes.
    Abandoned/Dropped/Stalled translations
    (these are patches for VNs with projects that are either in limbo or outright dead. You are unlikely to ever get a more comprehensive translation)
    11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo- (patch link) - Translates the web trial.
    3days ~Til Death Do Us Part~ (patch link) - Short trial.
    Aiyoku no Eustia (patch link) - Translates to the end of the Fione story.
    Akai Ito (PS2) (patch link) - Translates Yumei route and part of Uzuki's route.
    Akatsuki no Goei (patch link) - Translates the common route only. (old project dead, new project here - update: both projects dead??)
    ALICE=ALICE (patch link) - Demo translation.
    Amairo*Islenauts (patch link) - Prologue teaser.
    Anonono (link LOST/torrent no longer seeded) - Demo translation  translation website
    -atled- (patch link) - Preview patch
    Battle Flyer Itsuki (link LOST) - Translates the first 21% of the game. If anyone knows where to find the patch, please PM me.
    Chaos;Head Noah (patch link) - Translates the common route. IOS version only. 
    Concerto Note (patch link) - Translates the prologue only.
    Daiteikoku (patch link) - Translates 35% of the story.
    Da Capo Plus Communication (patch link) - Translates Kotori, Alice, Tamaki, and Kanae routes. <- Some of these aren't in the MangaGamer release.
    Dance Of The Shrine Maidens (patch link) - Demo translation.
    Devils Devel Concept (patch link) - Translates 20% of the game. NOTE: A more complete 25% patch was made but is unavailable. If anyone knows where to find it, please PM me.
    Divi-Dead (patch link) - An abandoned retranslation effort, translates the first day of the story.
    dote up a cat (patch link) - Translates Umi and Nami's chapters.
    Final Examination Kujira (link LOST/torrent no longer seeded) - Demo translation  translation website
    Fortune Arterial (patch link) - Translates Kiriha, Kanade, and Shino routes. (old project dead, new project here - update: double dead??)
    Gore Screaming Show (patch link) - Translates the prologue and Day 1.
    Hakarena Heart (patch link) - Trial translation.
    Hani Hani ~Operation Sanctuary~ (link LOST/torrent no longer seeded) - Demo translation  translation website
    Hara Min!! ~Saimin Nakadashi Kozukuri Sengen~ (patch link) - Rough prologue patch. Haramasete Seiryuu-kun (link LOST) - Partial patch v0.3.5  Zansho Translation
    Haratsuma Nurse!! (patch link) - Translates common route
    Haru no Ashioto (link LOST/torrent no longer seeded) - Demo translation  translation website
    Hatsukoi (patch link) - Translates Anzu and Yusumi routes.
    Himekishi Lilia (link LOST) - Preview patch  translation website
    Izanai (patch link) - Trial translation.
    Jooubachi no Oubou (patch link) - Trial translation.
    Kichiku Megane (patch LOST) - Translates common route. If anyone knows where to find the patch, please PM me.
    Knight & Princess (patch link) - Translates pretty much just the prologue.
    Kono Mama ja, Ane to SEX Shite Shimau!? (patch link) - Translates to the end of Day 11, includes 7 of Ayame's scenes out of 11.
    Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate (patch link) - Translates Yukino and Ren routes. (old project dead, new project here)
    Lamento -Beyond the Void- (patch link) - Teaser patch
    Lamune (patch link/h-scene patch) - Translates the Nanami route. H-scenes are untranslated, download the other patch as well to translate them.
    Lilith-Izm03 (patch link) - Translates 63% of the game. NOTE: A more complete 75% patch was made but is unavailable. If anyone knows where to find it, please PM me.
    M&M Enchanting Magic & Sweet Charms (link LOST) - Demo V2 patch  translation website
    Maison de M (patch link) - 9.16% translated.
    Majipuri -Wonder Cradle- (link LOST/torrent no longer seeded) - Demo translation  translation website
    Masked Torturer (patch link) - 29% translated
    Mizuiro (patch link / menu patch) - Translates the Hiyori route.
    Morenatsu. (patch link) - Translates... several routes. I don't know which. 
    Mother/Daughter Lesson (patch link) - 80% translated.
    Osu Mesu Time Slip! (patch link) - Translates the prologue and "master route". 
    Oyako Rankan (patch link) - Prologue patch.
    Polyphonica (link LOST/torrent no longer seeded) - Demo translation  translation website
    Popotan Po! (patch link) - Mystery patch. How much does it translate? Who knows!
    Princess Lover (link LOST) - ANOTHER mystery patch! Isn't the sense of discovery this brings thrilling? Wait, it's not, because we can't find the danged thing to start with.  translation website
    Prison Battleship 2 Complete Edition (patch link) - 45% translated.
    Pure Pure (patch link) - Translates Chapter 1.
    Rance Quest (patch link) - Demo translation.
    Ratirica (patch link) - Trial translation.
    Re:BIRTHDAY SONG (patch link) - Trial translation.
    Real Imouto ga Iru (patch link) - Translated Demo
    Sacred Plume (link LOST) - 20% translated. If anyone knows where to find the patch, please PM me.
    Sakura Sakura (patch link) - Trial translation.
    Sanarara R (patch link) - 15/103 scripts translated.
    Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica - Memories White (patch link) - Trial translation.
    Shirotsume Souwa -Episode of the Clovers- (patch link) - Translates Chapter 1.
    Shuukaku no Juunigatsu ~Fuyu~ (link LOST) - Trial version  translation website
    Step -Our relationship, step by step- (patch link) - Trial translation.
    The Space Between ~White Labyrinth~ (link LOST/torrent no longer seeded) - Demo translation  translation website
    Thief and TROLL (patch link) - Story is 100% translated, many h-scenes are untranslated.
    Thief & Sword (patch link) - Translates Shalt's route.
    True Tears (link LOST/torrent no longer seeded) - Demo translation  translation website
    Un:BIRTHDAY SONG (patch link) - Trial translation
    Under the Moon (patch link) - Trial translation.
    Xross Scramble (patch link) - Leaves the "Baldr Force Re-Action" portion untranslated.
    Yaminabe Aries ~Asu e no Chousenjou~ (link LOST) - Translates the "Tail Tale" story, about a third of the game. If anyone knows where to find it, please PM me.
    Your Diary (patch link) - Translates the prologue.
    If any of these patch links appear dead, let me know and I will try to update them. Is there something you know about that isn't listed? Let me know about that, too! Remember to brush your teeth before going to bed and don't do drugs.
    Shoutout to Arrakis for being a huge help and finding a lot of stuff.

