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  1. definently need paragraph.

    well im a boy but im fine with BL as long is not hardcore , otherwise maybe im gonna ... mehh.

    don't worry it won't be hardcore if U don't like.. More border line BL ecchi teasing and flirting and sorry little 'spoiler' alert but possible tearjerker romance.. XD yeah sorry.. when I can get to an internet cafe I'll try and fix it up better.. >///<
  2. 32oOq.png

    You use the tool with SP to add spoilers ;D or if you want to do it manually you can add

    [spoiler]*text here*[/spoiler]

    Then I'll let my girl and semi-girl friends to read it. No offense to any LGBT.

    Wow yay for quick responces! And thanks ^^ No it's ok I too as a straight girl am only intrested in BL romance wise especially when explicit stuff is concerned (even though mine here is just 16+ as I promised and with way more plot yay! XDB) ..yeah sorry to others bout that lol ^^

  3. Post them on the OP and put them on spoilers so it doesn't take much space like

    Episode 1


    Episode 2


    I read through it but I guess being male, reading BLs is no go for me. Or to say, I dunno who should I respond to it. Sorry :<

    It's ok I understand ^^ btw if maybe U have any female friends or online that would appreciate this if U could recommend this to them..? The more the better if so...^^ btw how do I do the spoiler thing what do I go to to click that option.. Or is It possible to copy and paste it from your reply..? Btw thanks for all your informative help already ^^

  4. I suggest you work on the format first xD Just dividing the text into paragraphs will do.

    I dun really mind the length but format is also important as it improves on who a reader will read it. If you are going to add more episodes I also suggest you put them on spoilers.

    For the story, it's already 3 AM here. I promise to read it when I wake up.

    Yeah sorry I'll try to finish editing it it All very soon.. Sorry.. TT.TT but thanx so much yay! ^.^ btw with spoilers do mean like giving hints as to what might happen..? Or...?

  5. Btw warning there'll be some profanity too..

    GALAXIAN BATTLE WARS:Rating: 16+ older teen

    Genre: sci-fi fantasy boys love

    Comedy tragedy

    Episode 1: The suns warm embrace:

    A generation like no other had soon begun, as

    nothing could soon prevent what was about to unfold, the bittersweet

    chaos that would engulf our short lives together, that would soon be

    our ultimate catalyst for bringing us together and us fostering our

    unpreventable friendships that would ether make us or brake us and form

    our destinies that will be engraved upon our strong yet delicate minds

    and recorded in books that no human on earth will ever get to read but

    will be told throughout the rest of our universe, yes no human will ever

    get to know our gifts and sacrifices for them... or our suffering and

    we will be invisible to the world forever more. But don't worry we all

    still have great fun and joy especially when we all live as on big happy

    family in a paradise that can only be for most people a dream and a

    place somewhere on earth that no person not invited is allowed within

    its boundaries. It is a gathering point of those with incredible gifts

    and to fine tune those skills and to further educate them in not only

    their abilities but scholastically as well, all in one grand campus and

    four schools each individual in all their majesty and they're respective

    buildings surrounding them all building to one grand picture of when

    looking from the mountain peaks surrounding them it all builds the image

    of what appears to be a zodiac circle and In its center an ancient 500

    meter tree that could be likened to the ancient world tree in Norse

    mythology... Yggdrasil the world tree that reached the infinite heavens

    in all its glory. This one also filled with a mystical power that some

    may refer to as mana so you can see why it would be compared but its true

    origins are still unknown yet. As for its roots submerged in water

    that would be the beautiful glistening lake around it, is probably just

    over hundred acres wide each quarter of it. and the lush green of

    grasses and forestry just before its mountains meet its outskirts,

    is just absolutely breathtaking by ts self. And the best way to see this

    wondrous sight would be to climb this tree or rather to climb up through

    it as it has little passages and some used for classes and some even

    for entertainment purposes with in it. Usually holes and things wouldn't

    really be healthy let alone for such an old tree but somehow the

    strange power flowing within it. Well it seems pretty fine to all of us

    so far...

