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  1. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    I just finished the story yesterday! It was just awesome! I did them in the order the game presented them to me, only switching Rika by Mashiro. I initially thought that Asuka was going to be the main heroine but by the end, I think it's split between her and Misaki. Asuka is basically cuteness incarnate. Everything, she talks, thinks, her dog, her "tchans"... even when she is sad she is still cute. Misaki on the other hand, while she has a cute side (nowhere near Asuka though), she also has that sass that I love, she has more "dimensions" (not talking about her breasts here) and is just more interesting to me as a character overall. As far as routes go, I also preferred Misaki's over Asuka, but I feel they both offer alternative solutions on how to get over trauma. Asuka's is about just having fun and Misaki's more about finding an answer. PS1: Just started watching the Anime (ep2) and I believe that, while the story is quite inferiorly presented (understandable) they seem to propose an alternative pairing which might just be the one. Asuka x Misaki. Or Asaki for short.
  2. Muv-Luv [Series]

    I guess I'm late the discussion here... just finished Altered Fable and kind of liked it... even sort of ended up enyoing the volleyball match if you could believe that... Sad to see Takeru being a retard again though... although kind of funny he does sort of change in a certain part... won't go into too much detail though... It was good to see Maiya again... although gotta say, Yuhii is wow! she won't dethrone her sister but she does indeed come close... ideally though, they should have used the dream secuence for a threesome (you know, dreams and fantasies), sort of a competition whatever and then for Takeru to choose Meiya back in the real world... As for the end of Alternative, the loop ended the moment the 00unit was created, since the person responsible for creating it ceased to exist at that moment...
  3. Maybe I will, but like I I said, the story felt right and complete by just going through that one so most likely I'll play again and somehow will fail to do different choices...
  4. Just finished my playthrough doing Umi's route. Don't know why but I don't feel the need to expand on the others, that one just felt natural and I liked her a lot. She was so cute sometimes, her VA deserves praise. She definetely won me over when I told her to count sheep and While I am somewhat courious about Shiori and Riho, doing their routes now would just feel wrong somehow, especially now that I've read here that she is jealous and sad on the other routes So I would just feel bad about it. I feel like the story is complete as it is for me. And I get the feeling that those two are really made for each other. The main heroine something that you guys mention here might have something to do with it, but then again, a look at my profile pic kind of negates that hypothesis. Lastly, about the "drama" in her arc regarding the cleaning. At first I thought, what? that is the problem? But then I realized, it does have a very important life lesson there about relationships, overprotectiveness and relying too much on your partner, especially in these modern times. In fact, I feel like I could have used that lesson before, not going to elaborate too much on rl here, but in short, my gf is having trouble right now because she relied on me for certain responsabilities of hers in the past and circumstances have made it so I can't help her at the moment. Reminds of that saying "Give a man a fish..." So yeah, pretty good game overall, looking forward to playing the rest once it's traslated.
  5. Tomoyo,is a Wonderful Life

    Better yes, happier no
  6. Tomoyo,is a Wonderful Life

    The fandisk (Wonderful Life) is a different game from Clannad, if by normal game you meant that. It would be like an afterstory, but for Tomoyo... As for the fandisk itself, it had a different ending in the first release than it had in all the versions that followed it... The perfect edition, the one you are getting, has the current ending and that one is not THAT bad...
  7. Show off your Writing!

    This is a Kyou facfic of Clannad, happening roughly a couple of months after they got together. I'm very hooked with Clannad right now, having played the game and watched the anime very very recently... I like Nagisa I guess, mostly because of Ushio. My favorite heroines by far are Tomoyo and Kyou. Tomoyo's route was great and she got an after story too, so while I could probably never have enough of her, at least I'm satisfied. The greatest injustice was committed with Kyou though. She felt like the most natural pairing to Tomoya, but she never got her chance to truly shine. I loved her arc and OVA, but it wasn't enough by a long stretch. Ever her own route was plagued by her sister's presence (I understand that was the conflict to overcome). Still after it was resolved I would have loved to see how they were together, i felt they deserved. This is my humble attempt to rectify that. It has no new drama attached whatsoever, other than recalling past events. I just wanted them to have some fun together. As my first fanfic and also the first piece I've ever written. I know it has plenty of mistakes, the tenses are probably are wrong. The story is set in present simple and sometimes the protagonist thinks of stuff that happened in the past. I have no formal education in the English language, I'm not even a native speaker. I learned mostly from the internet and reading, When writing this my was guide mostly what I "felt" was right words. Please, I'd love it if any of you guys could check to see what I did wrong and how can I improve. Thanks! This is only the first half of the chapter I intended to write, I have some parts of the other written but I thought I'd try and get some input before I continue. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HF6y9OwEjp8NohoJQWaMzt2JqrSJ2v3eSe4dU4SQTBI/edit?usp=sharing
  8. I'm about to enter a whole new world