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    Shiki reacted to blahblahblahxxx in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Confession: Being too lazy to follow advice is bullshit
    Confession 2: I think lolicons are creepy and have weird feddishes towards little girls. People with incest feddishes need to rethink their entire life.
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    Shiki reacted to ittaku in To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project   
    Thanks to some programming help, flashbacks have now been copied from the translated scenes giving a sudden jump in progress to >90%. Even if edits occur to the translated scenes after this, it will now be easy to copy them across to the flashbacks. I've updated the ETA to just say 3 months which is how long the translation will take but doesn't account for editing, qc etc. though it will coincide with the first beta meaning the first full playable translated patch.
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    Shiki reacted to Darklord Rooke in How does a person actually *enjoy* reading?   
    That depends really. Visuals are objective, you see things how they are, but prose arises from the prejudices and experiences of the narrator which means it's easier to see things how they see things. Which is sometimes fun. It's also why engaging prose is hard to write. A really easy example to give is Terry Pratchett, he has a way of describing things which doesn't translate to the big screen. For example:
    There was a knock at the door. It should not be possible for a knock to sound surreptitious, yet this knock achieved it. It had harmonics. They told the hindbrain: the person knocking will, if no one eventually answers, open the door anyway and sidle in, whereupon he will certainly nick any smokes that are lying around, read any correspondence that catches his eye, open a few drawers, take a nip out of such bottles of alcohol as are discovered, but stop short of major crime because he is not criminal in the sense of making a moral decision but in the sense that a weasel is evil - it is built into his very shape. It was a knock with a lot to say for itself. 
    Now obviously something like this can't really be shown, and loses a lot in the translation to a movie or tv show. Obviously you can provide narration but unlike in a book time is money in a show/movie, there's only so much you're allowed, and this sort of narration takes a fair bit of time and is often deemed pointless. It can survive the transition to a hybrid medium like Visual Novels. That being said, if something is shown in an objective light through the use of visuals, then you lose the ability to see things uniquely as the author sees it. 
    But that being said I wouldn't force yourself to read books, books are just another medium for stories to be conveyed and some people are unsatisfied with the text format. There's nothing wrong with that, there's plenty of alternatives around I still tend to believe it's about finding the "right books" though. I remember hating books throughout most of my childhood, my mother would shove books at me and so would school but I didn't enjoy them. I didn't start liking books until I stumbled on a select few authors, one was Piers Anthony whose books contain a lot of puns, another was Douglas Adams who was about satire and silliness, after that I made my way to fanfiction where I lost 2 years of my life, and then I was reading everything.
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    Shiki reacted to CHITARD in Which Visual Novels Would You Like To See Get Translated?   
    white album 2 closing chapter
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    Shiki reacted to LinovaA in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    I would say it is one of the most alive threads on Fuwa~ xD