    Our story begins with our new arrival a boy with long fiery pale orange tresses with some short an even shorter still all combined with red ribbons sweetly adorning him along with golden bells completing his appearance. His eyes were a deep dark mahogany, and at first glance seemed gentle but if one could see beyond that you'd notice that there was always a hint of sadness he bore in them. He always carried a mature air and grace about him beyond his young years despite him looking like a small young twelve-year-old boy.

    He was often very playful and could be a bit of a devilish tease and we were all on the receiving end of his somewhat abusive pranks.

    But nothing would snap him out of it unless he was confronted with the one who was both loved and feared by many, but for him to of truly of acknowledged anyone that was by far the truly rare thing.

    With his piercing blue eyes like any deepest ocean full of mysteries beneath its icy cold surfaces and not very approachable seemingly anyway.

    But when the younger saw him for very first time, younger was surprised by the mere sight of him in the distance and he stood among all the others he'd ever talked to and the younger after being noticed,he ran and hid behind the nearest tree next to him sweetly peaking to the side of it and griping its sides.

    The older upon noticing his presence and being watched by him, he also in awe of the other, started to come his way.

    His long dark almost bordering navy blue hair blowing fluidly in the autumn cool zephyr, in a part of the campus with many, many trees parting and highlighting a narrow path leading to the center where the great tree's roots lay buried and stood proudly.

    As he gracefully walked slowly one foot in front of the other in cat like seductive strides, the seemingly sixteen year old year old boy then paused, his graceful form standing majestically towering over the younger boy, his intense penetrating gaze almost as though he were in heat toward the younger.

    The smaller boy could only stared wide eyed, seemingly paralyzed on the spot by his ethereal form.

    The older soon preceded to move closer while gently, slowly bowing toward him.

    The younger's eyes widened then he blanked out as he felt the older's lips upon his brow.

    When he next awoke he found a boy of similar appearance to the sapphire boy and was quite startled at first but noticed the difference right away quite quickly,

    the new boy's hair was more teal and two tufts stuck up like devil horns as opposed antennae hair of the sapphire, and despite the dim light and blurry eyes from having just woken up he could see the ends of his hair had white tips, as though it had been dyed that way, even the tips of his devil-horn tufts were white.

    As for his eyes they were of a royal blue hue.

    The orange haired boy looked around to see where he was and saw that he was tucked up in a bed with the teal boy sitting sweetly, calmly, and even patiently nearly on the legs of the orange.

    The room was smallish but looked like a rich person’s bedroom to say the least.

    The walls still had their old mahogany wooden unpainted form, the rest of the furniture also matching perfectly and even its curtains delicately gracing its windows, though red, velvet and heavy, they blew back and forth in the gentle cool breeze.

    The teal boy spoke and when he did boy did he ever!

    All of a sudden a barrage of things flew out of his mouth, one after another, all at once, super-fast...

    'Hey my name is Alexander, Alex for short. Everyone calls me that, exept the teachers of course. I am sixteen years old I am in class 10 a, got held back a year for delinquency I’m blood type AB positive also star sign Sagittarius. I am attracted to older men although partial to young boys too…’

    The orange leaned forward and slowly and gently grabbed Alexander’s sleeve and gazed up gently at him with a sad wanting look, disrupting the loud noisy outburst of information over load.

    Alex snapped out of his hyper, euphoric other worldly self-delusional daydreaming and half spun around, bent over to him and focused his attentions on the orange and looked at him with an inquisitive puzzled look plastered on his face, then practically eye balling him, his face just inches too close to his.

    The orange was just only a little surprised by the lack of personal space and sort of saw the funny side of it really.

    Alex soon straitened himself out running a hand through that coarse sticking up bristly hair of his, and apologized for getting too carried away.

    But nothing could change the fact that sometimes, actually most of the time he could be an obnoxious prick!

    Well.. I suppose he is just more excitable than most people and his heart is in the right place, it’s just that his over enthusiasm just happens to be just too over powering for almost anybody to deal with, and would send most people running for the hills, no mountains in fact with his ridiculous demands.

