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  1. don't lose hope yet!! updates are frequent and the progress is going well.
  2. Yeah Kasumi's ending really is a bummer but hey at least the worst is over. Now you get to see the real good stuff.
  3. gustave154


    It's been a while since I enjoyed an alcot game so I am glad you enjoyed this
  4. Tokyo necro really is one of a kind really hope there will be more games like it.
  5. i really want Sakuuta to win but lets be honest its gonna get translated once subahibi comes out. dies irae or baldr sky is probably the best choice.
  6. Sakura no Uta getting first place is expected but refreshing to see. Definitely an instant classic.
  7. Sakura no Uta finally released and Subahibi getting an official release.
  8. Good to see that KeroMakura is seeing that there is a market for VNs in the West. Fingers crossed this becomes a trend. Moogy and TLWiki also get money for their hard work so I'm hoping we get more announcements like this.
  9. I am waiting for my payday next month till I pledge lol. Christmas gifts left a hole in my wallet
  10. This anime is a mind screw but trust me there's a reason why all of this is happening. really like how theres an actual story in all this madness. So give it a try when It releases.
  11. I don't think they even started translated it yet =D will take a while though
  12. h-scenes are perfect if they were already included in the actual game. i hate it when they fade to black during the all ages version
  13. getting closer to the 400k goal! new CGs are very important to me! i hope they keep Tachiagare for the OP. always gets me hyped when i hear that song
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