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    Sovereign1612 reacted to Flutterz for a blog entry, Moe Repository #25   
    In honour of this being the 25th Moeblog post, I've written a little poem. Ahem...

    There once was a man named Moe
    He had a lot of moe
    So he posted the moe
    Something-something the moe
    Moe moe moe moe moe moe moe

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    Sovereign1612 reacted to starlessn1ght for a blog entry, Nosebleed/whore AU: Forbidden love Part I   
    Nosebleed guided whore by his hand. It was dark; they were walking among some trees.
    "Are you alright?" , Nosebleed turned his head back, slowly, trying to see whore's face through the darkness. Whore nodded.

    They reached a glade. The moon allowed them to see each other's faces. Nosebleed had a different wig: still Nico's black hair, but he wasn't using twintails. Princess whore had a passionate, yet afraid, gleam in her eyes.

    Whore got near the river flowing down there. She saw her reflection. She trembled.

    "Are you feeling cold?", asked Nosebleed. He came behind her, with his right hand on her shoulder, and the other hand holding a bottle. Looking at his reflection on the water, whore blushed. "I brought hot chocolate with me." he continued.

    "...?" Whore turned back, staring at the bottle and then, at his eyes. She smiled, accepting the offer. "Thank you."
    As whore opened the bottle, Nosebleed lost his balance.

    "Ah..." He fell on the top of her. "Oops." The hot chocolate was all spilled on their faces.

    "It's hot! Hot!" Whore screamed.

    "I-I'm sorry!", Nosebleed also felt the heat. He tried to hide his embarrassment, as he tried to find a way to clean her face. But then, he felt something soft on his chin running through his cheeks, until his forehead. He widened his eyes, surprised. Whore smiled at him happily, holding his chin, and then licking his lips.

    "It has... Good taste... Very... Good taste.", she said, blushing.

    "The chocolate? Or my...?"


    "Can I... taste it too?"

    Whore nodded in agreement. Nosebleed licked the princess' cheeks, smoothly, feeling every single flavor there was to be felt. She asked him with her eyes: "Did it taste good?"

    "Amazing." Both of them smiled. They advanced on each other, Nosebleed pushing the princess on the ground. They didn't even feel pain anymore, instead of it, they licked each other as fast as they could, so the chocolate wouldn't freeze.
    Their faces were finally clean.
    "Guess it's time to sleep, nyan~", said the princess. "Can I... Sleep on the top of you?"
    "Uh? Why?"
    "I want to hear your heartbeats. It will give me good dreams."
    "Princess... You do know... What we have won't last long, don't you?"
    "Hm." , she nodded. "That's why I want..." , whore comfortably set herself on the top of Nosebleed, with her ear on his heart. "... To enjoy every single moment of it."

    Next morning, Nosebleed was lazily still sleeping, while whore had already waken up. She looked at Nosebleed's cute face, passing her hands through his dark Nico wig.
    "Nico Nico nii." , she tried to imitate him.

    And then, there was another voice.
    "Who's there?" It was a male voice. Whore got scared. Some people knew her identity before she became a troll. What to do? What to do? Before she could think of anything, two soldiers came out of some trees.

    "Oh." one of them blushed. "Sorry to interrupt your moment, ojou-sama!"
    "Cute girls? Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng. The black-haired maiden is cosplaying my waifu..." the other screamed, excited.

    "Hm. ~" Whore's fears seemed to be unreasonable. "There's no problem. Now please we need to rest alone..."
    They were already leaving, however, another soldier came up. A general.
    "Guys, what you're... Uh?" His eyes met whore's. He identified her the moment he saw her. "You!"
    "Master, what's the problem?"
    "That girl is the one who was transformed into the troll! She's whore! She's a criminal!"
    Whore shook desperately.
    "Sir, you must be mistaken." a soldier replied.
    "I am not! How dare you?!"

    While they were arguing, Nosebleed woke up. "Uh... What's happening here?"

    "Nosebleed!" the general recognized him. "What are you doing with this criminal?!"

    "General Eclipsy! I... " he looked at whore, shaking of fear. "I don't know what this person is doing here." He sighed.

    "What?!", whore was wordless. She was taken by her arm by Eclipsy.
    "Come on, whore! I will take you to your place."

    "Where are you taking her?" asked Nosebleed.
    "She is going to be executed."
    "What?! No... I forbid you! Don't do that."
    "Free me!", whore screamed.
    "She is going to jail first. The execution will just happen tomorrow. Talk with the nobles first, then." The general and his men went away, leaving Nosebleed alone.

    "Oh God, what have I done?" Everything was fine. He was so happy. She was happy. But everything was messed up now. And even if he annulled her sentence, she perhaps would never forgive him.