    He is very mature in his physical demeanor and very wise in fact, although, once he opens that big wide grinning trap of his, and his voice certainly carries and whines like a two year old with an old mannish cat like high voice and has a fast talking hissy fit temper tantrum if his demands and ambitions are not met with not to mention he’s utterly conniving.

    He finally asks the orange about himself ‘ soooo.. Do you have a name?’ He asks in an unintentionally blunt manner.

    The orange was more surprised with his strait forwardness, he wasn’t too used to being treated like that but he kind of liked it, though usually he would act like that to others and liking the idea of making them feel uncomfortable and getting a kick out of their reaction.

    So in away he was slightly disappointed and that he beat him to it while he kind of stole his thunder.

    But even so, he knew he would make good friends with him.

    Yeah a combination that would prove most disastrous to everyone else within their path.

    It was bad enough with just one of hem and God help anyone when confronted with two!

    Any conversations with the orange would be nearly obsolete though, impossible and very awkward as he is seemingly mute and the orange knows it very well! And he evades most questions.

    And from the calm mature posture of his he immediately on a dime becomes very bouncy, silly and very childlike and teasing in ridiculous amounts, not allowing them to get a word in edge ways and eventually making them lose all of their remainder of their will to live and even all knowingly taking advantage of their weaknesses, most of the time showing a very flippant and frivolous streak.

    Alexander continued after some thought... 'well your very cute.. like a small animal, maybe... I should give you a name .. How 'bout.. Pip.. Pippen'

    The smaller orange turned his head up and looked up putting a finger under his lip, with a pause then he happily with a squinted blink nodded in approval again his bells jingling accordingly to every bounce and shake .

    Alex couldn't help but stare wide eyed and again being a total space invader by moving in and getting a closer look, hands held high and clasped tightly together by the side of his head, and immediately after the long awkward pause he broke the silence and let out a high pitched over exited squeal ' oh my god you are just so cuuuute~!!' he exclaimed in pure bliss followed by 'i think I'm going to open up yet another seriously forbidden door somewhere in my deep, dark heart. Oh~!.. I'm so bad!'

    He said half-jokingly with tightly clasped hands moving side to side under his chin in pure delusional ecstasy.

    He soon snapped out of it and realized he'd just had a fan boy moment or rather a fan girl (considering the high pitch of his voice) moment in front of a cute young boy while trying to look cool and mature, but failing miserably in front of him.

    He straightened himself right up and cleared his throat into a fist 'Ah-hem!.. sorry.. so your new here so..i should show you around some..'.

    He said in a confident posture his voice deeper and somewhat sterner with his broad chest puffed out in an attempted trying to show his maturity after that.

    Alex then opened his room door asked for his hand, gently holding his out to Pippen.

    Pippen gazed up at him for a while then looked down and pulled the bed cover off of him and climbed out one leg at a time and rose out of the side and then finally taking his warm gentle larger hand with his sweet smaller hand.

    Alexander then preceded to walk out the door with Pippen slightly lagging behind him at an arm’s length, with Alex leading him gently out into a long dimly lit corridor, lit up by floral lamps lining the upper halves of the walls and on the bottom half with gold framed paneling all in a row.

    'Sooo.. These are our dormitories and you must of guessed by now as you were just in my dorm room...

    These dorms belong to an all-boys school.. St. Aria , uh well all four schools here on campus are actually all boys, although at first glance it can be hard to tell I know ha ha ha ha since most us are just sooo beautiful~! ha ha! By the way I'm the dorm vice-captain so don't hesitate to ask me for anything. I would of been full captain like they wanted but I chose vice because I'm just to lazy too take on anymore work as it is..heh heh!..Ah-hem! sorry again.. well they tried to force me but i met them half way.. so just if your wondering. hm hmm!'

    Pippen looked bored now thanks to his incessant rambling on, and ignored all the boring parts about Alex's self, just focusing on the important informative stuff for later.

    ' Well I'll introduce you to the members of our dorm now here's the room I regularly visit... practically on a daily basis...'