    Confession: I am the epitome of hyped for Fire Emblem IF. As a long time Fire Emblem fan, I am actually quite interested to see how all the changes they are planning work out.
    That... and I need to pick yet another waifu from the series... because that is how this works.
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    Shiki reacted to Kenshin_sama in Rate the avatar above you   
    <3<3<3<3<3 Rin
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    Shiki reacted to Akerou in Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki Translation Project   
    Progress Update Week #45

    I had intended to pass the 5k line, but uni decided to put a spoke in my wheel. Expect me to finish Ann until Week #49 at the latest.
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    Shiki reacted to Darklord Rooke in Writer's Block <Combating It>   
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    Shiki reacted to LinovaA in Writer's Block <Combating It>   
    So now that we have a creative corner, I figured I would try and contribute some my knowledge to the wonderful people around here. That and maybe I am just bored and done all of my assignments. 
    I am still pretty new around here, but if I can help even one person with this, well… that is good enough I guess.

    So, as the title says, we will be talking about one of the main struggles almost every single writer will go through at least once during one of their projects. Whether that project be a novel, visual novel, heck even essays and translations to a much lesser extent; it will strike all of us eventually. It is more than likely that you, the reader, have already experienced Writer’s Block at some point, so you already understand the pains associated with it. Or maybe you are one of the lucky few who have never had to deal with such a thing, in which case I envy you entirely and completely.
    You could be going at breakneck speed through your manuscript, writing tens of thousands of words without having any issue, but sooner or later… you may find yourself smacking your head against a brick wall of blankness unable to figure out where to go from where you are.
    So first off, let’s talk about Writer’s Block and what it is.
    What is Writer’s Block?
    Writer’s Block, by definition, is when an author loses his ability to produce new work thus creating a block in his creative train of thought. This block can run you down for a few hours, to a much longer time over the span of years when in extreme cases.
    So looking at this as writers, this is not something we particularly want. We want to be able to avoid this sort of thing happening to us. But how do we do that?
    Well the tough answer to that is that we cannot just so easily prevent it. There are some ways that help keep our minds fresh and circulating new ideas, but there is no sure fire way to keep yourself safe from breaking against the Great Wall of Blanking Out.
    Writer’s Block can be entirely discouraging for an author, and for someone who is just getting used to writing larger works; can be absolutely catastrophic in terms of their will to keep writing. I know when I first started trying to write my first manuscript for the first… second… third… fourth… fifth… and sixth times. I honestly lost track after that, but my real problem was that I would get so far in, maybe about 2000 words and all of a sudden everything I had in my head would simply vanish. The Great Wall of Blanking Out would suddenly raise itself in front of my word count and would not allow it to progress any further.

