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    Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru

    "Choujo-sama... You're a healthy young male so maybe it's impossible to avoid it but... How long are you going to keep groping me?"
    High-spirited Tane, bitter smiling Eika, cold gazing Ryou and new resident Tsumugu. How did Chouji's normal life suddenly become like the Palace of Versailles? The story is constructed like a slice-of-life light novel, albeit with lots of ichaicha since there's four heroines who are already at max affection with him.

    Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order
    There are four heroines: Tsumugu, Tane, Eika, and Ryou.
    You may play in any order you like based on your preferences.

    Route Guideline
    I *think* the first three choices don't matter when it comes to locking in a heroine. Never got around to fully testing; PM me if otherwise.

     Yourou Tsumugu

     Onigase Tane

     Yanagise Eika

     Yukawa Ryou

    This walkthrough was created, formatted, and tested by Eclipsed. Yes, this walkthrough has the most views ands 'his' credentials on it, but it wasn't created by him, he just stole it bwahahaha, try again!
    Special thanks for information provided by predecessors who attempted to make this walkthrough (Sioxz, HackRabbits).
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    There you go

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    There you go

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    Sovereign1612 reacted to twdarkeh in Majikoi S Translation Project   
    Update 26/5/15
    Agave editing done. Yukie Translation at 100%,
    editing will start soon.
    Thanks to all those who applied to QC. I believe we have found someone, and will introduce them as soon as we can have a chat.
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    Next episode spoiler:

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    There you go

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    Sovereign1612 reacted to Flutterz in Shikomizue's Strange Stories   
    Yes, I am rather infamous for randomly walking into peoples' homes and asking them if they want to fuck. That and randomly fingering women on the street
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    Sovereign1612 reacted to Shikomizue in Shikomizue's Strange Stories   
    A Strange Day
    Eclipsed was having the strangest day, when he woke up, he noticed that his alarm clock was on the floor, broken.
    “I probably knocked it down in my sleep or something.” He thought to himself.
    He cleaned up the pieces of the clock and went on to do his morning routine.
    When he went to open the bathroom medicine cabinet, he noticed something... odd. It looked like there was a white substance leaking from the cabinet. He opened it to find that the entire cabinet was filled with toothpaste.
    The clock he could brush off as an accident, but this was clearly intentional. He cleaned up the toothpaste, annoyed that he couldn't brush his teeth today. Done with his bathroom duties, he went to make breakfast before figuring out who filled his medicine cabinet with toothpaste.
    “Hmm... what should I have for breakfast today?” He asked himself.
    He opened his cabinets to look for something tasty, but was surprised to find that his box of pancake mix was ripped open, strewn about the cabinets. He slammed the cabinet door in annoyance.
    “Alright! You can break my clock, you can even fill my medicine cabinet with toothpaste, but when you mess with my pancake mix, you better be ready to face the consequences!”
    In a fit of anger he went to the grandfather clock in his living room, opened it up and stepped inside it.

    He then realized he wasn't batman. He then went to the bookcase in the same room and pulled on a certain book.

    He then realized this wasn't Dexter's lab either.
    After all this, he finally realized he didn't have any secret rooms in his house.
    Having lost his drive to find the pancake mix griefer, he instead got on Fuwanovel.
    He then made a thread about his strange day. These were the responses:
    Tiagofvarela: “Gentlemanly stuff”
    Rose: Did you call the police or anything?
    solidbatman: NOT THE PANCAKE MIX!!!!
    Shikomizue: You aren't hurt or anything right?
    Seeing nothing of use he logged off. All of a sudden, he heard a noise downstairs. Thinking it might be the culprit for all this, Eclipsed got his baseball bat from his closet, and sneaked down the stairs. But the sneaking was for naught, as the person who made the noise was standing right at the foot of the stairs.
    “Who are you?” Eclipsed asked.
    “I am Stray Cat.” The now identified Stray Cat said.
    “What!? How?”
    “Fool, I'm always the villain.”
    “No, I mean how did you know where I live?”
    “Easy, plot convenience.”
    “Oh. I should've guessed. Anyway, why did you fill my cabinet with toothpaste and rip my pancake mix box?”
    “For the lols. I mean it's fun being a villain.”
    “Oh well that explains it. Wanna hang out since you're here?”
    “Yeah, sure.”
    And so they had fun reading VNs, playing video games and other such activities until Stray Cat had to go do villainous things.
    After a long and strange day, Eclipsed sat back down in his comfy chair in his room when suddenly Flutterz opened his door.
                                                                                            “Wanna fuck?”
                                                                                                The End
    Don't ask me what the point of this was, 'cause I don't even know myself. Notice I used the word "cabinet" 9 times.
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    Best at 1.25 speed. 
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    life in a nutshell

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    life in a nutshell

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    I'm guessing you didn't get that Nintendo64 you asked for. Such a face of disappointment. It makes me happy
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    Happy birthday Kosaki

    you're welcome
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    don't worry you're not spamming 
    and definitely not annoying
    to stay on topic 

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    It would go more or less like this:

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    Sovereign1612 reacted to Rance in [Giveaway] Love At First Sight - Steam Key   
    These fools know nothing about the way of a woman's heart!  First get a leather jacket, slap that shit on! Grab your boom box and ride your bike with training wheels over to her house in the middle of the night while her and her parents are sleeping. Then play this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmebxaJYk0Q while holding the boom box over your head after throwing a total of 3 rocks at her window on the second floor. Now that you have her attention read some poetry! Chicks love poetry!  "Roses are red, violets are blue, so too will be your vagina, after I'm done with you!"  Now things are starting to heat up, and she looks completely speechless so you know you're on a roll! She runs back inside because she is obviously shy and It looks like her parents woke up and are shouting into the phone. It might be your imagination but you can almost hear police sirens getting closer. There must be a lunatic out there, so best head home for now.  Next day at school is the big day, that's when you seal the deal by swag walking up to her with your hands in your pockets (most important part, NEVER take your hands out of your pockets or your cool level will instantly decrease and your reputation as a badass will be officially shot down!), she looks kinda nervous but that's where the next part comes into play. Then you confess your true love through the power of dance! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rg5BQByrHS8 A man who can put his reputation and heart on the line by breakdancing in front a girl proves he is willing to go to extraordinary lengths in the name of love!  Now finish with a sparkling smile and manly expression, toss her a small piece of paper with your gaia online account written on it, depicting your avatar as a half human, half vampire, part demon, part angel/werewolf, named xxSephiroth'sxxdarknessxx360noscopexxx,  as you slowly turn and walk into the sunset playing linkin park on your ipod with the volume turned up loud enough for everyone else to hear.
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    Sovereign1612 reacted to Eclipsed in The Power of VPN?   

    The way I see it, Very Potent Neurotoxins will grant you temporary powers of truth and justice but afterwards you die
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    Got it. I still don't have an answer from Shikomizue so I'll do yours first.
    Sovereign's request:

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    Got it. I'll get to it later on since it's already 5 in the morning here. Ugh I'm starting to revert little by little to my broken sleep schedule.
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