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  1. Mr. Bigglesworth Mrs. Norris Chi - From Chi's Sweet Home.
  2. Katawa Shoujou, It Sucks BIG TIME.............. As If.. lol It's Legendary. Sucky VN - Saya no Uta
  3. I'm going off topic and not mention Madoka hahaha surprised me.. will have to mention 2 here, first Fairy Tail. i thought it was going to be a cheap rip off working on the Naruto / Bleach theme with epic fights etc and I think too many people hyped it. But fook me when I watched it it was amazingly epic, beats both Naruto and Bleach hands down imo it has me literally crying with laughter. 2nd - Strawberry Panic - I sort of avoided it as I wasn't particularly interested in girl x girl anime. But over the years I've grown fond of Romance Anime and felt i needed to expand my field and decided
  4. I understand the game could have been much longer, is what I'm telling myself, but i think it's just my greedy nature coz i love this game. after 100+ hours of tales of vesperia ( best game ever ) i still think it's too short
  5. You have to realise alot of you tube let's plays don't play a game thoroughly, if you spend time enjoying doing all there is to do, and looking for as many hidden stuff as you can it takes considerably longer. Let's Plays tend to do the game at faster pastes as to keep the viewers interested. ( I have watched alot of let's plays for games i enjoy. for instance i watched a 27 episode lets play for tales of vesperia which is not alot considering my 1st play through clocked 103 hours. ) for example.
  6. Bioshock is weak compared to last of us in my opinion :P/>
  7. Been a few days i think we need a clue haha the first picture looks very very familiar but i cant for the live of me put my finger on it.
  8. Three Words O MY FUCKING GOD THAT WAS AWESOME. OK OK Little more than 3 words. Just finished this game last night. I must say it is one of the best games ( other than tales of series ) that I've played the last few years. It felt like a interactive story to me, the way the characters react to their surroundings and each other is just bloody amazing. If you are contemplating getting it i would deffo recommend it. This game is insane. Wont go into detail as don't want to ruin it with spoilers but i can honestly say this game is great. The only bad thing i can say about this game, I w
  9. i came across this anime last night also but havnt gotten around to watching it. i'm currently rewatching fairy tail i kinda miss the natsu action so thought why not
  10. haha no worries was just reflecting on being old anyway
  11. could u be more specific as to what VN is doing it since ive played alot of VN's and not come across it once
  12. YaY Please ignore the blacked out bits it was part of an opening and cudnt get rid of subtitles and thought it may have been easier to guess f u knew part of the title lyrics Fingers Crossed, This one gives a challenge
  13. What Solidbatman meant is, the rules for this forum game state that the one who guesses correctly 1st gets to do a new picture for everyone to guess and the 1st to guess that correct chooses and so on and so on, and since Alden guessed the last one correctly ( at least am 90% sure ) it would mean its Alden's turn now to choose a new picture to continue
  14. hehe thats what i think it is, bout 90% sure
  15. i know this one but i'll keep it a secret 4 now
  16. you pick up wagons and throw them around or do u bench press em while standing
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