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  1. I know how to get past that problem from what I have read, you just need to click x when it says Japan only and it will continue to the game. My problem is that I can't get the No DVD patch to even let me attempt that. Do you happen to know any good locations to try looking for the download?

  2. won't hold my breath lol how ever i won't doubt you it's just that translators have vanished or dropped a vn because they got bored so i'm a little sour because of that, contrarily I wish you luck should you actually have the required determination, skill and time to do this.

  3. This game is very picky. Even though I installed it using Japanese locale and set my date/time format to Japan's and use the no DVD patch, I still couldn't play it with a message saying "This game is Japan-only blah blah blah ". I haven't touched it again ever since.

  4. No I didn't read that, is it related to Cross Channel?

    Well maybe I did want a happy ending, the VN was a bit dark so maybe I did wish for a good ending. It's just that the ending was sort of "too ordinary" for me haha

    Actually I was expecting all the other characters to somehow save Taichi but I was very disappointed XD

    Anyway, I'm reading Swan Song right now, what a masterpiece ! Just amazing so far !You see that's what I hated, the fact that she was "part of his imagination", I think it's a very lazy explanation. Not saying it's unrealistic, just that any VN or movie could use that as an excuse.

    I really thought that she was somehow related to the time repetition thing, or that she really had secret powers, but oh well.

    It's not a bad VN i just had different expectations.

  5. Well, I'm not too fond of this VN too. But I think this ending is still better than Code Geass'. Wait, that's not a VN, was it? Well, whatever. The point is the creator actually made the story to be so. If you read it more carefully, you'll understand that their world is not "the real world". It's a world created by the protagonist to be his safe haven. But in the process, he dragged several people inside. So the existence of Nanaca in there isn't strange, it's just the feeling hold by a mother who worried about her son. About him being a "monster", you could see the examples of why on Hollywood movies. Even people who in a glimpse look the same as the others, are "monsters" if they are far from being "normal". People tend to be in a normal state, having normal life, normal friends. Then they usually call a person who doesn't fit these normal states, "monster".


    In the end, the protagonist decides as a monster, he could only and should live alone in there, and you got the ending.

  6. That being said, the United Kingdom is a great place to be. I mean sure, we have some crappy places and some which are too stuck up for their own good, but when you can get from a place like London, a sprawling, non-stop metropolis to the South Downs (which features some of the most beautiful scenery ever... Arundel Castle <3) in one hour, it's fantastic. If you wanna know more about the UK then just ask, and I'll answer it the best I can :sachi:


    As far as where I'd like to travel, and where I'm planning to go... So many places. However, I particularly want to visit Jyväskylä in Finland and then look around the Saimaa lake system (forests and lakes are my thing, so both is pretty much heaven). I also wish to go to Japan which probably doesn't come as much of a shock, though I'm far more interested in going to Hokkaido and Shikoku.

  7. Welcome, welcome, welcome Hijiri-san to our lair. Enjoy your time and relax here. Feel free to ask/discuss/share anything with us.



     Writer, artist, graphic designer, and programmer all rolled into an imperfect package with a specialty in....none. Orz

  8. Welcome, welcome, welcome Valmore-san to our lair. Enjoy your time and relax here. Feel free to ask/discuss/share anything with us. This may be useful for you:


    From my experience with android VNs, your best bet to play VNs on android is playing Nscripter engine VNs (using Onscripter Plus), Reallive engine VNs (using rlvm), PSP brewed/ported VNs (using PPSSPP), and some compatible ported Ren'Py VNs. VNDS is a poor experience to read VNs.

  9. I unfortunately have no idea how to post screenshots because I'm an idiot when it comes to things like that. However I did do some searching online and found something about problems with directx and the file sounded like what I experienced the directx.direct3d.dll file was corrupted somehow and after that the game wouldn't work. So I tried fixing directx first and was still getting the error so then I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. That leads us to now, I haven't been able to reinstall the game at all when I try to run the installer it just jumps straight to the uninstaller and asks if I want to keep my save data. I'm sorry if I wasn't very clear before I've just never seen this happen before and it's really upsetting.

  10. VN is considered as a game for a reason. (Leaving kinetics aside), you're able to interact with/make some decisions/define the plot or the outcome of the story. If a real book could somehow emits sounds of BGMs, SEs, voices, able to play videos, or I have to fiddle with some parts of it to progress through the story, I won't read VNs.

  11. Novel thought: characters are as strong as their authors want them to be.

    Goku is strong, sure, but arguing which fictional character would win is pretty silly. We've seen Goku lose countless times, he just comes back stronger next time. It's not unreasonable to think characters like, say, Accelerator from Index or Saitama from One Punch Man could likely destroy Goku, but the thing is everyone can be outsmarted, so long as the author wants to, so this discussion ends up being pretty moot.


    Well, maybe it's true but nevertheless it's a fun discussion (or debate).


    Oppai dragon  :makina:


    An answer as expected from you.



    Remember when Goku's son Gohan was the strongest DBZ character?

    I miss those days.


    well in the dragon ball z series it has to be Cell (not god) if he ever got out of hell he could once again fight Goku. also Goku did say that he couldn't beat him only his son, so if Cell is back it could be a mess. yes there has been times Cell fight Goku when Cell die but that is only in hell land terms which made things go one way or another (the author made it like that).


    in terms of other characters that will be an unreasonable thing to know, the authors have rules for characters so unless you know what their weakness is or any reason to fight (its not like they going to fight), the story will be random.


    p.s my godlike character can beat goku, he can make laws and break laws of the existence.


    Hmm, I guess during that time certainly Goku couldn't beat Cell, only Gohan could. But Goku has a perseverance in that he becomes stronger each time he dies. If they were to do a rematch, I'm pretty sure Goku could win the next one. I actually think Majin Boo is a lot stronger than Cell. He could even survive a point blank explosion stronger than a C4 from Vegeta, and Goku is the only one able to beat Boo.


    Yah arguing about who's the strongest fictional shounen anime/manga characters sounds like what 5 year olds discuss at school. Don't worry, when I was a little girl, I had similar arguments with boys and Cardcaptor Sakura. lol


    No teenage person or older should even bother since there's no way to prove who's the strongest when you and the author can cosmically expand their strengths in great proportions in "what if" settings....


    I'm still 5 years old at heart. I would never stop fantasizing and imagining things. There would be no inventors if adults never think of "what if" scenarios.

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