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  1. I haven't been reading as many visual novels lately, but i'm definitely gonna give this a spin since it seems quite good.
  2. Play Edelweiss. I'm pretty sure you'd like it. It's one of the best school life VNs i've read and all the characters have their own personalities and it's hilarious. It's a VN that you can get into right away.
  3. Congratulations on releasing your game on steam!. I like to alternate between reading multiple Visual Novels in my free time so once I finish reading coumyu and world end economica I'll probably check this one out since I like the premise and the idea of decisions that impact the story and the endings.
  4. Visual Novels: Edelweiss(one of the first visual novels I read and it's pretty great), The House In Fata Morgana(This one's really interesting), World End Economica, Dies Irae, The Fruit Of Grisaia, Steins Gate, Coumyu, Muv Luv(Extra,Unlimited, Alternative) Anime: Re:Zero Starting Life In A Different World, The Fruit Of Grisaia, Gintama, Fairy Tail, Tokyo Ghoul ,Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Hunter X Hunter, Angel beats, A Certain Magical Index, Anohana(A Town Where You Live), Deadman Wonderland, Seven Deadly Sins, My Hero Academia, Mirai Neeki, Air Gear, Major, Classroom Of The Elite I left out a lot of shows that I watched that are also good because they're already pretty well known( Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, God Eater, Death Note, Inuyusha,etc) and made that list in order of enjoyment(the best I could). I didn't want to put too many because then you might unknowingly ignore a show you may like or I might end up putting a bunch you've already seen. My Anime List is outdated but there may be some shows you'd like on it : https://myanimelist.net/animelist/LaxusAK As for Manga. A lot of those shows have a manga version of them but here goes: Unordinary(this is a webtoon though), The Gamer(webtoon again), Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, Noblesse, Tower Of God, Minamoto-kun Monogatari, Kangoku Gakuen, The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, Tokyo Ghoul: Re. ....Okay, i'm just gonna stop here. They're so many other anime, manga, and visual novels i'd like to put here but I don't want to overwhelm you seeing as your just starting out . As for the genre, I literally watch or read anything that seems good to me. That might be a fantasy setting in one show or slice of life, etc in another. If you have a specific genre you do like let me know and i'll try to give you those specifically.
  5. Welcome . I might be wrong but I think FuwaApocalypse just refers to when the fuwa forums are down for any sort of reason. For like 2 weeks the forum was down this month sadly.
  6. This is hilarious, but on a more serious note there are many guys like these that probably never took any sex ed classes when they were younger(or had experience themselves with sex in the first place) . Of course some visual novels are purely for fap material but I think that some sex scenes in visual novels can help the story and characterization.
  7. Death is one of those things that I try not to think about. Thinking about things that I can't change usually just make me depressed so I like to spend more of my time and effort on the things that I actually can change.
  8. I thought I had noticed something along those lines happening after I used VNR a few days ago. Thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to do this when I get back on it in an hour or so.
  9. I'm definitely gonna check out your kickstarter page everything I've seen on this post looks really amazing. The story seems interesting enough to me(Well, i'm really into the apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic genre so that may be why.)Any way I just read through your entire KickStarter and if I can i'll try to support your project before the deadline ends. i'll also be looking out for more progress and info on your kickstarter page. Good luck and I hope you are successful in your endeavor
  10. Hey there and welcome to Fuwa! Great to have you here. If you want somewhere to post the details of your Visual Novel demo I would suggest that you post it in the original VN Projects section.
  11. https://vndb.org/v20860 this visual novel just fully released two days ago, and I've been playing it so far for a couple of hours using VNR. It peaked my interest considering there aren't really many VRMMO Focused Visual Novels around and because the opening sequence of the novel was absolutely hilarious. Anyways, I was wondering if they're any walkthroughs out for the game right now that I could be using. I don't wanna miss out on anything. Thank you =)
  12. I just finished reading your demo(all in one sitting). I think it only took me around 25 minutes(I'm a fast reader as well so that may have played a part). I really enjoyed the concept of humanity leaving the Earth and branching out into different parts of the Universe and developing new technology and advancements. With the way the Fata Humani are referenced throughout the game it almost fills you with a sense of expectance and dread as the reader. Okay, getting into the characters I really enjoyed how you characterized Rio and showed her thought processes. Rio feels like your average teenage girl who has a hard time dealing with people and a bunch of external stimuli. She reminds me of myself . I also liked the relationship between Rio and her sister Oro. The way they interacted with each other at home really visualizes a realistic sibling relationship. the introduction of the "nosy" girl in the beginning after Rio was brooding over her "low" test score. Definitely reminds me of a few real life interactions I've had with people. Anyway, onto the background music. I enjoyed everything I heard so far in the demo. The BGM sounds very calming and tranquil. Lastly, the only things I would say need improvement are 1) Grammar and 2) The art. Considering that you're making this Visual Novel all on your own, I think you're doing a great job. You probably don't have any other people to check over your grammar and to proof read your scripts but hopefully you can find somebody to help you down the line. Anyway I wish you the best of luck on this project
  13. The English version of Steins;Gate is wonderful compared to some of the visual novels that have been translated and put out on to the market. Almost all of the comedic and dark aspects of the original are in the English version. It was pretty great in my opinion.
  14. Pretty sure they will just have another cliffhanger. Even though the anime is past the Light Novel that doesn't really matter too much considering the author of the series is working extremely close with everyone involved in the last episode. Then there's the fact that the web novel has already gotten to around arc 6, so they will probably just use some content from the web novel and then end the episode with a mild time skip. After the Light Novel the end of arc 5 or the middle of arc 6 which will probably be in a couple of years there will most likely be a sequel with the level of popularity it has gotten(I heard the author said he wanted to have a sequel if possible in interview a couple of months back). It's sad that the anime will end right before arc 4 Also, non ReZero related, but I just finished Majikoi up to a-2 and Jun was pretty hilarious^
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