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  1. Hello fuwanovel

    Greetings Welcome to Fuwanovel, even though I joined a few days ago I'm noticing a lot of people here are 19 year olds, just like me. Maybe it's the standard age for VN players?
  2. Ohayō gozai masu ^_^

    The same friend that told me a bout Katawa Shoujo also recommended Sharin no Kuni to me That one and Steins;Gate are on my list. S;G isn't just awesome, it's my favorite anime overall I actually really enjoy those novels that have darker themes, with a more psycological and philosophical approach. So of course I'm gonna check them out, thanks for the recommendation Clannad is on my list, and I'm gonna check out Muv Luv I think that one has an anime adaptation? Alright, thanks Oh you guys have a skype group? Sounds fun, I almost never use my skype account so I might as well put it to use I had my eyes on Corpse Párty, I'm not even joking. I've never played a gory VN though so I don't really know how they are D: and Air and Kanon are on my list, so is Planetarian, pretty much all Key novels are :,D thanks Also thanks everyone for welcoming me
  3. Ohayō gozai masu ^_^

    Greetings, people from Fuwanovel So, I been visiting Fuwanovel for a while now and started reading some people's introductions and finally decided to stop lurking and do it myself. I only started reading/playing visual novels less than a year ago, I know it hasn't been much, but since a friend at college told me to play Katawa Shoujo (which seems to be the standard for newbies in the genre) I totally got hooked on them. Now I can easily play a VN for 8 hours straight (not sure if I should be proud >.>). I only played a few VN's, but I really liked all of them, some were downright epic. For those curious, they were (in order), Katawa Shoujo, Little Busters, Rewrite (my fav), Hoshizora no Memoria, Grisaia no Kajitsu, Coµ, G-Senjou no Maou, Majikoi (can't wait for the full patch) and I'm currently playing Chaos;Head I kinda feel obliged to play Clannad, Fate Stay/Night and Steins;Gate (best anime IMO) since I saw the anime adaptations I'm the kind of person that gets really excited when I see a new translated VN and I'm always pondering which VN to play next. I'm really grateful to those who do all the work of translating, seriously, thanks for all your hard work and ganbatte! :,D If you read all the way here, sorry for the long post >.> but that's it, thanks and feel free to give me recommendations