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  1. Fufufu, I got a new toy

    1. Tay


      Ooooh! Whachaget?

  2. Time to sleep

  3. Got no time to play tonight, just go to sleep then, sweet dreams, myself.

  4. Let's continue

  5. Ohh, after lunch and the hot blazing sun just lull me to the dream world, have a nice nap, myself.

  6. Time to continue with the translation

  7. Let's see, like this, and then put some of it, ah, I get it!

  8. Oh well, I'll be off for 3 - 4 weeks to explore the vast forest/mountain on the backside of the country. If I could still get the signal, maybe I still could update some things.

  9. A new semester comes. I hope I could get better grades this semester.

  10. I'm pretty tired, hufh, fight, myself, fight!

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