    So let’s talk about ways to prevent Writer’s Block, even if it is in a small way. None of it is a guarantee, as everyone is different; but these are the ways that I have found to work and that have worked for the people I have helped through their own Writer’s Block issues.
    Preventing Writer’s Block:
    So as we know, Writer’s Block affects our ability to create new work. This does not mean that it only affects new project ideas, but rather it affects the entire creation process. You get so far in and all of a sudden your train of thought is just gone and you have nothing left you can put out because you have hit The Great Wall of Blanking Out. Some don’t even make it as far as the keyboard, thinking that they have not developed their idea enough, or that they just do not have time.
    So let’s get down to it:
    1. Outlines Can Be Your Bible/Insert Religious Text
    One problem I have seen a lot of people run into is that they can go so far in, but all of a sudden lose everything they were about to write. When they just got an idea and started writing, they did not think ahead, and only knew the general plot outline of what they wanted.
    That is not to say you can't do this, but you run the risk of hitting a wall sooner or later if you don't really know where you are going. Kinda like wandering around the woods when you have never been inside those particular woods before. Go too far and you may end up a tad lost.
    Taking time and writing an outline of the events that take place in the story is an excellent idea. It provides you with a foundation to build upon when you go to sit down and write. This outline is merely just an outline, so just like your first draft (which I will get to next) you can spill your raw creativity into it and just let the ideas flow out on to the page.
    Your outline doesn't even have to make coherent sense, just so long as it gives you an idea of the direction you are heading. As long as you have a general idea of what you are doing, the risk of suddenly losing yourself and your story in the first 5-10k words can be greatly reduced.
    2. Your First Draft is not Your Final Draft
    Here is another hang up that can easily discourage anyone who is writing. As writers, it makes sense that we have all read wonderful stories. Masterpieces in our own eyes. So obviously, when writing our own works, we want them to be just as good if not better if you are feeling really ambitious.
    So you sit down and you start writing. You get through the first chapter and you feel pretty darn satisfied, but you take a look through what you have written… and realize that it is not to the quality that you want it to be… so you start editing… but all of a sudden, you realize there is more wrong with it so you start editing that stuff too. Before you know it you have spent two hours editing the first chapter/portion of your work and you just feel absolutely drained from the ordeal. Most people I talk to end up losing their creative flair for the work after that, or if they get any further, end up losing it after subsequent bouts of this over editing process.
    So what is the problem here?
    Editing your first draft to look like a final draft before you have even written the whole thing is just bad news. The Writer and the Editor within you coexist, but they should not be working together at this early stage in the game. The first draft, just like outline, is where you can poor out your raw creativity and just roll with it. No author just sat down, puked out 100k+ words and created a masterpiece… and if they claim to have done so, I am going to call absolute bullshit.
    Writing a good work takes time, and one needs to force their inner Editor to just calm down and be patient. While the Editor is critical and meticulous, the Writer is freeform and creative. The critical side of the Editor can stifle the creativity of the Writer if they are working side by side at the same time. They do complement one another, just… not at the same time.
    3. Keep Writing
    Another pitfall that one might want to avoid is not continuing. You may start with the intention of finishing, but maybe tomorrow you just “don’t feel like it”. But then, the next day after that… you find that you “don’t feel like it again”.
    Once you start making an excuse not to write like that, you are already on a road to pain when it comes to finishing your work. Writing a story is a time investment, and you are going to have to want it in order for you to even think about finishing it. “Not feeling like it” just isn't in the equation.
    The problem with this, is that after enough days of not feeling it, you might decide to come back to it. However, this is another lead in to allowing The Great Wall of Blanking Out to encroach on what you are trying to write. Writer’s Block will settle in and all of a sudden you have nothing for what you want to write.
    Even if you only write a single sentence, coming back and visiting your project each day is a good way to prevent it from fading in your mind. For one of the main things that Writer’s Block thrives off… is stagnation in the creative sense.
    I struggled for years with Writer’s Block. I first started writing original works back in grade four. Until about four years ago, I had never finished anything. Writer’s Block would simply come over and snatch my ideas away from me. Once I hit Grade 9 and came up with a new story (where my Username originates), I just kept in my head, afraid of having development of that halted by another bout of Writer’s Block.
    These are just a few techniques you can use to prevent it. Curing Writer’s Block however, is a lot easier than one might think. It requires a lot of willpower, but it can be done.
    LinovaA’s Method for Working through Writer’s Block:
    Now while it is no guarantee, as with all of the things in this guide (oh gods this has become a guide?), it may help you if you find yourself in the middle of a particularly long bout of Writer’s Block.
    So what happens when you hit this Great Wall of Blanking Out? You run out of ideas. So where do you even go there?
    The best way to explain is to show an example of what I did.
    I sat down and looked at the paper and decided I needed to come up with something of my own creation. Doesn’t matter if it is cliché, but it needs to have a small level of originality to it.

