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  1. Cool! Since S is ongoing, it would be possible that after its completion, only a short wait would be needed to be able to play A-1.
  2. I did workout a bit when I was in high school and in first year college, but only kinetic ones. I only jog when I'm on the way home (from the gate of the subdivision to our house) but right now, I don't. Kinda hard to start working out when you've been lazing around for many years. (I'm only in 3rd year College btw)
  3. On the case of Code Geass: Akito the Exiled, it still isn't released even in the Jap version until now. Finally, they have a preview for it now and this year, I think they'll finally release it. If I'm guessing right the subbed version would appear 3 or so months after the original release. (If I recall correctly, it took 3 mos. for ep.2 to be subbed but it still depends on the one doing the sub)
  4. Anyone here besides me that is getting irritated with how Code Geass: Akito the Exiled takes a long to come out? I don't know the reason tbh but.. Come on. I myself think that it has a good all around development.
  5. I like that part about her too tbh, her eyes are so cool. But in the long run, well, she's kinda irritating for being so clingy and cock-blocking Yamato sometimes. (Especially Tatsuko Ikagami on the Agave route.) I myself wanted to stop midway in her route. But for the sake of the completion, I finished it lol. Same here. Though I got mind blown with the revelation of her past in the Agave route. Damn you Yamato. You missed a big fish!
  6. Yeah! Yoshino all the way! Though the problem with S2 is that they weren't focused that much unlike on S1. (I actually thought S2 was kinda boring.)
  7. If you think about it, games like this and mostly, games are dominantly played by men, so their target market supposedly was guys. It would really be hard to create a game without taking sides or exaggerating something, otherwise it would be boring. Actually, you have a big point and this is also serious (if you play seriously) but I don't see this being that bad and having an effect irl, as even the male and female ones are drastically unrealistic. (Insanely biig oppai, some H-scenes has the man go 10+x without going flaccid.)
  8. So, I wanted this to be my signature in this forums. (Was put in paint from the screen and now has 799 x 149 dimensions) So I posted in in facebook to get a Link and when I try to make it as my signature, it gives me this:
  9. Being as slow as I am, currently I'm finishing Shigatsu wa Kimi no uso Seiken Tsukai no World Break Saenai Heroine no Sodateka Inou Battle for Everyday Life Amagi Brilliant Park Absolute Duo Kantai Collection SAO 2 (Didn't finish after ep. 20 lol) Trinity Seven (Anyone got an idea if this will get S2?) recently finished rewatching Shingeki no Kyojin and Working! (S1 and S2) and is this claim valid http://when-will.net/anime/777-will-there-be-wagnaria-working-season-3-release-date.html I'm really anticipating a S3 for that matter.
  10. Basically a harem, but, admit it. The characters are just too adorable to not notice! Yoshino, I think, is the #1 gal for me in this anime. (Originally, it was Kurumi but...)
  11. *Enters with Matzukaze* So, I'm kinda new here and what really brought me to this site was the discussion about Majikoi S translation (because I've just recently cleared the original Majikoi game which was referred to me by my dear friend). Not only am I new to VNs, but also to many things related to 2-D so, minna! Let's have a fun discussion on other posts when we see each other.
  12. *meekly enters conversation with matzukaze* I myself don't mind if some words are tweaked to become more funny. Actually, in the original Majikoi game the version I played had some grammatical and format errors. (Which kinda sucked). Topic aside, out of all the heroines in Majikoi I do hate Miyako with a passion. LOL.
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