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  1. sounds promising and since ur avatar is of a very cute fuuko i will deffo watch this since u reccomend it
  2. heard nodame cantibile is very over the top - in what way i dont know - but i read that for every 2 people that like it 2 more hate it, what was your view on it ?
  3. ok found a reccomendation from an friend its http://mydramalist.com/ in case anyone wants to know. thx for the replies i got Leslie
  4. If you can handle some super duper tears 1 litre of tears is deffo my main recommend, it truly lives up to its name. in fact it should have been called 1000 litres of tears :P/> if u prefer a decent love story but not soo much on the sad side then hana yori dango for series or love for beginners, for a movie.
  5. First up hey forum hows everyone been doing. Now on topic, i just recently got very very heavily into watching jdramas and Japanese movies - top 3 so far is 1 litre of tears - this has got to be the most saddest and yet most inspirational thing ive ever seen it. Love for Beginners - Great movie - was the one that got me into watching more Japanese stuff besides anime Be With You - this along side 1 litre of tears destroyed any image i had of being manly, their a very dangerous combo Another - Purely watched it coz i loved the anime. anyway what i want to know is there's website
  6. Kare Kano, Bungaku Shoujo, Sukitte Ii na yoLooks good will check that and Eureka Seven out. Currently Watching Acchi Kocchi and i'm loving it Ano Natsu. Ai Yori Aoshi. Sadly ive seen those 2 but they where awsome specially Ai Yori Aoshi. ^.^
  7. i have anime planet not to fond of mal but its not 100% updated http://www.anime-planet.com/users/Leslie1984 guess i will stick it out till season 2
  8. hehe 5cm/s - seen Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! - seen Rec - seen i watched maybe 5 episodes of spice and wolf but it didnt strike me as romance anime Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun seems awsome thou but Acchi Kochi wins it looks epic. thx for recs guys feel free to keep em coming i have lots of spare time
  9. Hey guys - Sorry not been to active last few weeks been having alot of pc problems and its ongoing in meantime been catching up on some anime on my PS3. Since you guys Play alot of VN's and i feel alot of VN's deal with romance genres i thought id ask a Favor. wonder if sum one can help suggest me some anime's. I'm after a Romance anime. although slightly more picky in some terms. I like romances that to some extent have a happy conclusive ending. i dislike anime that leave you guessing whether Boy gets Girl or not ? it makes me want to cry lol. also I'm open to most anime, harem, etchi,
  10. i still cant remember it, i think luch may have owned us all here
  11. Yosuga no Sora for me was epic id reccomend it to anyone
  12. i have a million i coukd break down so i stuck to 5
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