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  1. ha ha kudos to you that one was proper hard. OK my turn.
  2. I've seen her before, I know her damn.... Hell Girl ? or Tasogare Otome × Amunejia ( Dusk maiden of Amnesia? ) ?
  3. XD How bout this ? Probs too easy thou
  4. i was feeling optimistic since i missed such an easy one a sec ago but i have no idea what that is lol
  5. hmm i downloaded installed and applied the patch from the link provided in the post above but i am unable to find the shouvctl.exe, i googled and downloaded the only one i could find but it's telling me that its not compatible with the version of FH.exe ? I'm currently running build 1150.
  6. Here's mine Picture's not static it changes every 2 mins from a folder of over 2000 pictures I've added to over years
  7. Hope you guys like these. 1st Up Katawa Shoujou Toradora Strawberry Panic Little Busters Angewomon Super Sexy ( Slightly Naughty so Caution )
  8. Man that sounds awesome, i so badly wish i could read Japanese right now ha ha, but alas we are at the mercy of the gods of translation until then. ( Brings back evil memories of waiting for Tomoyo After * Shudders * )
  9. I played that years ago. The Girl in it to me looks a almost a splitting image of the main heroine in Kanon. Although I believe this wasn't made by Key. If I'm not mistaken some of the people left when the studio closed or something and joined key hence the similar art in the first few Key VN's Strangely all i Can remember is one of the girls that was into kendo and she had striking blue hair. I'm gonna have to re download this one and try it for old time's sake
  10. Welcome, I'm also a newbie ^.^ G senjou no Maou is a awesome VN, if you like romance VN's i can suggest a couple of amazing ones. Anything done by Key is romance with a slight magical twist but its pretty amazing romance stories. Clannad Little Busters ( no 100% translations patches yet or that i know of yet ) Kanon Rewrite Tomoyo After: It's a wonderful life. All heavy romance plots. And a good Fan made VN is Katawa Shoujou - its free to download. It is fan made and has no voice acting but i think many can vouch for how amazing this VN is I really should stop these walls o
  11. ha ha thanx guys - I've had a small bash at Rewrite and my Fav char is Shizuru her theme music is just so relaxing. Currently doing Kotori's route thou. As for Yugioh i also only like season 1. But I have not seen it in such a long time.
  12. HaHa i love romantic anime's although this one isn't so much full blown romance them living together makes for a decent storyline :P/> Lets choose a harder one. ok not much of a clue but here goes a hint
  13. I personally think that if they stayed true to the basic storyline and made Lilly or even Hanako the Main female protagonist ( biassed much ), Then Katawa Shoujou would be legendary, all thought if they follow a similar plot line as Amagami SS that would be epic to. for anyone who hasn't seen amagami ss the anime is split into small arcs of 4 episodes each focusing on 1 girl - sounds crappy but it is actually thoroughly entertaining. Also Tomoyo After: It's a wonderful life. As much as what I love Nagisa as the main Heroine, Tomoyo just has this awesome attraction to her character in t
  14. I've already left my mark on the guess this Anime thread thanx for info got it bookmarked
  15. Haha, Only saw it few weeks ago so its still fresh in my mind, Guess it's my turn hmmmm.
  16. Hey Fuwanovel Forum and Members. First of before I start, a BIG thanks to solidbatman for a warm welcome to the forum. Where to begin, Suppose, Why did I join ? Currently my favourite VN is Rewrite and i found a legendary Walk-through done by Ryoji, which also sparked my too look over the forum. I then decided to make an account since everyone seemed so friendly. My name is Leslie. Age - Ancient I've been a huge fan of anime for many many years. It all started with Dragonball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh on Toonami here in Good Ole England. My favourite anime's and genres have change
  17. He He, My first Visual Novel was also Katawa Shoujou. ( Lilly Rulez ) I found it by mere coincide via a YouTube recommendation. I did sort of have a thought that someday i should try a visual novel. I watched Oreimo and VN's was features in it which is how i found the link on YouTube. I downloaded it and instantly fell in love with it. Since then i have played numerous VN's some good, some bad. My personal Top 5 would have to be: Rewrite Katawa Shoujou Little Busters Clannad Tomoyo After: It's a wonderful Life. I have to say as well, all the VN's released by Key are just
  18. Going on the Katawa Shoujou topic, I love how you interpreted Hisao, it defines him so well. I'll have to look into Catcher and the Rye. Katawa Shoujou is the VN that got me addicted, The story is so heart warming and Lilly / Hanako's paths are just simply amazing.
  19. C3 aka Cube×Cursed×Curious Fantastic Anime
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