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  1. Would this game interest you? (First alpha out!)

    This sounds like it'll be a cool game! I'd love to try it and/or help bug-test.
  2. hi! I'm new here too

    Thanks for the welcome, everyone! Looks like I'll have a bunch to get through! I watched the first 2 episodes of the Fate Stay Night anime years go (not sure why I didn't see the whole show) and keep hearing good things. They made another anime for a 2nd route, so I should play the VN. Never heard of Sharin no Kuni, I gotta look that one up. I hear good things about Clannad, someone was trying to get me to watch the show once, but I was worried about moe overload. I'll give it a shot. I've seen the Stein's Gate anime, so I want to go through the VN too. I'm not looking forward to playing the part, though. Fred, which of those two Key VN's was shorter when u went through them? I'm trying to not do too many long VN's at a time, otherwise I can't keep track. Althoris- the Lily route was my favorite (the feels, dangit). Also, And Cruel, dang. That really was random. Lol.
  3. hi! I'm new here too

    Hey everybody! I'm a long-time fan of anime and gamer. I guess I've been into visual novels for a while but I didn't know it. My first one was when I tried "Don't Take it Personally Babe, It Just Aint Your Story" on a whim. Then I found Katawa Shoujo, and Never7. Something made me try Narcissu, but it was too sad for me to even finish >.< So that kinda led me away from vn's for a while. Recently though, Analogue: A Hate Story n' its sequel got me back into them. But I'm glad to be here! I'm looking forward to talking to other people who play visual novels too! Pretty much no one I know has ever played one, other than maybe The Yahwg. What do you think I should try for my next one?