    Welcome! I recommend Clannad as well ! Also Deardrops too if you want something with a happier tone! or Kana: Little Sister if sadness is your cup of tea...
  9. Tomoyo,is a Wonderful Life

    Hey Meliodas, I'm on the same boat, I find it hard to enjoy a game if I know beforehand that it will have a sad ending that will leave me unsatisfied... I didn't know it beforehand when I was on my playthrough, so the whole last chapter until that point left like a very well deserved reward after all that Tomoya had been through and manage to overcome... won't spoil this part, but trust me you'll love it! Now onto to the topic of the ending... There are several versions of this game and from what I understand each added more content, the only version that has the "incomplete" ending is the first release, which, if it weren't for the internet, would never be around anymore... Btw that last part is not a fanfic, it's what the creators of the game decided to add to the game.. As far as know, the only version that has an English translation is the 2005 release, so many people, including myself, won't be able to enjoy the complete story... You however, don't seem to be on the same boat, because you have the Perfect Edition and can read it too (yeah, I'm envious )... Regariding what actually happens in the end... So go ahead and play the game, you'll definitely enjoy it!!!
  10. Hello everyone

    I came upon this forum after finishing Tomoyo After (Doko's traslation) while having a well.... trying not to be spoilery here.... STRONG need to hear what others had to say about it... I found a post here, with some opinions I agreed with, others I didn't and a rather pleasant surprise as well... I felt like this was the perfect place to be if I intended to continue exploring this wonderful, if at times touching, world of VNs... lurking wasn't just going to be enough this time, so here I am making my intruduction: I'm a 31 years old boy (please can I still consider myself one???, thanks!) from Argentina, we do speak Spanish here so I apologize in advance for the grammar and such... anyway, I'm 31 and I've led what could be considered a normal life so far, I went to school, university, got a degree in International Commerce, been working in something related to my field for about 11 years now... I live in an apartment in the capital city Buenos Aires, nothing fancy, but I like it... I have a girlfriend, we've been together for almost 10 years now, no plans for marriage or children in the near (or perhaps far) future... we get along well, nothing like the stories depicted in subject that brings us together here, but well enough, maybe I've just grown complacent, idk, I've never given it much thought but I guess these stories are really having an impact of how I view things.... getting off topic though, so moving on... I have a normal family, no major tragedies there, my parents got separated when I was old enough to realize that they were better off that way, so while not perfect, it is ok... I had many friends during my school and university years, had parties, went on holidays together, really fun times.... As life went on however, only a few mainly from my hometown remain as such, and while we talk and get together from time to time, it doesn't happen as often as before.... I do have some from work as well, but barring a few exceptions (or just one to be honest) it's not the same... I did my share of sports growing up, soccer, swimming, working out, as was the case with my friends though, those activities occur less often as well, it's more of an on and off thing currently, leaning on the off side a bit if I'm being honest... Anyway, that's that for my life, not perfect, not bad either though, normal guess... There's a gap within me though... and beyond that... Exists another kind of life, another side of me, something that people don't see... something hidden... Mmmm, I guess I got little carried away there, by that other side I just meant my hobbies, they take the lion's share of my waking hours, often usurping some meant for sleeping and occasionally just eating them all... Now on to the topic of VNs, and how I found them... Anyway, so that's it, I wanted to share with you guys how I felt as I got into this new world... I certainly feel different, different somehow, like inspired... Am i going crazy or have you guys gone through a similar experience??? Looking forward to meeting you all!