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  1. Well I just resolved my issue with the crashes and it is entirely due to missing audio codecs. I simply downloaded the audio codec pack, restarted computer and then managed to get through without any sort of crash. In one of these sorts of threads someone mentioned that audio codecs might be missing, so after trying that out, it worked! Although the Meiya ending still crashes and that can only be fixed by turning off all of the settings (BGM, Voices, graphic effects, Sound effects.) Windows is missing some codecs that this game needs it turns out. P.S: I have windows 10.
  2. Aiming for rank 12k in this Nico event.. Really want dat scouting ticket! >_> Currently my rank is 14.5k, But in reality the difference is more like 1k points, which can easily be done with 1 or 2 LP refills!
  3. I have spent like 30 euros on the game and well.. Only done a bunch of single purchases for honor students and 1x 10+1 draw .. I have gotten 7 SRs, 5 smile SRs, 1 pure SR (Haven't gotten Nico yet.) and 1 Cool SR... No URs yet, and all the rest of the honor student scoutings have been Rares.. Haven't been too lucky with the draws.. My Smile team has like 35k Smile unbuffed, which is easily over 41k with a boost (I win most smile songs in the event.).. But all my other teams just get their asses kicked..
  4. Knowing my luck, I will have my smile team filled with SR's before i get an SR of any other type.. Which really sucks because I usually like Cool songs the most.. And my cool team is the weakest one with no SR's and weak Rares... D:
  5. I am legit the unluckiest guy ever.. I thought it was a good idea to buy love gems because after the event you'll have a 100% chance to get atleast 1 SR in a group of 11 scoutings.. And that's the exact problem. I used my 50 gems and all i got was 1 SR eli and 10 random bad rares.. And as salt on the wound, that SR was a smile, which for me is extremely bad because I already have like 4~5 smile SR's so now my un-buffed smile is 35k, but majority of songs that I play are either cool or pure songs, so the smile team is largely useless.. I only have 1 Pure SR, and my Cool team doesn't even break 30k unbuffed, and like half of the members are the smile SR's.. This is the last time I'll be using Real money on this because with my luck it doesn't matter if I buy gems or not.. I will still get SRs in the same pace anyway, as in my luck doesn't allow me to rush the "Natural progression of things"
  6. I meant friend points that you get when you pick a "Leader character" for your team with the bonuses, and usually you can get some friend points for the person you choose.. No clue what the functionality is for?
  7. My Kung Fu isn't as good as others here, I'm even having trouble getting a FC on some hard songs (Have most trouble with songs that go into the orange range with it's difficulty stars). D: I personally don't care much for Yuri (There I said it). Cute characters are cute, and that's all there is to it. Don't really think of the possible match up that they may have. D: ... Of course it would be better if I was the one who they liked, but that's just preferences. D: Btw is there a point to the "Friend points"? XD
  8. I have only played this game for a month so I'm still a fledgling in this game but I know a few reasons why you should try this out. 1.) Fifa 15 Dream Team in Cute anime girl format. The rush of adrenaline every time you use the rare "Love gems" that you can either buy or get by playing a long time, and you use them to get better "Players". It's pretty much gambling. 2.) You can put together a team of girls depending on their skills, and then you can sacrifice all the useless cute idols to satan, to strengthen other cute idols. 3.) It's a good rhythm game with animu music (Don't really care much for the songs except for a few songs like Wild Stars, etc.) . It has a really high skill ceiling and is a great casual game. 4.) Progression and story mode. Leveling up characters strong enough to be able to get an S rank in songs that you couldn't do that before, having lots of numbers in front of every character and getting characters with even HIGHER numbers. And than having small story scenes with them characters who you know have AWESOME NUMBERS. So in summary. It's a satanism simulator, with gambling and sacrifices. Any questions?
  9. Breaking 40k with raw stat? I guess I am just a small fish in a small bond with my 30k. D: .. I haven't seen the stats of a UR card so I can't imagine the stats that they have on them. But what character UR would it be that you wouldn't like to poke it in your free time? D:
  10. Well I just joined this forums because of Love live.. I guess I'm slightly over the level of "normal" obsession with the game.. As an working adult, it is a bit hard to get as much play time on Love Live as other people, but.. I still feel like every moment that I'm not working, I think of leveling up my characters, and doing the event.. In the moment I'm placed at 5000 so it's still far off from 2500 (Which is my goal for this event.). But I think of using some love gems to get a small boost in the last few days. In terms of teams. I don't know if my teams are too good or not.. My smile team is the strongest, having 36k smile points (With a "increases smile" leader.. Don't have any "Drastically increases smile" friends.).. My pure team has 35k and my Cool team is the weakest with 33k (All of them with the medium attribute increase.). It's not enough to S rank some songs, but I can S rank every Normal song, and my rank 39 hard songs are also Double S ranked for the most part (Don't have good enough teams to S rank some of them.) I think the game is too good.. I mean like the "Player gathering" system from Fifa 15 dream team, the leveling up of individual idols with small stories linked to them.. And.. The gambling with a chance of getting a UR! (I am actually really hyped even when I get a SR.. I have like 3 SR, and a ton of Idolized Rares.).. As a casual game I feel like this is too addicting and I've even had thoughts of spending 35 euros to get 86 love gems.. But nonetheless.. I will be the master of idols at one point, just you wait! Btw anyone with "Drastically increases attributes" idols please step forward. I would like to leech skills off your girls! My ID is : 279390408
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