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  2. Hi. I'm the image editor and the owner of the spreadsheet (just the spreadsheet) for the project. Currently the project is inactive, and the last TL was done back in August 2015. Project lead is most likely busy and every other team member isn't active either. New members would be nice, although please don't contact me regarding this as I'm not the project head. PM me if you want a contact of sm2345 (the project lead) though. Anyway, the project was left off at 1180 lines translated, with 593 of these already edited. Here's a specific breakdown of progress as depicted from the spreadsheet: http://i.imgur.com/tCheMNt.png I think some lines have been merged/altered so the total number of lines might not be accurate. But more or less that's the current status of the project.
  3. unrelated to the sprite, but the logo, branding, and especially the font needs to be improved. Also the video editing. Sorry, I just /had/ to say it. Plus the general typography/design concepts. For example at 0:18, you could have made "introducing" smaller and less emphasized, so you could focus the viewers on the game title. The art and sounds are really great, however. The animation of the sprites could be a little better. Transition between expressions look awkward, it could be improved with a simple fade transition. The sprite itself is really great, though. Nice job.
  4. hi haha i'm image editor haven't started anything because images haven't all been extracted XD
  5. final submission because i got lazy to make a new one here's a preview of how it would look like
  6. it's possible to use Stylish to upload CSS, but you could also embed your own using the built-in CSS overrider on vndb (although it has a 2000 character limit of css).
  7. apparently there's no fix for that in chrome. Stylish is Firefox based, so it might be better off to find a Stylish alternative for Chrome. But meh. true this

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      THANK YOU JELI KUN >w< //late reply is late

    2. JeMhUnTeR
  9. Rewrite. You have to read Rewrite. Among the ones you've provided, it's probably closest to Little Busters since they came from the same company. It's emotional, sometimes funny, and overall it was a great experience reading it (it was my the first VN I read c:).
  10. *raises right hand* hi, image editor here =3= edit: i also do videos in case there's some text to typeset on the opening/ending (or if you just want karaoke subtitles on it)
  11. Progress updated. Project is going slow but steady. Stay updated for further updates and announcements.
  12. Komomo. Hisakaki Komomo. I'm on 4th route playthrough and she's still best girl. Never forget. Komomo. Best. Girl. anyway yeah, after one or two playthroughs you'll just get used to stopping at that exact scene. For now just quick save every 10 seconds while you skip through the lines. Eventually you'd easily find where to stop.
  13. what I hate about the most with the text editor is how it puts random line breaks in between most tags and the number of these line breaks just keep increasing every time you preview your post. it's crazy. right now I just use the raw bbcode syntax mode (aka the not-rich-text editor) for posting or editing anything. it keeps everything clean so I can avoid spoiler tag bugs with it. although when I post it, the text parser just breaks everything again and multiplies my tags so some tags would appear in every line. and wow I should try that big S for spoilers
  14. this.I'm not even sure where they got the game or even the scripts. o.o
  15. hmm I can't seem to find this issue anywhere. not even after resizing browser windows. try uninstalling it, then reinstall it from the page with a different number of columns edit: I just realized, it's impossible for the red box that indicates spoilers to be misplaced. It's just a border of the tag link itself, so it should always be located directly to the right of the tag link. this is most probably a problem with the browser or the plugin you're using. what browser are you using? and I assume you're using stylish? also try switching to the default vndb theme on your profile. I made this theme in conjunction with that, so some unchanged stuff might look weird on some non-default themes. and one more thing, check if you have other styles or scripts applied for vndb.org
  16. I thought I was the only one who download and play some VNs just for the pretty H scenes without understanding anything they're sayinggood to know I'm not alone edit: this looks interesting
  17. You can see the color bars not being aligned properly. Once I hover over any tag, they all form a straight line. I think I'll use this from now on. Thanks for making it! edit: still looking for the last error edit edit: I think the last update accidentally fixed that, I can't see the error happening anymore edit edit edit: you don't have Open Sans? I should probably add other nice fallback fonts edit edit edit edit: there, added Segoe UI and Calibri as fallback fonts edit edit edit edit edit: added option to choose from 1-8 columns (since 4 columns default look horrible on small screens)
  18. meanwhile on my vndb: I use a custom CSS style with a browser plugin called Stylish. Specifically this style. I made it a few minutes ago, and it's pretty with a few fancy animations. NSFW pics are hidden until you hover the cursor on them. I also fixed the messy tags by dividing it into 4 columns and adding a color bar system (so it's easier to determine which are content, technical, or sexual). Do check it out if you use Stylish.
  19. The art looks pretty, though. I'd love to apply as graphics editor if ever a TL group picks this up. I'm pretty sure there would be translators willing to help, too. You really just need a determined leader who would recruit and manage the project. Perhaps start with one dedicated translator. Once you've found a translator, find a hacker. After that make an official recruitment post here on fuwa and your project will start making decent progress in no time. A lot of translators on the skill registration thread have too much free time on their hands, and I'm pretty sure some of them would be willing to help translate a pretty visual novel. You can make all that possible, you just need good leadership skills, and perhaps a good understanding of the VNTL process. also I don't see a point in arguing over a TL request post. I've seen a lot of them and it's not really *that* bad to see them every once in a while. It's not like the entire subforum is packed with requests, anyway. Best thing to do if you don't like request threads is to not read them in the first place. Just ignore it and everything should be fine. Some people would actually read those posts, and they might even get interested with it as well. To be honest I think it's good having these kinds of posts sometimes since there's at least some activity going on. Unlike the irc, which is pretty much dead most of the time whenever I go online.
  20. Thanks to the staff's hard work, we are very close to finishing the translation of the common route. Synopsis Sample Screenshots
  21. Thanks! There's a different sprite that shows up when you confirm to go back to the previous choice. It's this sprite: and we've already translated it to this: So that one's really a different confirmation message. I haven't even seen it in-game so I don't know what it means.
  22. there are some hackers out there, you just have to find them, just like rski100 said. You should check out fuwanovel or vntls pages of some yuzusoft titles, then contact the hackers or technical people involved in those projects. some are busy, but some are just idle as well. eventually you'd find one. just keep looking. :3
  23. Hi everyone!!! I'd like to ask for someone's help on translating a few images for Koirizo. Our image TL got kinda stumped with some sentences so I thought I'd ask here for help. Thanks!
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