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  1. Wow, thats harsh,tho cant say i dont understand it partly. It aint real love if he doesnt accept it tho.
  2. I think cheating and netorare are different things, while i like the first i aboslutely fucking despise the second.
  3. Altho i have already wanted to ask a question, can we get a feature to change our names in the forums? At least the name displayed, not the login name. (Since i would be hanged and burned publicly if oneh of my friends saw my profile from one years ago, this yolo and swag is out of date, would like to change it to something more dank.)
  4. I don't know much about it really, but i guess white people dislike seeing asian people on screen, which would be quite strange for me since i've normally seen every movie with whites. Tho if u would adapt an anime character into a 3D person,(which is unforgivable) how would you decide which color to make em? Make 2D white into 3D white or yellow? Tho sometimes foreigns in anime, manga an others are represented with a more darker color of skin, tho not all the time. Tbh it doesnt really disturb me, since i dont wantch them.(We all know all adaptions are shitty) Lets take a look at Attack on ti
  5. Yes, it would be nice if you guys would get a bit of fixing on it, my favourite part is when a person joins, it displays it a hundred times so i have to scroll for an hour to find another person.
  6. Welcome to Fuwa, Hope u have a great time here.(katawa shoujo srsly?)
  7. Well i think that Andromeda deserves the judgement after i looked into it, they had a huge budget, 4years? and a nice workforce with it. As i have seen on the wiki, the developers completely changed, and i guess the new ones couldnt really live up to the expectations. For me, the andromeda lost something that made it a mass effect game, tho i am planning to still check it out even if not pay for it.(i shouldnt have said that, should i?) After your "review" of the game, it kinda made me feel at ease that it aint that shitty, and glitches, horrible animations and faces were kinda
  8. I can only recommend a manga reader on play strore,It's name is manga rock, you have to buy it to download more than 3 mangas? Tho u can get it slighty legally from GetApk Market (just google it). It remebers last read chapters and pages, also u have acces to mangas from many sources, and u can download also.
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