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  1. Hey everyone, thanks for all of the feedback. @LinovaA & XReaper: Really appreciate both of your support over the last couple of months. I might be repeating myself here for the nth time, but it was just so difficult to stay motivated working on something like this. So it just makes me so glad that not only have you been supporting us, but that you also enjoy our work. As for the TL quality itself, that's difficult to judge, since often we were more focused on capturing the moods and meanings of each line rather than the words. In that respect, there are a lot of times we deviate from
  2. Thanks for the heads up. We caught wind of this problem too, but neither myself nor my partner are really adept enough with the code to figure out how to fix it. That, and we had to let it slide just so we could meet our deadline, but now that the pressure's off, I'll definitely have another look around. I'll post a patch if I manage to find the problem.
  3. Released! A bit of housekeeping first of all: Game Information Title: Blue* Original Developer: Namaage Translation Team: Kuoee Length: 6-8 hours Format: NVL, Kinetic Age Rating: All Ages Platform: Windows (We haven't tested it on any Mac systems, so we don't know how compatible it is. The most likely likely thing that can happen is the font will mess up and hurt all of the word wrapping, leading to bad line breaks. If something like that does happen, let me know asap. For now, let's tentatively accept this as a Windows release.) And as per usual, for the final time, here's my writeup
  4. And here's the penultimate update before our release: Release Date set for 14 June Final TLC & Proofread: 100% Image Editing Finished Normally I reserve this spot for some long winded explanation of our goings-on, but this week, it essentially boils down to: 'It was a tough week and we got a lot of work done'. In its current state, the VN is pretty much ready for release this weekend. TLC and proofreading picked up just a couple of minor errors, like stray punctuation etc, that will need us to play through it again just to stomp out the last of them. Then we'll send Namaage
  5. Weekly update again, and this time, there's only two weeks to go until we hit the deadline: Release Date set for 14 June Final TLC: 40.6% Porting to O2 engine halted And now for the details: Last week, Namaage specified our deadline to be anywhere between June 14 to 20, but they let us know that they were pushing back the deadline to the 14th, so that really tightened up our schedule. What was originally planned to be a light pace of ~500 lines to check per day suddenly turned into 1k+. But this makes sure that we can get all of the text out of the way asap and still have a few days to
  6. Three weeks we've been out of action, but here's the short of it: Editing: 100% Scripting: 100% O2 Port Confirmed and Commencing Release Date set for 14-20 June Aaaaaand here's the long of it: In the 3 weeks since our last update, a lot happened. Work on this project ground to a halt while we both had to buckle down for uni assignments that never seemed to end. The editing and scripting managed to get done somewhere in my downtime, but it was a pitiful amount (~500 lines) and wasn't really worth reporting. Also in the last 3 weeks, our main contact at Namaage (Blue's origina
  7. So we've been in hibernation for a couple of weeks, then something very strange happened when I woke up: TRANSLATION: 100% And less importantly: Editing: 93.6% (10459/11177) Scripting: 91.6% (10238/11177) Since the last update, we had about 1000 lines to go, but with a ton of work tumbling down on us, we could barely find time to get one burst of work out to finish. Between the last update and yesterday night, we had actually managed about 500 lines translated and a few other odd jobs done, but we didn't feel it was substantial enough to report to anywhere but our twitter. Yesterday
  8. Well thanks for clearing up the stuff about double/triple posting. Caution's normally a virtue in projects like these, but sometimes, our caution can border on insanity :/ Onto the weekly update: TL: 90.5% (10115/11177) Editing: 90.5% (10115/11177) Script Insertion: 75.9% (8485/11177) As expected, our translator's productivity took a plunge, and it's not set to recover over the next week either. The most I could do this week was stay on par with editing, and get a whole lot of scripting done. I always thought that scripting was going to be one of the easier tasks in the whole tra
  9. Well, I hope nothing bad happens if I triple post, but here goes: TL: 87.3% (9760/11177) Editing: 86% (9615/11177) Script Insertion: 33% (3686/11177) This week, we managed 640 lines translated, and about 1400 lines edited. Since editing's essentially on par with the translation now, I got back to my first rounds of script inserts in a long while. Productivity burst mainly came from the long weekend, and having just checked off a couple of my big ticket assignments and exams. It would not be unreasonable to expect TL and editing done in a couple of weeks, but even though I'm done
  10. Weekly update: TL: 81.6% (9123/11177) Editing: 73.7% (8232/11177) About 400 translated, and 550 lines edited this week, which is quite a steep drop in our output. Still, given how much other work piled up on us over the last couple of weeks, I'm glad we managed to get something out. Things look like they might be clearing up, so finishing in a month is still very doable.. We're also looking for anyone who would like take on a mentoring role of sorts, to help with translation checking, scrutinise and mull over some translation decisions, and the like.
  11. Thanks for the tips, mate. Yeah, I've already been caught once accidentally rewriting a character, way early in the project, because I misinterpreted the translation Still, there are plenty of times when we do have to break a couple of your golden rules, and either add material or otherwise change the meaning of a passage. Mostly for puns, but there have been an odd few passages that revolved around untranslatable concepts, so we had to rewrite them from scratch (though always keeping the intent of the original passage, even if the strict, literal meanings must be compromised). I just hop
  12. Thank you! And yes, we're going to try our hardest to keep up this pace straight to the end. Personally, I wanted to work on something a leaning a bit more on the mainstream end, but my partner really insisted we help out a doujin title, so we can also keep in touch with the original developers. What we might lose in sheer buzz or hype I think we make up for in Namaage's support of our project. But still, we might use Blue* to gauge out whether people are interested in TLs of unknown visual novels, or to buckle down and work on our own VN.
  13. Blue* Translation Project Project Finished! Download Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MqvoN1eV0E Game Information Story Progress - June 28 Project Finished and Released on June 14th Porting to O2: In progress Full re-edit: In progress Kuoee - Our Group
  14. Hi again everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome On our end, we managed to get things sorted out pretty quickly and get our demo finalised. I'm really, really excited since we've been working extremely hard on this, so I'll just drop the download link right here while I go mock up a project page thread, with all the information and whatnot, on the TL forum.
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