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About Me

Please call me Ragnar (I'm not Russian BTW), not really an anime lover but I do read mangas, and novels (well I'm an avid reader)
I like all kind of music which is fast paced, maybe that's why I like J-Pop :/, and I love Hatsune Miku :)
I play many kinds of game but I don't play no-story game (ex. The Sims, NBA, FIFA, etc.) except Project Diva, Racing and strategy games. 
add my steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/rmatryoshk
I'm a programmer, I can do a simple illustration (I can draw but my drawing is bad ;P) and I can read a little Japanese and Chinese (but don't ask me to be a translator because I won't)
Because I'm a programmer and I do like to reading stories if anyone need help in creating games and stories, maybe I can help and give many inputs for your stories :)

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