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  1. Hi there, I know it depends heavily on the particular country you live in, but did anyone ever had problems with customs when importing Dakimakura? Some of those depict loli characters with explicit nudity, so I was wondering if the import of phantasy-drawings can be persecuted. I mean, c`mon, they're not even real. The german law for example is really inconclusive. A drawing would need to be "close to reality" to be considered illegal, which leaves enough room for malicious interpretation. And even if something would be legal by law, it's still enough to get you in trouble that some
  2. In no particular order: Favorite - Irotoridori no sekai, Hoshizora no Memoria, Astral Air Key - Little Busters, Clannad .. do I even need to write more? We all know key. Yuzusoft - Dracu Riot, Tenshinranman, Noble Works
  3. Twinkle Crusaders. Just finished my first route (Nanaka). The battlesystem is kinda stupid, but the comedy is good and the characters are so fluffy sweet, it's balm for the soul.
  4. Dunno.. First weeks of learning Japanese were amazing. I was sucking up so many information, my brain felt like exploding, but it was still awesome. Come back complaining when you hit 10.000 vocabs and reviewing all that stuff becomes a chore
  5. Try Akikan. Or Dears. If Anime could give cancer, they would..
  6. I'm able to read a VN without problems (2,5 years self-study, 10.000 individual words learned), but I wouldn't be able to hold a simple conversation, simply because I never practiced it. You can have a near-fluent passive language-ability (reading, hearing), but that doesn't guarantee a sufficient active language-ability (speaking, writing). That's nothing surprising. It's the basic difference between recall and creation. Your course of action should depend on your goal. I never intended to actually speak a lot Japanese, so I focused my study on learning vocabs and a skimming through some gra
  7. Thanks for all the replies, gotta look through them for sure! Days are way to short for all the stuff I want to read *sigh*
  8. I'm searching for some lighthearted, teasing, funny VN with its focus on the romance. Nothing too serious / dramatic like clannad, little busters, Hoshimemo, Iroseka. Untranslated is fine with me. If you know Erina from Dracu riot, you know the general direction.
  9. School days, Shuffle, Yosuga no sora, Gantz. I get cold shivers of horror for even remembering them.
  10. Started Irotoridori no sekai, which gives off a similar feeling like Hoshizora no Memoria, Favourites previous work, that I really enjoyed. I haven't read much so far, but Shinku already beats Mea. Mea was just a brat without much personality, Shinku has way more impact. Let's see how the other characters will turn out.
  11. Skimmed through some Animes, but this time not much could arouse my interest. So far I'm only going to watch: Sakurako-san no Ashimoto. Morbid, unsocial, mature onee-san with long black hair already sold it for me. Though I've never been particularly fond of crime-stuff, I'll give it a try. Yuru Yuri. Weekly dose of yuri. There can't be a season without it. Owari no Seraph. Maybe I like it more for what I imagine it could be than for what it actually is (like SAO). Also the first season seemed like one big intro, so I hope the real deal will come now. Heavy object. I like big war ma
  12. Just finished Little Busters Ex in Japanese. A goal I've worked two years for. Today's a good day.
  13. Nightwish, End of an Era concert 2006 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZAAzWnCwBU Heavy nostalgia.
  14. I'd liked to see more of Hachimans loner-wisdom like in the first season. Protagonists who seem like they´ve made acquaintanceship with Schopenhauers philosophy are always welcome.
  15. I'm also no friend of Facebook, but since it won't affect your VR experience, I don't care. There won't be any intrusive fb ads or the need to have a fb profile.
  16. They will play a big role in the future of VR. You'll get them, that I'm sure of.
  17. You guys may already know the Oculus rift. Now we know even more about the consumer version of the rift. Just watch it: 2015 E3 Oculus Rift I'm so hyped right now. Well, I've been actually riding the hype train for some time now, considering that I already have the DK1 and DK2 of the rift. But what's coming upon us will change gaming fundamentally. A VR MMORPG where you don´t control your character via a classic gamepad, but with your real hands (go to 45:00 of the video), is not just wild fantasy anymore. A VR MMORPG where you don´t simply watch your character on a screen, but where you
  18. Objectively speaking, a year is just a arbitrary measuring unit. Move to the next Planet and a earth-year makes no sense anymore. "A year" is just a handy tool for having a reasonable rhythm to celebrate something. Why celebrate? Because we want to. We value whatever is being celebrated. Well, but I don't give a crap about any celebration, including my own birthday, because I don't like celebrating for no good reason. And "just for the sake of it" deems stupid, at least for me. No wonder, my mindset is that of a cynical grouch and I abandoned as good as every real social contact. Cele
  19. Hanasaku Iroha, ep. 7. After watching, well, a lot Anime, I´ve become somewhat picky. Shows that gave you a blast back then (like your first ecchi, To love-ru), would be now considered as just meh, or even worse. You keep on watching anyway, awaiting that one pearl out of a dozen that makes you feel like saying "Yes, that´s it!". And Hanasaku Iroha is one of them. The first two episodes leaved me with a bitter aftertaste though. That harsh working-environment, those abusive superiors remembered me too much of my own little story, so I´m glad things lightened up a bit. Ohana is a great lead
  20. Do not learn readings separately from vocabs. It´s pretty much useless because first, you don´t know which readings are frequent and which are not, second, you can never be sure when to use which reading in a word. Just learn the radicals and the general meaning of a Kanji so you can associate those bunches of strokes with something, making it easier to learn vocabulary. In terms of grammar, Tae kim is good, but try out imabi.net. For vocabulary, try out the JLPT courses on Memrise (English to Kanji for the meaning and Kanji to Kana for the reading).
  21. Seriously? It´s entertainment. Fiction. That hurts nobody, apart from oversensible gooders. "You can´t have that cookie, because I´m on a diet". Also: http://www.memecenter.com/fun/5271367/can-we-stop-being-offended-about-everything
  22. Hi everyone! A lot of crazy fantasies haunt me regularly, but this was the first time that I actually became productive and made something out of them. Please keep in mind that this also is the first time for me to write something like that in english, which is not my native language. I´m a total beginner regarding storywriting, but I still want to share my little scribbles about the adventures of Kyon and Nagato. (Do I have to mention that this leads to a H-scene? Anyway, it does.) Nagato Yuki-chan no shoushitsu – A camping trip by Amon It´s raining heavily out there.
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