    So the best bet was to just come up with a random scenario. However that is normally impossible with Writer’s Block. So here is a format I came up with
    <Adjective> <noun> <verb> <noun>.
    That is all.
    It’s best not to agonize over this. Seriously just pick any random adjective and any random noun that fits for the first two.

    Of course it ended up being this for me:
    Purple Elephants attack Earth.
    Not exactly the most elegant of scenarios, but we’ll work with it. So now that one has this completely strange scenario, you need to expand it somehow. So you simply need to add one detail at a time.
    Purple Elephants attack Earth and enslave humanity.
    Great. Just great.
    Add a few details, but after adding a few more details in this fashion… you take your pencil and scratch out something and edit the grammar of the sentence. I of course edited out Purple Elephants.

    Earth is attacked and humanity is enslaved by pseudo-Humans from Titan, enforcing a dystopian society.
    Voila. A scenario. This generally will not work the first time to fix your Writer’s Block. You need to do this over and over again until your brain starts easing up and those little details start coming to you much quicker. Or perhaps until you no longer need to use the simplistic format I laid out earlier.
    While a lot of people would say to go out and wait for the ideas to come to you, I believe and more proactive approach of force starting your creative engine to be the more efficient way when in a deep rooted bout of Writer’s Block. Of course, the less proactive approach may work with you more. I can't tell you if it is or not because everyone is different.
    The End:

    I do hope I have helped someone out here. I understand Writer’s Block being a huge challenge for a lot of people who are into writing like myself. Hopefully you come out of reading this learning something new, and if you didn’t… well thanks for giving me the time of day regardless.  None of this is guaranteed to help, but hopefully I have helped give you some tools to help you keep writing and avoid Writer's Block, and perhaps even conquer it.
    So yeah, thanks for stopping by and giving this a read.
    Edit: I will be coming back to fix any typos when I get home.
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    Shiki reacted to Zodai in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    As someone with consistent sleep issues, this information is relevant to my interests.  I have a hard time getting to sleep on a regular basis ;-;
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    Shiki got a reaction from Zodai in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    I also go to school without sleeping lol~ You feel the pain. I used to go to my part time job after that but I quit recently. I think that I probably have insomnia as well? I can't sleep even when I lie down a lot of the time...  
    Yes, you should.    Psh no, hypocrisy? What is that?
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    Shiki reacted to Zakamutt in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Nah, I basically work on a floating timezone system. I essentially just stay up until exhaustion hits, which usually means getting up one hour or two later each day, sometimes... right now I'm in a part of the cycle where I keep dying at like 10pm though. It's "fine" atm since I'm a NEET lol.
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    Shiki reacted to Zenophilious in Fuwanovel Confessions   
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    Shiki got a reaction from LinovaA in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    I also go to school without sleeping lol~ You feel the pain. I used to go to my part time job after that but I quit recently. I think that I probably have insomnia as well? I can't sleep even when I lie down a lot of the time...  
    Yes, you should.    Psh no, hypocrisy? What is that?
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