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  1. So it seems like Ex is completely off the fuwanovel website, as far as i can tell. They have a link to it on doki's site, the issue being that looks even less updated than the fuwanovel one. Are we positive it's not abandoned?
  2. but.... that would require installing it again.... it is too late for me
  3. me and some friends are working on a vn, and while we've got most of our fronts covered, we're having a hard time getting a good, consistent character artist. If any of you are interested, message me
  4. lmao thanks follow tsunderrated.tumblr.com
  5. So I'm running grisaia on a mac through wine/winebottler and I've never really been able to navigate wine to find out where exactly it had been saved to, so I either had to keep it running at all times and just turn off the BGM and un-fullscreen it when I was done, OR if I happened to close out of it I had to run the english patch installation again solely so I could choose "run game" at the end of it. Anyway, after a while of tinkering around with it, I finally found where it was hiding and since there were so many folders from installing it so many times (is what is seemed like to me, but
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