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    min0ru reacted to Crysis99 in Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete Translation Project   
    Hello everyone! I come with great news! The first round of translation for best girl (Airi) has been completed (well excluding the H-scenes at least)! Now all that's left is a quick run through by me, followed by a round of editing and it'll be ready for release. Also some technical issues like word wrapping which I'll fix some time along the road.  Here, have another screenshot.

    Stay tuned for more updates~
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    min0ru reacted to Aizen-Sama in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    Sorry for not posting here as much as I should. Anyways, expect Eclair's route to be finished by the end of this week. I'll announce it in the bi-weekly update anyways.
    Cheers and have anice day.
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    min0ru reacted to Fiddle in Amairo IsleNauts Translation Project   
    Fight on, those dedicated members of the team! My gonads yearn gallantly for this glory!
    I think we gonna keep the patch to ourselves for shits and giggles.
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    min0ru reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    Yeah...I have a good new and bad new(s)
    Good : Some kind soul TLC agree to help me (σ≧▽≦)σ
    Bad :
    - Nero is still missing.
    - Translator is "Doom" in the "Uncharted" hell. I don't know how long it will take to get him out of that.
    - I have vacation aboard start next week. So, No report/update until next month
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    min0ru reacted to ittaku in Clover Days Translation Project   
    Well I'm back from that and have to give away a little secret. While I was translating Tsubame's route I fell for Izumi so decided I would play her route last (since I always save my favourite for last). After playing all the routes, they were all great but Izumi's was as awesome as I was hoping. So for my next magic trick, I'll be translating Izumi's route too.
    EDIT: This means I'll be replacing the other translator who volunteered for Izumi's route but has disappeared without doing any of it.
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    min0ru reacted to ittaku in Clover Days Translation Project   
    I've now completed translating 50% of Izumi's route. H scenes are coming up now so progress may slow down after this
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    min0ru reacted to Akerou in Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki Translation Project   
    For those interested, you can find our latest update here: http://shinku-translations.net/
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    min0ru reacted to NeroDragon12 in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    Witch's Garden Status

    E-mote System:
    Teaser Screenshots:
    Looking for:
    Total Progress:

    TL: 47555/67201 (70.76%)
    TLC: 3113/67201 (4.63%)
    Edited: 2221/67201 (3.30%)
    Quality Checked: 2089/67201 (3.11%)
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    min0ru reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    Just some back-up plan in case Nero is confirmed M.I.A.
    - I will keep this project running as long as I can, or finish it with the limited resource I have. Any help is welcome and I don't mind if another team want to take over this project.
    - Translator will keep translate the rest of this VN after re-translate common route.
    - If we don't have TLC, I will let Editor skips TLC and edit those re-translated script. Quality might not be as good as you expected and have a lot of error but it is still better than no progress at all.
    Updated progress : Common 50.05%

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    min0ru reacted to Arcadeotic in [Completed] Bishoujo Mangekyou -Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo-   
    Update 15: 5/8 script files finished, translation 70% done by a rough estimate
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    min0ru reacted to Nosebleed in Dracu-Riot! Completion Project   
    Dracu-Riot! Completion Project
    Project Info:
    As i said in a previous post, if the Dracu-Riot scripts were released, I will translate Miu's route, and that's exactly what I'm announcing in this thread.
    But I'm not alone in this crusade, I've partnered with the wonderful people at The Oxford Comma is Superior Subs so we can deliver the best possible final product and lay the Dracu-Riot memes to rest. We also got several people from the Fuwanovel community to help speed up things even more.
    How is the project going to go down, you ask. Well you can read this post if you want detailed info, but the tl;dr version is that we are aiming to release multiple patches.
    The first patch aims to translate the remainder of Miu's route as well as any remaining untranslated content (images, menus, etc.) with complete editing to polish the current patch.
    We are going to try and release this in about 2 months, if everything goes according to plan.
    The second patch is meant to be more heavily translation checked as that's when Fiddle has enough free time to go over the whole game.
    There is no ETA for this second patch.
    This doesn't mean the first patch will be terrible, we will of course strive for a good product, but we would still like to inform you of our schedule. If we waited for Fiddle to be completely free, it would take much more time to release Miu's route, and so we've decided to do it this way.
    I hope you look forward to future updates.
    Why not just make a Miu partial patch, why do you want to go over the whole game?
    There are actually 3 main reasons for this:
    The first and biggest one is that Insem's patch only works with the physical version of Dracu-Riot! which is very hard to get in the West and we want to make a new patch that works on both the physical and digital versions of the game, this way people can purchase the digital version and patch it, thus supporting Yuzusoft. The second one is that we want to americanize the writing style as well as make sure everything is edited properly, because Insem didn't have time to finish the whole thing. The last one is translation checking. Although we don't doubt Insem's abilities, we really want to try and make sure the translation is accurate. We also want to include translation notes in the game. Only 2 months? That seems way too fast.
    2 months is indeed fast, if we were translating the entire game, but we're actually only translating about 4,000 lines and we're splitting those lines between two main translators, this will hopefully make that 2 month deadline possible.
    Please do note we will not jeopardize translation quality for the sake of reaching the deadline. If we can not make it in time, we will delay the release until we're satisfied with the end result.
    Will the translation have memes?
    Yes, but only the dankest ones.
    Why aren't The Oxford Comma people making the announcement here?
    So I can get those sweet, sweet internet points.
    I want to help!
    Contact @Fiddle and beat him in a pipe bag showdown (plaid skirt is mandatory).
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    min0ru reacted to Porygon2 in [Project dead] Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma. Translation Project   
    A bit later than anticipated, here's the interface patch: http://koikumatranslation.github.io/permalink/patch/interface/patch2.xp3
    It translates most of the interface along with adding some small improvements like an option to skip the prologue and 'uncensoring' of thumbnails, etc.
    It is compatible both with installations that have and those that don't have the official version 1.1 patch, however using the official patch is recommended - you can get it from one of the mirrors listed here.
    To use this patch, simply put it in the game's directory - let my know if you find any errors or experience issues.
    Also, since we unfortunately couldn't find a translator, the project will be stalled until someone is found for that position (so, realistically, the project is dead).
    If anyone stumbles upon this and is interested and qualified, everything's ready for to resume the project and start translation - please contact me for more details.
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    min0ru reacted to ittaku in Clover Days Translation Project   
    I've finally finished translating Tsubame's route and uploaded my changes so it's 100% complete (except for text on graphics). As stated previously, I'm not that strong a translator so the translate check/editor will have their work cut out for them but I feel it's reasonably solid. There's a fair amount of Kansai dialect from both Tsubame who tries to disguise her accent and much more so from her brother who does not, but fortunately I've done work with Kansai before (twins in To heart 2) so it didn't present the most difficulty.
    This was a mostly fun route to translate. Her story was very easy to get involved in and she's absolutely adorable. The drama is very light and easily resolved but serves as a nice counterpoint to make her story more fulfilling. The H scenes start out very hot right from the start and then... become quite absurd by the end. I think I lost millions of brain cells on that last one. One part I did not enjoy was translating H sound effects which drove me mad in this and ended up being the main thing delaying progress. I can only face so many sucking and slurping sounds before questioning why I was wasting my time translating what looks crap by the time it's in English and this VN has more than I've ever seen. Fortunately most people gloss over the sound effects when faced with an H scene so you wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't pointed it out. Anyway I'm going to take a rest from translating having finished this route since I'd rather actually play the rest of the game through than translate it now.
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    min0ru reacted to Porygon2 in [Project dead] Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma. Translation Project   
    Sekai project announced an official release, so this project is dead.
    -- Old post --
    Hello everyone, welcome to the thread of the translation project for SMILE's visual novel "Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma." or Koikuma for short.
    Project Info
    Project website: http://koikumatranslation.github.io/
    Current status: Trying to find main translator, everything related to actual scenario translation and editing will begin after we've found someone.
    Progress: Working on interface patch, already done with the translation of more than half of the interface, interface patch should be released sometime in march.
    Game Info
    The game is a nukige with pretty art by Sayori.