    He completely, suddenly and totally intrusively and flung they're door back with a loud.. 'Hiiiiiii~!'

    Soon as he made his obnoxious entrance, the two boys in the room's faces, overcome in pure shock and terror, their poor hearts racing a thousand miles an hour.

    After they calmed down and soon realized what hit them...

    The long red, flamed orange colored haired boy who had two lilac hair clips on one side pinning the one side of his overgrown fringe and turquoise-green eyes..

    was the first to snap of course as he is naturally violent in his nature and curses like a drunken Irish sailor with the torpedo, no, even that would of been fine...

    perhaps that would be what he'd prefer and would finally satisfy him..

    More like the anchor stuck up his arse on a daily basis.

    'God!!... For fuck's sake!... didn't I tell you!?.. Bastard... how many bloody... times don't do that!... And knock you prick!'

    And Alex's nonchalant reaction was just...

    'Hmm oh that's right.. Sorry didn't see you down there..'

    'Yeah right I just bet you didn't!.. You dumb f...'

    Over the red-orange's curse-mumbling,

    Alex finally begun introductions to the boys...

    'Sooo, ..This is Pippen everyone, please make him feel welcome..'

    The other smaller, wavy, crimson, short haired boy who had two olive green baubles in a high ponytail with brown eyes, was the first to greet Pippen.

    He happily and warmly and offered his hand to him...

    'Hi nice to meet you my names Chico.. let's be good friends forever and ever.. ha ha ha...

    ‘Pippen looked down for a bit and soon took his hand too, while nodding in reply to his offering of friendship.

    Maybe he did that just for the sake of making the bells ring when a situation allowed for it.

    'Oh sorry I forgot to mention.., he doesn’t seem to speak..'

    'Oh really.. well that's okay you'll be very welcomed here regardless so maybe you can soon find your voice And maybe we can share all our deepest secrets too.. ha ha ha'

    'Ooh I wanna here those'

    Alex eyes glinting deviously, elbow in right hand, left fingers, curled, exept one upright finger index resting on his cheek camply..

    'Ha ha you dirty old lech!.. ha ha ha'

    The giggling from Chico was soon cut short..

    'God! what is it with you dragging in every stray under the sun?!'

    The dark orange soon tensed up the atmosphere..,

    'Pumpkin!!... Apologize now!'

    Chico demanded followed up by...

    'That was just mean'

    Determined to keep from losing Pippen's valuable friendship...

    As Pumpkin huffed, arms folded, eyes closed in a pout...,

    Alex sinisterly somehow snuck up from behind, both hands open at ether the side of his head, eyes darkened by his long fringe.

    Then the red-orange found fingers invading his mouth and being pulled wide apart, loud incoherent protests followed of course, something like..

    'Aahhh!!? yuuuh f-ffuuuuuuhinn hashterd gehh oohhfaah meeh!!'

    Hands and legs flailing about accordingly.

    Chico giggled some more 'yep that's what you get ha ha ha!'

    Yeah don't worry bout him he pretends to be a total bitch but he's really a sensitive guy... in more ways than one'

    And with that last line Alex grinned tongue poking at the corner of his mouth, eyes suggestively lowered.

    And then Chico and Alex soon in were in awe when Pippen then took Pumpkin's hand and cradled it to his own chest while looking at him with a somber warmth and kindness again with his maturity.

    Pumpkin In surprise to this strange response, in his own uncontrolled response,

    made him feel strange inside so many conflicting emotions that he himself wasn't aware of.

    This in turn only served to agitate him further, seemingly in vain...

    'Get off!'

    He snatched his hand away, back to himself.

    Chico yelled at him again for it...,


    ..Pumpkin then ran out of the room for some reason,

    I guess he just needed to gather his thoughts together.

    Alex sighed 'well... that was Pumpkin... don't mind him he'll come round ...soon.. I hope...'

    Pippen just sort of shrugged it off with a quiet giggle... Chico also trying to comfort their new friend...

