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  1. Still messed up since I don't have time to arrange it... maybe when I'm on holiday I'll tidy it a bit
  2. If you talk about local release, my country also recently published one It's called Penguin Summer (2009 Oneshot LN) And in near future they'll release another 2 LN unfortunately they didn't picked famous titles
  3. The S;G ova not pretty interesting... but if you need more rabu-rabu scene... then yeah
  4. my guess... It'll be left with hanged ending or the remaining eps will be filled with fan-service filler
  5. Yeah... And most o the H-scene is pretty funny
  6. That's a good choice you have, but... -Hoshimemo is nakige? I don't think it's one... since hoshimemo give me a warm feeling instead -Kamidori, each route for 15-24 hours... I played 70 hours and haven't finished one ending (maybe it's because my habit to keep all party have balanced level) -Rance 1,2,3 is pretty old... but if you can stand the art it's fine. Rance 2 has a remake if you want to search it -I'm pretty satisfied with Utawarerumono ending though...
  7. It's nice to know you guys I hope we'll get along eventhough I'll rarely come with my schedule atm W-Who is Kivi-san... I'm still a noob in japanese... so I don't think my skill is better Studying english? or Japanese? Ah well, I'll just answer for both I study english mostly from the game (pokemon is my first teacher XD), and it's already more than 7 years ago I think For now, I study english mostly from talking with you guys and another people in international forum like this, also read translated light novel For Japanese... I just studied it recently, about 2 ye
  8. Hi zeno As fellow newbie, let's get along
  9. No... not yet. But there's possibility to make 2nd season
  10. Yeah... but it's sad they skipp few arc for season 3 of TWGOK
  11. ^^Oh really? :3 Are you sure you'll watch it for the plot?
  12. Yo Johyan Well... at least I got structure basic in school, and few kanji
  13. ^^Have read Dies Irae and muramasa? I heard it's riduculously hard to read even for my friend who good on japanese
  14. Mine pretty simple, since I don't like a mess in my dekstop The wallpaper is a bit outdated though, maybe I'll post again when I'm in mood to change my desktop appearance
  15. Thanx for the welcome B) #admiring the pic full with cuteness
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