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  1. Confession: after almost two years of watching anime/playing Vns i started to dream about them.I think i need help...
  2. tfw people were making fun of you and saying you masturbate a lot because you have pimples and your math teacher says it's healthy....
  3. i right click but it doesn't let me save as an image. i would've do all that other wise this question is kind of random so i though i would ask here XD.
  4. But i dont know to put them in skype. And skype has the lamest smiley faces ever...
  5. tfw your Firefox dictionary corrects skype to pesky
  6. Oh Great Question Answerer Shikomizue. why do i like to capitalize every word ? where do i get anime/vn comment faces for my skype weeb group?
  7. Nice to see someone with similar opinions in yanderes. Welcome to the community, For a vanilla game . you should try Little Busters! https://vndb.org/v5 For a more dark themed Vn i would recommend School days.But it's a game where most people like it or really hate it.https://vndb.org/v14
  8. Maybe in the future, even if not close, they can do a vn again, but that's just wishful thinking.
  9. Well I'm salty I was really looking forward to it , and didn't wanted to play it during school time,so yeah...
  10. My desktop isn't as original as most people. It's on an slide-show that changes every 10 mins. http://puu.sh/kewn3/031b17b2a3.jpg http://puu.sh/kewnM/5ccb947714.jpg http://puu.sh/kewoL/175c0dd72e.jpg http://puu.sh/kewp1/3cb3ab2527.jpg http://puu.sh/kewqQ/25a89fc801.jpg
  11. I wasn't expecting to see so many people voting for mio... i do like her as a character, but when it come to cuteness i think there are better characters. And although i can see people voting on kud, i just like komari more So far it seems i have taken a unpopular choice thou.
  12. I saw the title in a "sharing site" and didint even realized it was part of The Sakura series(which was incredible dumb),Just wanted to try a nukige for the first time, if i hadn't seen this thread i dont wanna imagine what would have happend ... i was thinking of trying it anyways but if people are saying it's really bad then i guess ill pass.
  13. I should'va figured you would know the flow chart by now.Sorry. Well I'am going to see if i have my save , and if i have that part already i'll tell you about it .Until then i dont't know what else to say but to say but try finding the cause that makes you go down.Go back as much as you think is necessary. Althou you're probably already doing it.
  14. School Day follows a simple mechanic when it comes to the flowchat,depending on the Affection bar it will go up or down. e.g if you have the bar more torwards kotonoha it will move up when it faces a turning point.Although there may be especific decisions that trigger certain flags needed to move to certain path,so you may be missing a certain condition(flag). This is based on my own experience with the game and a few flowcharts, so do take this with a bit a salt and skepticism. Hope it Helps
  15. I cant belive it.. It's too good to be true.YES . Lets not get alot of expectations but i hope it moves foward,It's been too long...
  16. I also played with a few friends, one of them giving me a copy so i could play, apparently i have too much luck , and they rage all the time. Fun Times.
  17. Really? nobody mentioned School Days ? I know it's not very liked around these parts but c'mon. The School Days heroines are top notch yanderes at the bad ends.(And that ending on the anime sent shivers down my spine).Kotonoha would be waifu material to me. (if believed in such) Mia From Duel Savior is pretty good too. I could go all day talking about yanderes but unfortunately i haven't played alot of vns with yanderes.(to my dismay) but i will check these vns you guy are posting, very interesting stuff.
  18. So from a common plebeian like me what i got was that,i cant post loli pics with explicit content(which we previously couldn't it seems), or talk sexually about lolis(like we also kinda couldn't do) This got pretty serious from a policy that was already kind of implemented Thou i don't like restriction of speech . i am not idealistic enough to go on a rampage if there are being legal problems over this.Not that a lot has changed Ill accept it like the nice little citizen i am, and hope this will prevent legal problems that could compromise the site
  19. Maybe It's okay if you are getting bored of the route and start switching so you dont quit the vn or start losing the will to start it up. So much good taste around here
  20. This needs continuation, as a recent member, i MUST know how it ends. Also this needs to become a legit game.
  21. Finished mizuki's route in yume miru ksuri.Took longer than it should've. Although i took a brake from vn's. I liked it but it was kind of cg galore.Doing the last one, Nekkoko , I Have great expectations. Also started Starless , i like the art...but was clearly not prepared for the game.And i am only at the beginning
  22. Never played an otome before , but i will totaly play it if comes out. , and i hope it does.
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