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  1. Lol everyone has that "everything went better than expected" reaction
  2. Spring 2015 Anime Discussion

    Its ironic that the anime that i get hyped up most this season is danmachi and punchline. Even though there's things like OreGairu, UBW, DxD, obviously. For OreGairu, I'm honestly disappointed, mainly cuz Hikitani looks like a frikken casul, this season, and it kinda disappoints me, guess they're leaning towards romance/friendship part more. But we'll see the ending and make conclusions then. As for UBW, i already read the VN, cuz couldnt take cliffhangerzz. Derp. DxD is just being DxD. As people said. Punchline, no comment. DanMachi, that cliche anime that comes out once or twice a year, that everyone loves, veterans and newbs, but mostly newbs. Becuz it feels not cliche for them. And boobs. Sugoi animation desu, especially oppai animations. Its all that matters. Shokugeki no Souma. Makes me hungry. Hungry for food and hungry for ecchi. Gonna marathon nisekoi, owari and the music animuz
  3. Nodame was fun, it had that classic type of humor to it. Dont expect plot guys. I kno cuz Finished it 2 weeks ago.
  4. Tmw u marathon plastic memories and u realize it was more than just a tragic drama, it was meant to kill u fucking all
  5. Why are you making me watch tylor again? ;<
  6. Tylor, huh, suree, felt kinda... Mediocre.. last time i watched.
  7. i dunno why... But i will watch DanMachi. I stopped watching harems 2 yrs ago, but this season.. Is different
  8. Well it seems that no one is rly bothered by what genre we're gonna watch, so imma go with my first idea: Space. And my suggestion will be Cowboy Bebop. Make sure u put it in, u cat
  9. how much time left until this cycle ends?
  10. Wait, sorry guys, i made a huge misunderstanding:"space sci-fi it is". I didnt mean that i choose this genre(?). U can still try to make me choose harem. If u want
  11. Well, space sci-fi. Wait, guys pls, space is a genre, as far as MAL and Planet is concerned.
  12. I dunno magical girls isnt a genre either so i thought it just has to be centered around one theme.