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  1. Haha! I work at Pizza Hut at the moment and its freaking crazy how busy it gets there and how many the orders are even though it costs a lot lol.
  2. I recently just bought figma Eren and Mikasa, the max factory one, off of Amazon and I found another version from Mediacom. Unlike Max Factory, Mediacom made clothes for it rather than just having it stick to the figure. I prefer it if they do it this way, because it makes it feel more realistic and you can do so much more with it however it costs considerably more than Max factory's figure. I was thinking of geting the base figma body, both female and male, for my figures and make or buy clothes for it so I could achieve Mediacom did it. Now I'd like to hear your thoughts on which one you prefer and why. Thanks guys, Also I'd really appreciate if you could lend me your insight on buying, and maintaining figures.
  3. Hello there, does anyone have any idea if this game has a translation or not? https://vndb.org/v15874. On a different note, how long does a translating a game roughly last? And is it wiser to learn Japanese rather than wait for a translation? I've been thinking of just learning how to read it, but I have no idea where to start. I do have a little bit of knowledge of the language so I can somewhat understand what they are saying.. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hello Guys, so I've been checking out this VN called Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro and it got interesting for me after I watched the anime adaptation. However, When I looked it up on VNDB it has a netorare tag on it and I'm guessing its one of the side characters that does it. I'm not really a fan of NTR stuff and all, so I just want to ask to those who have played this game before how is it and on a scale of not too much NTR to fucked up NTR, how would you rate it? Is it worth playing storywise and for-academic-research wise? LOL. BTW the side character's name is Unno Juuzou Thanks!
  5. Awwww yuuusss going to wait for Meikyuu is so worth it! BTW I wanna help in translating stuff like this to help out the Trans team for all the work they did! But I don't know Japanese and encoding and stuff. Is there anyway I could learn it online? If so where?
  6. Thanks! Is that where we put forums like these? Thanks guys! it worked now,
  7. Hello! Me and my clan are currently looking for active members Who can stay for a couple of wars. Although we do have enough Members to war, most of them have opted out. We are better than average at war,you dont have to stick around If you don't feel like it however it'd be awesome if you'd stay! Our clan name is Disclosure and our tag is #2Y98JQ9Q Introduce yourself and let us know if you're from this forum! Thanks!
  8. So umm I'm prepping this game called Baku Ane by Atelier Kaguya and I can't read Jap so I use, ITH, and ATLAS if my VNR does not work. However, with both tools, It can't seem to hook the game text. It seems like it needs a hook code to be able to extract from the game, I've tried looking it up in the net and the sites provided by VNR which has a list of hook codes. Unfortunately, I still can't find the right one.. So my question is am I in the right forum section? and now regarding the topic, does the game even have a hook code? because both ITH and VNR cannot extract the codes in their databases. Is there really no way at all to use ITH and/or VNR on Atelier Kaguya games? Replies would be much appreciated.
  9. lol haha I've been waiting for the next season ever since I got hooked to the show. I finished all available seasons within a week I think or was it 2? XD
  10. how did u even find that? Was looking for it yesterday but I couldn't find it lol. EDIT: Thanks for the help but I seriously cannot understand it. Thanks though, maybe I should start practicing to read japanese language so it will be easier to understand non-translated VNs...
  11. I lol'd at this hahaha too bad we can't post memes here
  12. Well alot lol I'm too lazy to write it all down but I've been through alot of VNs. Although they are all Eroges. Right now, Im doing Nanairo Reincarnation and the Fan Disc of Majikoi S, which is A-1 and A-2, Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden and one of Lilith-Soft's work which I forgot the name. . I thought I couldn't do that, turns out I can lol ---To all: Thanks everyone! I've been through some forums looking for help and stuff in things like these but fuwanovel by far is the fastest and most active!
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