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  1. A new semester comes. I hope I could get better grades this semester.

  2. Oh well, I'll be off for 3 - 4 weeks to explore the vast forest/mountain on the backside of the country. If I could still get the signal, maybe I still could update some things.

  3. Let's see, like this, and then put some of it, ah, I get it!

  4. Let's continue

  5. Time to sleep

  6. I'm pretty tired, hufh, fight, myself, fight!

  7. Fufufu, I got a new toy

    1. Tay


      Ooooh! Whachaget?

  8. Time to continue with the translation

  9. Ohh, after lunch and the hot blazing sun just lull me to the dream world, have a nice nap, myself.

  10. Got no time to play tonight, just go to sleep then, sweet dreams, myself.

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