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    Lewycool got a reaction from nohman in Opening up donations   
    Life will be complete when I sort this out. I shall spread my Onee~Sama's

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    Lewycool reacted to Tay in Opening up donations   
    Hey everybody,
    Update + Donation System
    This post is a follow-up to the spring funding plan I posted ~2 months ago (link). It's pretty late, so to prevent myself from being overly verbose, I'll write this thread in bullet points:
    The google ads were not very effective and, despite a lot of effort, only made the site look trashy. They've since been taken down on all our various sites (forums, blog, reviews hub, etc.) The affiliate links, on the other hand, have been performing well and if we can continue to expand the way we're using them on the upcoming front site, I think we'll make serious strides towards self-sustainability During the move I emphasized several times that I'm dedicated and determined to keep Fuwanovel alive for the long-haul and budget accordingly. That hasn't changed. I have, however, reconsidered the popular suggestion from back in March to open the site up to user donations. This is uncomfortable territory for everyone, I realize, so I will continue to do my best to be open with you As of today, a donation system has gone online to help cover some of the cost of hosting. I divided it up into small, recurring donations (a few dollars a month), or custom one-time donations of any amount. Recurring monthly donations are especially useful to us, as it allows for some long-term (albeit loose) financial planning, but any and all donations are very, very much appreciated. I wanted to offer some "goodies" as a thanks for those who do chip in (they aren't meant as a reward or incentive, necessarily, just a token of gratitude), so you can read about those below I realize that not everyone is in a position to contribute to the development fund. That's absolutely okay. A lot of thought and discussion went into making sure these "goodies" weren't granting some users exclusive site features while denying them to others.  
    Forums “goodies” for monthly donations/comparable single donations: You can now give twice as much rep per day (twice as many “Likes”) PM allowance increased to 200 300 You can now customize your profile page! When enough people sign up we’ll make a user “badge” (think the “Board Mod” or “Global Mod” images in the user sidebar) which can be re-designed as often as once per month to maximize festive-ness and/or fabulousness After 6 continuous months of support, you will be contacted by a member of The Order and vetted. Should you prove worthy, you will be inducted into The Great Secret. Which doesn’t exist. Just ask Flutterz. He’ll tell you. Totally doesn’t exist... well, that's a strong word. "Probably" doesn't exist is better. Or "maybe". Hm. "It could exist." We'll leave it at that. Donated funds go first towards hosting and a hosting “rainy day” fund, then towards expenses like forums software renewal (or forums themes renewal), and then other site development per our site financial plan.  
    Feedback is welcome, as always.

    EDIT: Thank you *so much* to everyone who has donated. It means a lot and it's definitely going to lessen my wallet's tears each month. That said, please don't feel obligated to contribute big sums (double digits or more), especially on a regular basis -- there's a reason why I set the standard as $2.75ish a month: many of you already give a lot to the site, and my goal isn't to run the site on donations. Ultimately I hope we can even do away with donations and live comfortably off the millions we bring in from affiliates.
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    Lewycool got a reaction from B0X0R in Windows 10 Visual Novel Compatiblity   
    *cough* Virtual machine o.o
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    Lewycool got a reaction from Emi in What are you listening to right now?   
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    Lewycool reacted to Tay in Looking For Coding Help!   
    Hi everybody,
    We're in need of some help doing the coding work around the site. You would be working with Nayleen, our webmaster, to put together the new front site and a few, possible side-projects.
    Skills Requirements:
    Solid experience/skill with HTML5 and/or CSS3 Some Javascript experience Some PHP experience Some Git experience preferred If you want to help the site and want a challenge, please speak up! The more help we get, the faster we can bring the new site to you! Nay and I will be monitoring this thread, so either reply here or send us (Tay and Nayleen) a PM if you've got questions or want to volunteer.
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in 1000th post, yadda yadda   
    Inbefore nayleen edits the sql to 10000 and post another
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Mr. Poltroon's '2000 Posts on an Internet Forum' Super Amazing Celebratory Post of Unnecessary Longwindedness   
    i've spammed so many introduction threads in the past but noticed i never said welcome to you...
    SO LATE WELCOME TIAGO! even tho we talked many many times.
    and maybe happy 2000 posts?
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Giving away some spare games/dlc's (steam/desura)   
    The Last Remnant Steam Key P630L-ZFT9X-JG3RI
    Deus Ex - The Fall Steam Key J6BBH-3E9TW-F2H9V
    Nosgoth Founders - Warlord Pack Steam Key 0DZWW-L7PJ3-I9I42
    from square's xmas thing. for whoever wants them.
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Giving away some spare games/dlc's (steam/desura)   
    pm sent. enjoy
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Giving away some spare games/dlc's (steam/desura)   
    Vanguard princess for the first one to take it . (steam)
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Data extraction thread   
    tried using http://tlwiki.org/images/0/0f/ExtractData_English_v1.20.zip ?
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Vision of Aurora Borealis   
    looks great ! Looking forward to it
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Request: Change in Signature Dimensions   
    It's a max limit, lower the width and you will have a better ratio? hehe
    150 seems like a fine limit to me, doesnt become 50%(exaggeration yay)  sigs when reading threads.
    not that i see any tho... as i have it disabled
    so to me not even 800x800 would matter   
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Request: Change in Signature Dimensions   
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Fuwanovel Logo Contest (Voting Phase)   
    so that means stereotypical sweden is summer ? even if its a "hi and welcome to way to much snow?" country?
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Online Team Game (4players)   
    The one popular/kinda good thing our military have done. A game.. We sure are lazy
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Fuwa pls - SQL Error, 504 Bad Gateway   
    Usually happenswhen someone is working on the forums sql/plugins/codewisewhateverr. When it happens it should only be for a few sec/min
    Agree with maef, not fuwa without errors ! Fuwaaplocalypse! :insert kappa face:
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    Lewycool reacted to firecat in Serious to the End (full version is available!)   