    'But yeah.. that was still out of order. Don’t worry he is really a good guy.. Even if he hides it.. A little too well.. He'll come round soon... But even so.. that's the strongest reaction from him yet.. I have to wonder... just what's wrong.. *Sigh*'

    Alex straitening up again and preening himself 'well no use worrying about him... for now... Let me also introduce you to all the other boys in the dorms...'

    'can I come with you guys too..?'

    Chico asked meekly, embarrassed by pumpkin but still trying to make up for it despite not having done anything wrong..

    'Sure..' Alex responded.

    'Though it'd of been nice to of had pumpkin along ...but you know how stubborn he gets sigh ..he always prefers to suffer than to show he's having fun in front of others..'

    Alex looked surprised at Chico for having been so perceptive for all this time 'Chico... you..?'

    Alex closed his eyes and smiled.. 'well there's still plenty of work to be done.. Shall we go now..?'

    The three remaining boys walked out of their dorm room and greeted all the remaining boys in their dorms, each and every one...

    Alex seemed to be giving something to them...

    This soon piqued Pippen’s inquisitive nature...

    But he couldn't see what, in the manner he gave them.

    He soon tried to take a couple of glances and peek over at it a couple of times in their hands, but Chico soon guided Pippen out the door gently pushing his back, giggling somewhat nervously. Pippen kept looking behind him on the way out...

    They soon continued though all the remaining corridors and Alex giving the remaining objects to them..

    'So is that all of them..?'

    Chico wondered innocently...

    Alex pointed a finger upwards eyes closed..

    ' uh uhh~!...' We've barely even begun..

    There's still the remaining three St. Lumina, St. Mixaya and St. Serinos' school dorms ha ha ha!'

    'what..?! your joking right..?'

    He asked all meekly...

    'Ahh.. you’re not joking... are you..?*sigh*'

    The campus by far, was huge needless to say, and that it was a lot for almost anybody to take in, but for Pippen, he would absorb it all quicker than most.

    It was beautiful.

    From the ground alone It was splendorous sight to behold in all its glory.

    All green and blue with delicate autumn flowers swaying in its breeze...

    It could only get better from its Ariel view..

    But for now the boys continued traipsing up to the remaining school dormitories through its campus forests and narrow paths Alex joking and gossiping on the way even taking the piss out of the boys he was gossiping about,

    like mimicking their voices and exaggerating their movements..

    Chico laughing and giggling away at Alex doing and saying funny things,

    Pippen smiling warmly at the the happy faces of the other two boys...

    And after still on the way Pippen and Chico swinging their linked hands back and forth with Alex's and Chico's laughter dominating the forestry scenery but Pippen would assuredly be laughing on the inside with them, at their happiness and carefree nature.

    They soon visited the other dorms and with each, they greeted, introduced more and gave nearly all the boys in them the small, strange objects to them too.

    'Well now that's done we can go and see this campus greatest treasure..'

    Alex pointed up..

    'Hah..hah.. Uhh.. so tired my legs ..and chest hurt..'

    Chico whined softly, perfectly justified, after all the dorms they'd been to..

    Well one alone would hold an entire school over a thousand students let alone three more..

    And on top of which poor Chico being even shorter, 4ft crappy '5 than Pippen who's roughly something around at least 4ft '8 and having to keep up with Alexander's long even pace of tall strides at 5ft '7 and a fast pace on top of which.

    God..! as if it wasn’t bad enough each dorm next to its schools were all a mile apart from each other.

    Though it’s a beauty it of course comes at a price, beautiful to look at, a bastard to trek.

    Though Pippen seemed less worse for wear.

    He wondered how that was even possible especially since Pippen's entirely new to the place.

    Alex being always perky while devious and the slave driver he is, would only soon put them to more unnecessary, unwanted labor...

    Chico soon came to a unfair realization...

    'you know it just occurred to me we could of taken the campus trains to

    commute to each dorm..'

    'Oh yeah guess we could of! ..ha ha ha~!'

    Chico just collapsed...

    'so unfair...'

