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  1. Could you be kind enough to tell me how? By the way I did already mention that I did get a get file. Sorry if the edit didn't make sense, but yes it already provided a text file that I can open; however, all it says for me is that there was an error in trying to retrieve the information. There's no other information in there. Anyway, I'm going to try and build the source code and see how that goes. script.txt
  2. Yeah I was just doing some research myself after trying what Scorp linked and came across those files/scripts or whatever they are and just couldn't get them work. I didn't realize it was because of support issues. As for the minirop/arc-reader, I think you have to have a C# compiler or something. I believe there's a free one you can get called Visual Studio Express. I've only done little bits of coding for fun so I don't have a clue as to what to do with the source code either, but youtube and such is there(Yay!). Also, the files I posted aren't the script file or at least not the one I was looking for. I think it's for the title or something. At least that much I did manage to find out. I'm to sleepy and tired at the moment to mess around with that right now so I'll tinker with it tomorrow morning and see what I come up with. If I do happen to figure out what to do I'll post the process. Good luck friend and thank you!
  3. Maybe I missed something but I did say that I'm basically completely new to this sort of thing and that I didn't understand it. I did in fact google and searched. I spent over 10 hours on it and couldn't get it work, but if you don't believe me then fine I can't do anything about it. If you want to laugh at my failed attempts and not understanding then please by all means do. I just simply want to learn. I don't even know what BGI is or how to make it work(this is before I google it by the way). The only thing I think I managed to do was open the .arc files with AnimeED and even then I'm not entirely sure what that is. Thanks for the push in the right direction though. I really do appreciate it. I was and still am going to learn from an old guide I found made by someone named proger. Whether it's good or not(meaning if I understand it well enough) I'll see by the end. Thanks again. Edit 1: Figured it was like asmodean's scripts and just dragged the file onto the program and it provided a text document. My guess is that that was the correct thing to do? Edit 2: So now I know what BGI is. I think. It's the game engine Ao no Kanata Four Rhythm uses. I saw the name when I opened the archive but I didn't know that it was the game engine. I thought it was the file extension. Shows how smart I am.
  4. Hello everyone! Like many other people here I want to learn how to extract/edit data. The game I want to translate is "Ao no Kanata Four Rhythm". I know it already has a translation project that's almost done but I want to do it myself. I used AnimeED and was able to find what I think is the script file... at least it says script._bp. I also found many other files with the names of the characters. I'm not sure if those are the script files? It's at this point that I have no clue what to do or if I'm even doing the right thing in the first place. Help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Thank you but I already have looked at that thread quite a lot and I didn't really understand it. I couldn't get the tools they use in there to work for me or find any more tutorials online so I thought I'd ask here. I'll go check it out once again with a refreshed mind. Thank you again.
  6. Hello and sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section. I made this account a while ago but I'm still relatively new to the forums, so again sorry if it's in the wrong section. It's basically just as the title states. I want to translate a visual novel for my own and learn how extract the files. Why for myself? Well this particular visual novel is already being translated by someone else already. Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm I could just wait until it's done but I want this to be something like a learning project or something for me. I have read other threads like the "Data Extraction Thread" but it makes no sense to me. I managed to find the script(I think) and extract it(maybe?) but I have no idea what to do next. I'm a complete beginner when it comes to these things. Since I couldn't get DataExtract 1.20 to work I used AnimeED. I believe the script file to be in sysprg1.arc file. sysprg1.arc script._bp Again, I have read through other threads/posts and searched google and the information is more than likely right in front of me, but I just don't understand it very well. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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