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  1. Rate the avatar above you

    9/10 Wedding dress with so much moe
  2. Yuri Thread

    We all are
  3. Hello, World!

    Thanks Kirisu-chan, I already met you on another tread, you cool! Of course we can be friends, I hope to, be it on bad art, as developers, or as fellow VN lovers.
  4. Yuri Thread

    Yuri ♥♥♥♥
  5. Rate the avatar above you

    8/10 Liked the art And she's not a slut, she would be if she was into more than one guy
  6. Rate the avatar above you

    7/10 Don't know where it's from, but I like the art
  7. Hello, World!

    Thanks guys. Thanks for the recommendation, definitely gonna read it
  8. Hello, World!

    Also, thanks for the moe. I'll be in your care, senpai. And if you guys wanna talk about programming, or game development, I'll be pleased to discuss.
  9. Hello, World!

  10. Hello, World!

    Notice the comma after 'Hello'? Yeah, its needed there, so if you guys already did some programming and follow a tutorial with a "Hello World!" with no commas, sorry, they lied to you. Well, to the introductory part: A functional programmer at heart, game developer and an avid student of programming language theory. Open-source enthusiast, web developer, total cute-fag, Alice in Wonderland’s fantard and your general interwebz addict (well, a “little” more than just addict, I guess). I also play the violin. And draw some bad art. For the past two years visual novel is the only kind of game that could brought me fun moments, and sad ones, since I was 15 when I first played Otoboku, I was never into gaming since I sucked at all of them(chess apart), but when I was watching TWGOK and saw him so obsessed with it, made a google search, download the game that was at the first page(that's why Otoboku was my first), I could never stop playing anymore. Otoboku sucked, I finished it, but it sucked, but another google search solved my problems, then it was Fate Stay/Night, Clannad, MLA, Ever17, Rewrite, Steins;Gate, Grisaia No Kajitsu, Narcissu, Little Busters!, it scaled on a O(n2) rate, and it was awesome, it still is. Well, that was it, if you guys wanna know my visual novel top 5 rank, here you go:(changes may occur since I'm currently playing Katawa Shoujo, Symphonic Rain and G-Senjou no Maou) Clannad MLA Grisaia No Kajitsu Fate Stay/Night Steins;Gate Oh, and one thing that I take proud on: I can squee like the most disgusting yaoi fangirl when d'awwning over cute stuff.
  11. Embarassing moments with vns...

    Agreed, but I aways carry one with me for safety when visiting a friends room, just so that I knows where I can sit and if it's a safe day to shake hands.
  12. True or False

    True. The next person is already played Katawa Shoujo.
  13. Embarassing moments with vns...

    Actually, if you shine a blacklight UV flashlight on my bed (it shines on sperm) you will see one of those abstract art paintings, that being said, and considering the fact that my sister already sat at my bed, she indeed sat at my sperm stain. Not proud of it though.
  14. Embarassing moments with vns...

    Only one till this day. It was at the presentation of a project that we had to develop along a year and there was a group presenting, my group being one of the last to present, I was bored and with my laptop at my lap then I had the brilliant idea to continue playing Grisaia, I knew that it had sex scenes, but I also though that they were very specific, I mean, they were just at the heroines route and you could easily identify when it was gonna happen. As I was still playing the common route I though there wasn't any explicit scenes. I was mistaken. There wasn't sex, but just the boobs were enough to make me feel ashamed, and my colleagues to picky on me. Well, only one was able to see me though. He saw it for no more than 1 second, as I was fast enough to change to my code editor Emacs, but he saw it, and then of course exclaimed "Oh, look, what a perv", nobody was able to see, only him, and I promptly denied saying it was disillusions of his head. Well, most of my colleagues already knew that I was at 'those' things and didn't care at all, so I was able to pass it trough without further embarrassment.
  15. Missing CG on Little Busters!

    Of course, Kurugaya ending was the best, the only down was that it was short. I've aways loved heroines with strong personalities after all. Just like Meiya at ML.