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  1. All Ages Kannon

    Can someone show me where to get and english patched all ages version of Kannon Standard addition? Or All-ages version of Air English patched?
  2. Woah! Shoot! I just noticed that! When did that happen!? O.O I got a good bit from here last year!
  3. Hey I'm new here, this is literally my first post ever, but anyways, I really like playing visual novels and dating sims, but I'm not very big on the 18+ parts of the games.... I prefer to play games without 18+ content in them, I know that sounds weird coming from a someone on this forum. And I'm sure I'm not going to be the only one like that.... so Just a suggestion would be to make an All-ages section for your site, so that people like me have to do less digging around for non-18+ games, and possibly try to get the All-ages versions of certain games like Air, Kannon, and stuff like that.... because I see a lot of cool looking VNs but then I see the 18+ rating and it's a big turn away..... so..... it's just a suggestion but trying to make it easier for people who don't like 18+ products (though probably a small number) would be cool...