    Eyes streaming down 'I’m crying twin waterfalls'.

    later that night after going back to their dorms to Alex's and sleeping off the long exusting adventure, Pippen and Chico woke up, after sleeping in each other’s arms like a couple of tiny kids in Alex's bed, only to be so abruptly awakened to loud obnoxious clanging outside the door.

    Chico pulled back the door in a pout, to find him pounding on a sauce pan with a ladle.

    'Hey Alex it’s still the same day.. Saturday and only 7:00!'

    'Hey Chico you still half asleep?! ..you of all people ...Have you forgotten?'

    ..'wha... ..Oh yeah!'

    'Hey go get Pippen up a.s.a.p. and get the two of you ready!'

    'But I like what I'm already wearing'

    'uhh.. First of all you've been asleep in it so it’s all creased! ..Secondly those already practically look like pajamas! Now get on with it!..'


    with that Alex slammed his door shut letting Chico get on with it while Alex made his final preparations.

    Chico in the room, rummaged through the chest drawers and his wardrobe, looking around for some interesting clothing until he found a flattish long white box with neatly written italics on its lid, written, happy birthday...

    'He remembered.. ...even id long forgotten... ..Since..'

    With that Chico wept a little.

    Then he finally opened the lid of the box and pulled away the paper wrapping and finally exposed the gift underneath and his eyes filling up a little more upon taking out of the box and underneath a sketch of it...

    '..But This is the outfit I always dreamt of and drew constantly ..back. When.. ! ..Thank you... I will ...always remember..'

    After a little while he gathered his thoughts and rubbed his tears away back and forth with his arm.

    'Hey Pippen... Hey! Wake up now.. We have to get ready!'

    Pippen woke up blarey eyed and soon fell back to sleep, tilting head first, with his butt stuck in the air.

    '..Man.. Come on..'

    He soon got Pippen to get dressed with some difficulty..

    But even so.. They soon after with their finishing touches of completing with ribbons, belts, and cords of such, and looked ever so beautiful and adorable, in their frills, pleats and baby bloomer type bottoms and poofy type sleeves and Pippen in a red velvet waist coat with four black velvet buttons, two dotted on each side.

    Alex soon came back to collect them, and upon flinging it open.. Again..!..

    He was, for once in his life.. speechless and again staring wide eyed and eyes glistening at them, cheeks flushed pink, he the shut the door slowly again, and on the other side, he breathed a sweet sigh of contentment and then abruptly hunched over and squealed, eyes and fists clenched high in excitement.

    Alex himself was dressed in some gaudy, tight yellow tiger striped jacket with bell bottom sleeves with white fur lining all the ends of the damn eye sore, collar, sleeves and bottom of it, black polo neck under it, purple leopard print leggings, brown suede boots also lined with white fur with two furry bobbles on the side of each of the boot, and with a long red bead necklace and sun glasses on his head even wearing lip gloss to finish the look.

    He soon got them fully ready by brushing their hair and putting the final various ribbons and ornaments in place and hair clips too.

    They soon made their way to the destination using the trains this time..(!), to the great tree.

    In its leaves glowing lights, sparkling and twinkling like it was already Christmas again, throughout its full plume.

    It could be seen from miles away due to its great size.

    While still on their way to the trains, Pippens attention was soon drawn upwards to a fair young boy looking briefly out his dorm latticed window, before being noticed by Pippen.

    The fair boy ducking quickly and closing his curtains, for whatever reason.

    Pippen just quietly giggled with some sadness in his lowered large eyes.

    After, they made their way there and begun to cross the roofed bridge to the 50ft decorative, arched, double doors in the base of its bark, when the reached it the doors slowly opened with a large, basey, deep, grinding, creak, as the inside was finally exposed, Pippen and Chico were mesmerized.

    ..Well, mostly Chico..

    Pippen was just more serene about it smiling gracefully and looking around gently at the surroundings.

    The golden lit carved walls of the tree, as the gold, framed decorative double lamps continued, lighting the way all the way up and even the narrow passages leading to the various classes.

