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    My daily schedule should provide an accurate representation of the American heritage. The neighborhood bald eagle comes to wake me up around 1:00PM. I pay the bill for said service at the end of the month, along with the obvious 50% tip. I live on foodstamps, so my breakfast always consists of basics like cheeseburgers and soda. Afterward, I choose one or two of my semiautomatic self-loading centerfire rifles to shoot down any commies on the front lawn. The rest of the day depends on what priorities may be in order; today's task was purchasing my weekly rotation of American flags to set up around my house and that of my European neighbor. I typically pass away the rest of the time by watching pro-American television programs like Fox News, and drift into sleep in my M1 Abrams.
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    Happy birthday zeno 
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    Welcome to the Forums Sovereign!
    Ich bin Kyoroto und ich esse DICKE FETTE Würstchen zum Frühstück.

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    Enjoy the Nightmare fuel. Always watching. 

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    seriously?my hair looks like a exploaded hedgehog after i wake up
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    What are those 2 other scary looking creatures? 3D world is a weird place
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    OH MAN you should see the crap posted to greenlight as an example:
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    Update 8/5/15
    Future with Momoyo translation at 100%. QC at 0%.
    Agave After Translation Started
    As some of you may have gathered, I have taken over as project leader, and will be posting updates from here on out. A big thank you to Ouraibaa for all he's done for both projects.
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    Any questions/comments regarding the project, go here. For the translation of the original Majikoi, go here.

    Translation project for Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! S ( or "Majikoi S," for short.)
    By Maji Translations
    We're done!
    Release blog post
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:   To install: Run the installer and navigate to your Maji Koi S folder. If you've used our patch for the first game, you should already know how to do this. Otherwise, follow these steps:   1) Run the installer, probably as administrator   2) If the directory is correct, simply hit next. If it is not, navigate to your Maji Koi S folder, which should contain まじこいS.exe   3) Once the directory is correct, clink install.   4) When it is done, press finish, and you should be ready to play the fully translated game!   To Uninstall:   1) Run the uninstaller (delete Update4 and 5 if you have them, though they are not part of the installer and will be uploaded separately).   If you had the wairu patch, you'll need to reinstall it if you want to keep it(or just keep update2.pac, as that is the UI), or the game's UI will revert to being untranslated.*   *May not apply to everyone -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    
    Team members/People involved in the process:
    Dowolf - Translator
    Helvetica Standard - Uncensor Patch Creator and Secondary Image Editor
    Pseudodiego - Primary/Mass Script Editor
    Twdarkeh - Secondary Script Editor, Project Leader
    NhKPaNdA - Installer Creator/Secondary Quality Checker.
    CryingWestern - Primary Image Editor
    Kardororororo - Testing
    MikeRiddle - QC

    Former Members:
    Ouraibaa Hjyuraa - Quality Checker, PR guy, and project BOSS leader

    The dead Wairu Translations have already translated Common route (2nd Year 1st Semester), Kosugi Route, Future with Kosugi Continued, Future without a Relationship, Monshiro Route, Monshiro Route Continued, Future with Monshiro, Kokoro Route, Tsubame Route, Future Where Tsubame Takes the Lead, Future Where Yamato Takes the Lead, Future with Tsubame 1 & 2, Iyo Route, Margit Route, Margit Route Continued, Future with the Maids, Future with Chosokabe, Future with Shima, Another Future with Miyako 1 & 2 & 3, most of the menus, and end skits.
    Note: Bolded routes are the main routes. All the others are either side routes or extensions of the main routes.

    Menus and UI: In progress. Done!
    Childhood/Koyuki Route: 100% translation, 100% QC.
    Future with Momoyo: 100% translation, 100% QC.
    Future with Kazuko: 100% translation, 100% QC.
    Future with Miyako: 100% translation, 100% QC.
    Future with Chris: 100% translation, 100% QC.
    Future with Yukie: 100% translation, 100% QC.
    Agave After: 100% translation, 100% QC.
    Future with Hermit Crabs/Yumiko route: 100% translation, 100% QC.
    Future Where You're An Acquaintance of Takae:100% translation, 100% QC.

    Optional uncensor patch: ?/416
    Early uncensor sample (Warning: NSFW):

    (Uncensor and translation quality will vary. Remember, this is fan made.)

    Both our English patch and our uncensor patch will be compatible with Wairu's version and the base version of the game.
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    Sovereign1612 got a reaction from suikashoujo in Embarassing moments with vns...   
    The worst thing for me was that i had to fix the laptop of my mother (not living at home anymore) so it was just full with random stuff so i installed windows new
    and thought " hey maybe i could install swan song and play it tonight in my bed so its more comfortable " because i dont have a laptop.
    so the next day my mother came to visit me she takes the laptop and i totally forgot that it was still installed so in the next week she ask's me since when im so into  weird stuff like that 
    she doesn't understand english that well but she still managed to open the cg gallery and that wasnt really a help because on the first page are already some h scenes.
    she still brings it up sometimes 

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    Sovereign1612 got a reaction from ExtraMana in Sup   
    Heyho today i finally decided to join the community looked like fun 
    and yeah im from germany and i've here and there some problems with my self teached english so please be patient with me and im sure we will get along
    im looking forward to it 
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    Sovereign1612 reacted to Advant in Madou Koukaku Translation Project   
    A mate and I started translating Eushully's Madou Koukaku script  
    Info about the game/VN can be found here; http://vndb.org/v11620
    We started preparing for this project around a month ago but only started translating for a few days. We are currently working on the prologue which is probably going to be the only patch before a hopefully full release.
    I will update this post from time to time so those who are interested can track the progress.
    Current Progress:(9/16/2014)
    Prologue :
    Translated: 45.5%    
    Edited: 25.0%          
    Tested : 20.5% 
    Blog ==> http://dyjtranslation.blogspot.com/
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    Sovereign1612 got a reaction from Funyarinpa in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    if you're stupid enough to fall over a carpat that lays on top of your carpet because you just moved in and forgot that you put it there 
    and then fuck up your nose because it was in front of a table you can also get really really really badly injured in your own 4 walls 
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    Sovereign1612 reacted to HMN in Sup   
    welcome to Fuwa! hope you enjoy your time here!  ​ 
    also,don't worry about your English,man. it's all good 
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