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  1. I bought this game and before finishing it the crack was already out. My WALLET
  2. New image on the Minatosoft Website. A perfectly SFW picture of Margit.
  3. Just checked the Majikoi A website, and new CGs have been added, this time of Takae. It's NSFW, though.
  4. But ain't that the idea? Each of them barely gets individual time, (outside of H-Scenes) and when they did, they seemed interesting, like that scene where Ami and Yamato were hanging up clothes. Well, not Tatsuko so much, but I like that kind of cute sleepy character too, if they focused more on her life outside of fawning over Yamato, there could be actual investment there. Plus, I really like the way the Itagakis act as foils to the Kazama family.
  5. If they made an A-6, I'd love a Itagaki Special with Ami, Angel and Tatsuko After+. I loved those characters.
  6. It's been a fairly good money-spinner, though. I can see them making a Majikoi Z or something.
  7. Hey, the Majikoi A-5 release date dropped! 26th of April!
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