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  1. woop staying with the old skool theme
  2. Gunsmith Cats only other old anime that pops to mind
  3. cheers are all those anime or is it everything ? since i prefer to watch anime only will try and look at wiki page
  4. Btw if this picture is too vague let me know, but i'm pretty sure alot of people have seen it.
  5. Sorry Was too easy couldnt let it stay up this is from one of my top 10 anime of all time, this anime is incredibly sad in some ways but amazing in others
  6. ive noticed a few of these, question is, are they all related to the same storyline , like seasons and if so does anyone know them all ?
  7. server is having some problems but thats purely coz open alpha was released today and alot of people are just spam downloading it so servers are very stressed but trust me when i say game is epic
  8. Damn i thought i chose a hard one :s yea it is took me a several years to get this on dvd epic shame it wasnt longer.
  9. Drifting away from the usual, Ive decided to share a link to a new game currently in development. Cube World. Theres some youtube Vids up of Closed Alpha. ( best ones is by inthelittlewood ). Link to the website is https://picroma.com/ This game looks amazing. It's like minecraft meets Zelda Meets World of Warcraft. Thought i'd share the love of this game.
  10. if no one has guessed by around 7pm UK time i'll add a clue
  11. hahaha i knew sumone was gonna say it, but alas it is not
  12. Hope This one is difficult enough.. I have a feeling alot of people is going to guess a specific anime
  13. Ano hana - Durarara - As for let downs. Sword art online. Too much hype, seriously. I was expecting sooooo much more. Nada. NADA. that second ARC...OMG PLEASE JUST SHOOT ME. Sorry SAO fans. I just had to say it. 2nd Ano Hana it is amazing.
  14. Damn beat me to it was gonna say the same..
  15. Yea, I read what u put and *cough* I aint touching those haha
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