    "I don't understand. Are you asking us to free her?", prince Marie asked. "Also, nice dress, Nosebleed."
    "Thank you. I mean, she's done nothing wrong , so I don't think she should be..."
    "Nothing wrong?!" General Usagi exclaimed. "Did you forget that she invaded our country, disrespected our laws, used a false identity, offended the majors, and above all things, claimed YOU were a loli kidnapper?"
    "I didn't but..."
    "Have you weakened yourself, Nosebleed?" Marie instigated him. "I remember the times you punished every single traitor with your own sword! But now, just look at you, is that related to the beauty of that whore?"
    "No, not at all. I'm not biased."
    "Well then, give that whore the right prize, so that she will never appear here again!"
    "Right... I'll... Do that..."

    Midnight. Steps echoed in a dark corridor. Whore couldn't sleep: the hour of the execution was approaching. Someone opened the door of the end of the corridor. The person came closer and closer, until whore could see his face. She looked the other way.

    "Princess..." Nosebleed wore a hopeless expression.
    "I don't... Want to talk to you."
    "I'm truly sorry."

    Whore turned to face him. Her green eyes were illuminated by the stars, out of the window.
    "Traitor." She slapped him in the face. Nosebleed couldn't look at her directly.
    "You said you loved me!", she screamed at him, ferociously. "And then you let me in this jail, waiting for my death! Is that what you call love?! You lied to protect yourself! You didn't care about me! I know I did bad things, but..." she pulled Nosebleed by his dress, sealing his lips with an intense, but bitter kiss. "I... Don't want to die." Tears started pouring from her eyes. "Please... Save me."

    Nosebleed felt an intense pain in his heart. He left the jail, running, breathlessly. He sang a song, then. A song that would survive centuries after his death.

    "By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes,
    Where the sun shines bright on Loch Lomond,
    Where me and my true love were ever wont to gae,
    In the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

    O ye'll take the high road, and I'll take the low road,
    And I'll be in Scotland afore ye,
    Where me and my true love will never meet again,
    On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond."

    A tear came down from Nosebleed's eyes.

    To be continued...
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    Sovereign1612 reacted to starlessn1ght for a blog entry, Nosebleed/whore AU: Love and vendetta   
    "Nico Nico nii..." Nosebleed looked at himself in the mirror. So... Beautiful... The clothes, the hair, the body, the makeup: all he's always dreamed of. He looked perfectly like his beloved idol. But one thing was missing: a crown. To fulfill his dream of becoming as beautiful as a princess. He took the diamond crown from the table and put it on his wig, smoothly.

    Someone opened the door.

    "It's time to settle things up, NOSEBLEED." Whore said it firmly while entering the room. That female troll was the ugliest and most dangerous of all.

    Nosebleed was taken by surprised. He turned around, with a mix of fear and embarassment on his face.

    Whore blushed immediatly when she saw Nosebleed's cosplay. She didn't know what to say.

    "What are you doing here?!", asked the trap princess, ferociously.

    "I came to tell you I am going to tell all the Fuwa nobles about your loli kidnapping!". Whore still blushed, but she faced Nosebleed firmly.

    "Do it, then, you stupid troll!! Go ahead with your stupid lies! I am going to ban you from this kingdom forever!"

    "Not if I kill you first." Whore spoke with an almost unhearable tone. She took a knife from her fur, and passed it through her paws. Nosebleed shook of fear, he stepped back taking a sword from the table.

    Whore advanced, trying to hit the trap's neck. But Nosebleed moved quickly, as he had been trained by the best sword teachers, and avoided the attack. Whore shook the knife above her head, pushing it in Nosebleed's direction. Nosebleed tried to block with his sword, but whore sent it away with her knife. Nosebleed was unarmed.

    "Heeeeeeelp!!!" Nosebleed screamed. No one came.

    Whore's knife hit Nosebleed's wig, messing up all the hours of work on that hairstyle Nosebleed spent. "You loser! You are envy of me!", said Nosebleed. Whore, angry, tried to push her fist into Nosebleed's face, but Nosebleed rolled with her on the ground to catch his sword. He then, pointed it to whore's heart.

    Whore had lost it.

    "Last words?", asked Nosebleed.
    "...", whore thought for a little... "N-nice outfit."
    "You think?!" Nosebleed was surprised. The two of them were still on the ground, with their bodies over each other. Nosebleed was confused.

    Then, something strange happened.

    Something warm and soft... Touched Nosebleed's lips.

    "...!" He was out of breath. What touched his lips were whore's lips. And he... Liked it!
    The two faced each other. Whore sighed, waiting for her death. She closed her eyes.

    But then, Nosebleed held her face with his two hands and kissed her again. Their lips floated on each other, beautifully, like sakura petals.

    "Senpai, I'm sorry.", said whore. "I... Love you."

    In this moment, whore's body started to glow. She was floating in the air. Nosebleed was stunned, too much adrenaline in those last five minutes.

    That beast become something totally different... Whore was no longer a troll... She was a princess, as beautiful as Nosebleed in his costumes.

    Nosebleed's eyes shone. "I no longer want vendetta. I want.. you"

    Nosebleed couldn't be happier. He showed a big smile. "Nico Nico nii."
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