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  1. Ah sorry naturally I can play the game - no problems starting cmvs32.exe It´s just I can´t hook the game text... Update: Problem solved - VNR itself was the problem - Thanks
  2. Hi there, I bought the game and installed it (including 1.04 Update) However I just can´t seem to get the cmvs32.exe to work VNR also won´t accept any h-codes I could find by searching the internet I can hook it with ITH However it just won´t find the real process for the game text I also tried generating various H-codes with ITH (with various settings) - however no dice in VNR once again I would greatly appreciate any kind of help^^
  3. ´kay will do thanks for the effort^^
  4. thanks after I started VNR again it worked this time I found these options too, however it wouldn´t turn off I guess after rebooting my PC it changed the options whatever - it works now^^ that leaves minor problem #2...
  5. edit: everything´s solved up^^ Hi there I´ve got the hole VNR set up and running after resetting my harddrive again however now that everything is working again I came upon some minor details, which annoy me nonetheless there are two things (pictures for those are in my dropbox folder - link below) The first picture is from the translation window of Aokana As you can see there are two translations shown My problem here is, that the first one is the one I set up, while I don´t know where the heck the second one is coming from I wouldn´t mind if I could just turn it of - how
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