    More ingame preview images in spoiler below:
    VNDB: https://vndb.org/v17515
    Official Website: http://s-mi-le.com/ponkotsu/
    Team Info
    I (Porygon2) do all the technical work for the project (hacking, image editing, patching, etc.), we are currently looking for someone who could be the main translator and also still looking for editors, which brings us to:
    -Translator: We are looking for someone who could be the main translator for this project
    -Editor: We are looking for editors for this project (If no one can be found, I could do that myself aswell, though I'd definitely prefer to have another team member for editing.)
    For anyone interested in being a translator/editor: I have already created tools to simplify the process and autogenerate status updates, see the spoiler for a preview.
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    min0ru reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    TL: +723 lines
    Edit: +275 lines
    Still need TLC
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    min0ru reacted to Jun Inoue in Dracu-Riot! - Miu Route Translation Project (based on VNR Community Translations)   
    Why would anyone stop bashing that ass, now that's a good question.
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    min0ru reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    This might a little bit late for usual update.
    TL: +664 lines
    Translator is burnt out, he needs to rest.
    That is mean it won't be little to none progress for a while.
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    min0ru reacted to MKDude in Shin Koihime Musou Translation Project   
    We will now be editing the first post to include all of our current progress, to help make finding out easier. We intend to update this around biweekly, so no need to check for updates daily. Chat is still encouraged, so don't worry about burying our latest update.
    For newcomers, this is a project currently dedicated to releasing Shin Koihime Musou. The next game on our list is its fandisc, Moeshouden. 
    Now then, here's our current progress!
    Note, this is currently just translation. Not editing or a patch of some variety.
    Translation Progress- 
    Story 100%
    Character Events 96.5%
    H-scenes 23.4%
    Total game 73%
    Editing Progress- N/A   Open Positions- N/A
    Last Update: March 18th, 2016
      We can also be found on Facebook, where we interact with the fans often, post various Koihime related content, and all that fun stuff. 
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    min0ru reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    TL: +537 lines
    I lost contact with other members include project leader for a while.
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    min0ru reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    TL: +667 lines
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    min0ru reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    Not enough progress to update this week (just few half-finished scripts).
    On the bright side, I might found some TLC to help us.
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    min0ru reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    TL: +119 lines
    Translator is still inside cyro-pod
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    min0ru reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    TL: +625 lines
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    min0ru reacted to Fiddle in Noble Works Translation Project (COMPLETE Patch Released!)   
    I don't think I've mentioned it here, so I should inform everyone that we've recently been making plenty of progress in terms of editing and such. Therefore, although translation, the only thing we display, hasn't been progressing, you can rest easy knowing that there will be less time between the end of translation and the actual release, and thus the time you must wait for your fappings will be likewise the lesser.
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    min0ru reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    My health is bad and I'm sick now.
    I need to rest so it might "not" have usual weekly update.
    TL: +435 lines
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