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  1. how is the translation going?it will be over this year?
  2. thanks fo advice but those programs don't translate in english,they just make the text easier to read in japanese,i'm not that good at reading yet so i was looking for something to translate the text in english....thanks anyway!
  3. i tried to use translation aggregator but with Mecab said Failed to initialize MeCab and with JParser said No dictionaries loaded i don't know if i use it right,i use it with ITH,i saw in a video on youtube but it's not working
  4. if you don't mind can you tell me if the other endings are like the Gi ending?
  5. thanks for advice,even if i can't speak japanese,thanks to the animes i've watched i can understand if i hear it,but i want to learn to read because there is to much dialogue that is not dubbed. PS;those warnings are just for this game or every eroge is like that?
  6. can someone tell me what alphabet is used in those games,because there are some games that i want to play but are not translated.i think is hiragana but i'm not sure