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  1. ^.^ Hopefully its not guessed within 5 mins
  2. Uchū Senkan Yamato Ni-ichi-kyū-kyū
  3. By Bones according to Anime-Planet Nope Clue 3 It's not a Anime episode series but rather a series of movies
  4. HeHe i'll drop a hint that tree is located in a greenhouse and features heavily in the anime
  5. hey buddy. I also play a ton of mmorpg's, currently Digimon Masters Onlne via Aeria and DC Universe. Welcome to Fuwanovel. Clannad Fan
  6. isnt that the intro to disney's Totally Tooned In ?
  7. I enjoyed Rin's Route although to me personally Hanako's route felt the hardest. Although Lilly is by far like 100000000000000000 Mile stretch the best route in Katawa . I just love her route so much, It's my favourite route of any VN I have ever played. It just felt so genuine.
  8. I can vouch for Narcissu incredible visual novel and deffo Katawa Shoujou - as mentioned you can disable adult content in it, albeit you loose part of the story if you do in my opinion.
  9. Hey, thanx for the friend invite ^.^

  10. Correct, thought i chose a hard one hehe
  11. its easy when you.ve seen it loads /;p
  12. awww man i'll have to save often then thx
  13. Hey guys did a quick search but no luck. Question regarding the rewrite ability
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