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  1. i also want to have music playing when im looking at the stars. so i made a bluetooth system for my telescope. it just sets in the parts tray. also my flowerhorn wanted to be in my video
  2. so i also did a video of me setting the rest of it up.
  3. so far its good. i still say if my heart had wings is better, and yes they do. im just hoping we will get a fan patch.
  4. so i've been eyeing this telescope for a good 2-3 years now, and well i now some how own it! its called a Vixen Optics 39952 A80Mf Telescope here's a link to get your own https://www.amazon.com/Vixen-Optics-39952-A80Mf-Telescope/dp/B0027VSSUE/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1515760152&sr=8-8&keywords=vixen+telescope heres Vixen's site - https://global.vixen.co.jp/en/ heres the US site - https://www.vixenoptics.com/ this is a $400+ telescope. i did do a unboxing and puting it together video. i cant wait to use this telescope!
  5. Is Visual Novel Reader Dead?

    i tried ITH and Chiitrans, non worked. the tutorials were to hard to understand
  6. Is Visual Novel Reader Dead?

    so its not dead any more? srry i havnt replyed is so long. i got into fish keeping
  7. Is Visual Novel Reader Dead?

    well that sucks, well can someone tell me what i can use now? also tell me how to set it up and use it. thx
  8. Is Visual Novel Reader Dead?

    i did try what this guy did. but it doesnt work.
  9. Is Visual Novel Reader Dead?

    Update: im geting alot of "Failed" crap. man that sucks it does look to be dead. please remember i havnt use VNR is over a year.
  10. first is this is in the wrong place please move! i ask this cuz i went to go download it from the site its hosted at but it will always timeout. i had to cacha may way into the site to download it. if it is dead can someone show me a reader that as good or if better that i can use. thx
  11. Dracu-Roit! English Patch Breaks IT!

    so from what i can tall the patch i was using in the video wasnt ready?
  12. i can use the old patch thats done 50% but the newer ones dont work at all... heres the site with the patch the works - http://staircasesubs.com/2013/09/09/dracu-riot-partial-patch/ heres the site that has the broken patch - https://theoxfordcommaissuperiorsubs.com/downloads/ i've tried every thing i know to make it work.
  13. since my typing and spelling skilled r crap i made a video.
  14. Date A Live ars install Walk Though?

    alright, thx. thats what i wanted! thx u sir! its simple and easy to understand.