    As opposed to Chico, who's more excitable and wide eyed in general, who would run around arms wide like a tiny child full of excitement and inquisitiveness, despite having lived at the school nearly all his life.

    He'd never actually had the chance to enter it.

    He was too young and as a result in the lower classes, for all the higher grade lessons they teach in there.


    Alex soon spun half around quickly after, putting his hands on his hips his long teal and white tipped mane swirled and then fanned out like a very long cape that made him look like an evil maniacal overlord, as he then stamped his right foot.

    ‘Now.., we go up... to the highest point...' He pointed with his left hand.

    'What!?.. But its so high... so many stairs.. No... I'll die..' poor Chico sulked.

    'Ha ha ha '

    Alex just continued laughing heartily, and started climbing up the stairs hand still up directing them to make a start too.

    Chico just sulkily climbed up in a slump and Pippen just strutting, hands behind his head, sort of seeming somewhat unenthused, probably about the stairs too...

    They soon made their way up half the flights with a lot trial, and of course Chico was already feeling the pain and pretty exusted..

    'Hey Alex what was the point of getting dressed to look good if we... were... going to sweat it out... and look... a total mess before we.. Even.. Get there?'

    The poor thing panted between his words.

    'Ha ha ha' Alex just continued the hearty laughter.

    'Hey can't we take a little break.. First..?..'

    He finished with barely any hope left at the last bit of that question, almost like it was rhetorical.

    'No. time waits for no man' Alex denied them.

    'Of course...' Chico replied reluctantly.

    They finally reached the top and Alex finally got his just deserts from the stairs, he panted bent over with hands on his knees.

    He looked to the left of him to not only find Pippen looking perfectly perky head cocked sideways giving a look as though he were laughing at him even his eyes alone seemed as they were laughing at him, the way they were squinted, as if the climb were nothing, but also with the weight of a passed out Chico on his young small, little back.

    The sight of that alone In fact is what did it and was too much for his brain to take in despite the genius he could be, and despite, ...Alex still ending up dropping to his knees and keeling over sideways, head first, arms stretched out, his arse stuck up in the air.

    '...Wtf...' he whined softly in melancholy.. Eyes streaming '...I.. I'm...crying twin waterfalls....'

    ...'why isn't there a lift..?'

    Chico whined, still sleepily on Pippens back...

    Alex still on his side 'There is...'

    'What?!!' Chico suddenly sprung up now riding Pippens back..

    'Then why didn't you tell us before we climbed it all..?!'

    ...I'm begging to think you’re doing this on purpose aren’t you..' Chico pouted.

    ‘There is... but it’s still.. Out of order..' Alex sulked.... '

    Btw here's my character designs if You click on each picture it'll change to the next one after ..so u can see the rest of my character designs as well in aarinfantasy ..don't worry their all work safe..^^ http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/members/sapphireleo/albums/13685/index2.html

    yeah this is my attempt at writting a story in years.. but what did u think..? any constructive critisim is more than welcome so i can do better ..but still more to come if u liked..^^.. Btw all that remains to edit is some and these: ''

  6. Uhh never mind sorry I kinda figured it out at the last minute by clicking 'full version' I would of wrote it, earlier but my phone battery died at that point and I fell asleep waiting for it to charge ..oops sorry.. :b but still thank U so much I will remember it as a short cut for next time thank u again.. ^^

  7. Oh umm ok think it would then be best for it to be only at 16+ since yaoi-shota falls into that category since there are mostly younger boys and their ages are around 12,14,15 and 16 it'll be like mostly teasing and flirting and adolescent crushes mostly in a comical sense lol.. well will see in the end if things will get serious.. *grin* I'll try and keep it more shounen-ai then... T.T but yeah I understand ^^ btw what does NSFW stand for..?

  8. I'll try and do it as soon as I can I only have phones for internet lol Usless... Sorry I know I know..T///T also gonna be stuck a lot at home I know kinda missed my chance today sorry.. -.-.. But plz bare with me I promise the rewards'll be gr8 I'll make sure of that so I hope Ull be able to look forward to that ^.^

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