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  1. Saki was the reason I started learning and playing Japanese Mahjong, and being a lover of all things yuri, coupled with the sfx when they make their tile calls or draw their tiles made it one of my favorite mahjong animes.
  2. Can't wait for Season 2, Log Horizon was one of my more favorite shows to watch in the past year. Seeing how much fighting and superpowers animes that I've watched, a show that brings in tons of explanation, logic, strategies and careful planning to fights/battles and overload my head add some spice to watching it
  3. Just finished Nanoha StrikerS last night while waiting for the new season of anime to begin airing
  4. If I can't be a playable character, at least make me a manipulative loli mastermind who controls the events behind the scenes/shadows Let us make this have the biggest harem end ever consisting of all our dear fuwanovelers
  5. Still waitin' for server access to make dat change
  6. Congrats Nosebleed on your 3K'th post! Hope you'll succeed in your exams, and still have time to enjoy VNs I'll love to see more of such life inspirational stories and users whose life changed for the better because of fuwanovel
  7. Welcome to fuwanovel! Hope you enjoy your stay here I've also played Hoshizora no Memoria and Little Busters!, they're really good VNs!
  8. Tay award, Aaeru award <-- Must haves Other than that, the other posts all have good suggestions for awards/badges... For me, I'll say anything under the sun An osu player award if anybody hasn't suggested that already... Suggestions bin:
  9. I've been with fuwanovel from the start (back when the website was still a prototype and using the .com domain), but even now every time the website goes offline it scares me to see how I've lost a virtual limb to navigate the VN landscape...
  10. Thanks for all the hard work of Nayleen who worked tirelessly to continuously improve the website, as well as Naomi who made the Fuwanovel Facebook page as successful as it is today Hope you guys can still lurk around the forums to chat and have fun, and also never ever forget the love we all shared for Visual Novels Maybe I should begin contributing code back to the website again...
  11. Good thing about VNs having anime adaptations is that you can more easily relate to anime fans. Don't like how the anime adaptation was made? Try out the VN. Like the anime? Then you'll love the VN even more. Then you can look out for anime adaptation announcements of VNs, post it and then relate back to the VN that started it all.. Taking Grisaia no Kajitsu as an example.. "An anime adaptation for Grisaia no Kajitsu was announced in April 2013. For those anticipating the anime, don't wait! Play the VN now! <insert fuwa download link> ... <goes on with the synopsis>" That is just one of the many ways you can approach with reaching out to anime fans, just my two cents Keep up the good work! Thanks to your efforts the Fuwanovel facebook community has really liven up quite a bit! *sniff sniff* I still remember the good old days when the page was still in its infancy..
  12. I'll say Little Busters! is my favourite VN. It centers around the theme of Friendship and bonds of "nakama", so it's refreshing to be constantly reminded of the wonders of friendship throughout the entire story, even right up till Refrain. (Clannad focuses more on the theme of family bonds)
  13. Granted, but now you can't control your own actions instead. I wish for world peace.
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