    Our narrator born in Hawaii meets a young college student who goes to the same school. He was practicing for the 10k marathon until the narrator saw the young girl crying. Her name is Aya, her trouble life is leading her to consider suicide or murder as an alternative to being happy. The story progress to more and more life changing events that happens almost everyday in the real world. I wont reveal how many ends there are but it is multichoice until you reach an ending.

    The game won't be free (for a good reason) anyone who buys the game will help fund American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the game will be for $2. In math terms this is how much the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention will get for each game brought.

    special thanks to konett for allowing the characters to be use for commercial use

    demo version can be downloaded here:



    dont worry the project is still going, i haven't post any updates so let me go over on what happen.

    * i have added a new textbox, one that feels hawaii

    * another addition is multiple language but separate games, in other words it means you can play the game in Spanish, Japanese and English (so no it originally was never meant to be a OELVN project).

    * the storyline is about 30% at this point with japanese being at 10%, this is due to misspelling by google translate so i have to fix it most of the time.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------update 2-------------------------------------------------------------------

    video trailer for the game is up


    * also the game is now only english and spanish version. i could not stand with google misleading me on japanese and delaying the project.

    * the price is still the same, only $2

    * android version will be available at amazon as well as separate OP systems such as mac, linux and windows.

    * full download of everything (including android) will be place on itch.io and fireflower.

    * support for rising awareness in suicide death has been made in thunderclap:

    ----------------------------------------------------------------final update----------------------------------------------------------
    its finally release!
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Serious to the End (full version is available!)   
    Downloaded, cant play it yet tho need to sleep
    Make sure to tell when its able to be bought ill happily support afsp
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Recent (Japanese) Things You Have Purchased   
    Just orderd this for some reason

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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Welcome to FuwaReviews   
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in My Sappy 3000th Post   
    that blender, my bestfriend
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Fuwa? What happened?   
    So , i take part of blame that this thread was created.
    It was me who complained about it and it was me who said that i might aswell just leave soon. 
    I know people do jokes and troll threads. 
    at times there's just some threads that i dont want to see.
    maybe i should speak up myself for content that i find disrespectful.
    Just that im a person that usually dont, i complain to the friends from here instead. (poor lewy, rooke, bats that have to listen to it. )
    because even if i like it or not , i dont want to bother the community with it and keep it small. 
    same as it wasnt me who presented my design for the frontpage originally either. 
    So its my own problem and fault for not speaking up i guess. (i suck at writing shit like this anyway)
    My intent is not to stop people from having theyr fun.
    Just that its been alot lately and i "overreact".
    people want  different things & like different things and  im not a person to prevent them to.
    my hopes is nothing of "old fuwa".
    Things change by time, and fuwa and i just have been going in different directions.
    i dont know what fuwa's goals for the future is. its not up to me.
    Might been good that the topic is brought up.
    just would have wished it didnt start an big argue.
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Members who hide their genders   
    batgirl wihh the fancy butt
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    Lewycool reacted to Emi in Hey guys!   
    Welcome, hope you will enjoy it here  
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